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Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

Nude tourism - Resort without prejudice - Koktebel, Ukraine

Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

“Nude tourism” generally refers to a niche segment of tourism that involves individuals traveling to destinations specifically for the purpose of engaging in activities where nudity is accepted or even encouraged. It’s important to note that attitudes towards nudity vary widely across cultures and regions, and what may be acceptable in one place might not be in another.

Some destinations are known for having clothing-optional or nude-friendly environments, such as certain beaches, resorts, or festivals. These destinations often cater to individuals who enjoy naturism or nudism. Naturism is a lifestyle advocating for social nudity and is often associated with a belief in the wholesomeness and benefits of being naked.

It’s crucial for travelers interested in nude tourism to be aware of and respect local laws and customs. Not all places are receptive to public nudity, and engaging in such behavior where it is prohibited may lead to legal consequences.

Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

Before planning a trip centered around nude tourism, individuals should research and choose destinations that are known for their acceptance of nudity, ensuring they comply with local regulations and cultural norms. Additionally, being respectful of others’ choices and understanding that not everyone may share the same comfort level with nudity is important in any travel context.

In fashion – nudist tourism. In addition to the usual beach service, the services of lovers naked special restaurants, shops, cars, and even airplanes. For example, twice a week from Hamburg on the Mediterranean coast of France charter flights by Boeing bare German and Scandinavian tourists.

Onboard the “bare” airplane I was together with her friend Svetlana and her husband, Jurgen, who was staying in Germany. The former classmate, as well as I, a supporter of nude recreation, easily seduced me a trip to the French resort of Cap d’Agde – Centre for European naturism. As soon as the aircraft gained altitude, flying with us two hundred Germans as if on cue, began to take off his trousers, shirts, skirts, shorts. Hostess smashed drinks and Recreation has begun.

Resort without prejudice

We lived in a small family hotel “Blangy”, consisting of only 14 rooms. Rather located giant «Du Golfe». Judging by the huge golf course adjoining the hotel, stayed here wealthier audience. After lunch, mature naturists from England, Belgium, and Germany slowly moved from clubs to shorn grass, lording.

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If I prefer passive sunbathing on the beach, a friend and her husband actively went to all naked

Nudists at every step. And it is no wonder: in summer the population of Cap d’Agde is increased tenfold. We were pleased with careless sellers in the supermarket where we buy food daily mineral water and cigarettes. At the huge store was just one guard. Naked buyers trust the French more than dressed.

For the week of rest to me only twice had a chance to pull shorts. For the first time, we rented a Peugeot and a day trip to Marseille. The second time I covered the causal place when rolled on the resort town on a bicycle. Pedal in shorts was somehow more hygienic.

Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

A “resort without prejudice” is not a standard industry term, and its meaning can be subject to interpretation. However, if you are referring to a resort that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and a non-discriminatory environment, several resorts and hospitality establishments strive to create welcoming spaces for guests of all backgrounds and identities.

When looking for a resort that promotes inclusivity, you might want to consider using terms like “inclusive resort,” “diverse-friendly resort,” or “LGBTQ+ friendly resort” during your search. Many resorts and hotels worldwide are committed to providing a welcoming and accepting atmosphere for all guests, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristics.

To find such resorts, you can:

  1. Check Reviews and Ratings: Look for reviews from diverse travelers who share their experiences at different resorts. Online platforms often provide insights into the inclusivity and friendliness of a particular establishment.
  2. Visit LGBTQ+ Travel Websites: Some websites specialize in LGBTQ+ travel and provide information about LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations worldwide.
  3. Contact the Resort Directly: Reach out to the resort’s management or customer service to inquire about their commitment to inclusivity and diversity.
  4. Look for Inclusivity Policies: Some resorts may have explicit statements or policies on their websites that highlight their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

It’s important to note that promoting inclusivity goes beyond a specific category of individuals; it encompasses an environment where all guests feel respected and valued. Always check with the resort directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their policies and practices.

Naked Circus

The only thing that annoyed Cap d’Agde – a few stray dogs. To people, they do not stick, but still, feel uncomfortable when the dog with a protruding from the heat language runs through a meter away from you. The French are struggling with them: sterilized, and then relocated to Marseilles. But some stubborn bitch come back. A shoot can not be – the law prohibits.

The day before departure, a friend dragged me to the casino. As elsewhere in the city, the majority of seats at the tables were occupied by naked actors. But I did not like it there. Too stuffy.

More pleasure I received from a hike to a small circus tent from Bordeaux, where all the artists – from clowns to jugglers – entering the arena in the buff. The most enchanting – the performance of the two lovely sisters. Compared with what they get up on the ropes under a ceiling, any strip show from a nightclub – Children’s erotic babble.

And I was surprised by chastity visitors. At full nudity tourists from different countries behave very intelligently. I just stumbled upon one evening a pair copulating on the bench. They were Russian.

The term “Naked Circus” might be interpreted in various ways, and it’s not clear if you are referring to a specific event, show, or concept. Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Artistic Performances: Some events or performances may use the term “Naked Circus” to describe avant-garde or experimental circus acts that involve performers wearing minimal or no clothing. This could be part of an artistic expression or performance art.
  2. Adult Entertainment: In some cases, the term might be associated with adult entertainment or shows that involve nudity. These types of events are often restricted to adult audiences and may include elements of burlesque, cabaret, or other adult-oriented performances.
  3. Theme Parties or Events: “Naked Circus” could also be used as the name or theme for a particular party or event where attendees are encouraged to dress in a circus-related or costume fashion, potentially including clothing associated with circus performers or acts.

It’s essential to note that the interpretation of the term can vary, and the actual nature of any event using this name would depend on the organizer’s intentions. If you are looking for information about a specific event or show, it’s recommended to check the event’s official website or contact the organizers directly for accurate details. Keep in mind that cultural norms and regulations regarding nudity and entertainment can vary, so it’s important to be aware of the context and any legal considerations.


Week stays at 3 * hotel with half board – around 1500 euros.

NEPTUNE FESTIVAL: A new sprite can be found on the untanned “tail”


Cap d’Agde is located just west of Marseille. This is the world’s largest nudist resort. It stretches for 14 miles along the coast. His history of “naked city,” is from 1956, when the beach was open nudist camping Centre Helio-Marine. Now in Cap d’Agde has shops, 50 restaurants, cafes and bars, four discotheques, a police station, post office, bank, gas station, hospital, pharmacy, making it completely autonomous from wearing France.


At the Black Sea coast, near Sochi, was once more nudist beaches, where you can calmly and quietly soak up the sun and swim nude. One such place is on the edge of the village the beach toward the village of Uch-Dere. In early summer, until few people, it is actually men’s beach – there are almost no women or they are present at the shore the sand is only topless.

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On another beach, near the village Volkonka, by contrast, is dominated by the ladies – even the local women’s beach used to be called, not a nudist. There is a place between the village of Vardan and the platform Forest. There, a narrow beach, but from the railway tracks to hide dense vegetation. And manners on the trains passing by the citizens do not suffer from the revelation of naked bodies.

Price one-room apartment in any of the villages of – $ 15 per day.

Koktebel, Ukraine

This – birthplace of the Soviet nudism. Great beach Koktebel nudist proclaimed poet Maximilian Voloshin. Every year in August in Koktebel held celebrations of nudity. Many tourists come here to savages, pull the tents, and make fires. Often you can observe the “naked” games and a barbecue of completely naked men.

Koktebel is a famous resort in Crimea, located in the southeast of the peninsula, not far from Feodosia. Thanks to the clean air, unusual natural landscapes, and picturesque vegetation, tours to Koktebel 2022 in their popularity are not much inferior to rest in Alushta and Yalta. The famous center of Crimean winemaking invites you to summer holidays and pleases with beautiful beaches, a large selection of accommodation and entertainment.

Koktebel is an excellent beach and a great place for active recreation, and one of the centers of paragliding. Popular at the resort: paragliding; jeep tours; horseback riding in the mountains; Skydiving. Also, conditions for diving have been created in Koktebel.

Nude tourism Resort without prejudice Koktebel Ukraine

It is not easy to find a good hotel in Crimea in the high season, so on the travel company “Union,” you can book and buy a hot tour to Koktebel with accommodation and a planned program of active activity recreation.
Excursion tours to Koktebel Koktebel and its sights often become one of the points of sightseeing tours around Crimea by bus. However, in the list of offers from the travel company “Union,” there are separate bus excursion tours to Koktebel with a rich cultural program.

The program of such tours involves viewing and visiting the key attractions of the resort. For example, the house-museum of MA Voloshin, the Karadag reserve, the Golden Gate arch, etc. Some tours include a beach holiday – visiting the most famous beach of the resort – Quiet Bay. Popular sightseeing tours include sightseeing tours to the Koktebel mountains; excursion “Country of Cimmeria”; excursion along the Green’s Trail “From Koktebel to Old Crimea.”

Price one-room apartment in Koktebel – from $ 20 per day.

FRANK SHOPPING: naked buyers do not steal

The peninsula of Istria, Croatia

The peninsula is almost the center of the world’s nudist tourism. In the picturesque bay of Lim Fjord is located resort “Koversada” which received its first nudist in the early ’60s. He took a plot of about 120 acres, covered with pines, willows, and olive trees. On the footbridge, you can go to the island and Koversada dine in a restaurant in the shadow of the pines completely naked.

In Croatia, there are other places to hang out naked: great beaches “Zlatni Rat” and “Pakhlin, nudist complex in Vrsar, a beach on the small island Supetar, as well as in Mlini on Baterina Beach, a beach on the island of Lopud, north of Dubrovnik, the islands of Brac and Pakleni.

Week trip with accommodation in 3 * hotel – $ 1100

Conservation Se Saline, Ibiza, Spain

A haven for hedonists. Playa de Cavalla is 9,5 km from the capital of the Balearic Islands of Ibiza. It will surprise you with lush vegetation: the beach is located in one of the most attractive places on the island – in the buffer zone for migratory birds’ natural reserve Hsieh Saline. And of course, an abundance of beautiful bodies, because the beach has a reputation for exceptionally youth. Fearlessly expose will be on the beach of Calad’Espart. This is one of the most obscure beaches on the east coast of the island. Usually, you can only see the guest’s elite settlements Roca Llys and guests the summer residence of director Roman Polanski.

Week trip with accommodation in 3 * hotel – $ 1500

To say that this place beautifully – to say nothing. The bright blue water, exotic flowers bougainvillea, olive trees, sun-drenched … It is clear that everything done by human hands will seem superfluous. Clothes are just looking unnatural. Red Beach is famous in 1968 when here from all over Europe began to arrive feral hippies. Today’s guests – the more wealthy tourists. On a quiet beach holiday, it is always possible to diversify a stroll through ancient caves, or search for an artifact from some sunken ship: they occasionally throw onshore waves.

Week trip with accommodation in 3 * hotel – $ 1500

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Montalivet, France

The resort is located near the city of Bordeaux. It also hosted the first international “naked” conference.

On the coast – 1800 campsites, 172 bungalows, shops, centers, and water sport activities, where not only can but must appear in the buff.

Week trip with accommodation in 3 * hotel – $ 2300

Port Stephens, Australia

This place is situated beach Samurai Beach (Samurai Beach). This is the most athletic of all the “bare beaches in the world. In November, there is even an annual “Naked Olympics”. Athletes compete in all the beach sports, from surfing to sailing. There is even a ceremony of lighting the Olympic torch.

Week trip with accommodation in 3 * hotel – $ 2400

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Negril, Jamaica

Unlike other nudist resorts, Hedonism II is known for its very uninhibited and playful atmosphere – of course, if you’re ready. Are invited to attend as couples and single lovers of naturism. This famous «all-inclusive» resort with an 11-kilometer long white sand beach is divided into two parts – for nudists and those who are not yet ready for nudity.

Between those and the other parties are often held in common, where the river pours alcohol and tables groaning with food. Many have called the resort “a garden of playful passion”. Hedonism II offers discounts for young and single.

Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

Nude tourism – Resort without prejudice – Koktebel, Ukraine

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