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Dubai Camel Racing Club

Dubai Camel Racing Club

Dubai Camel Racing Club

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Dubai Camel Racing Club is an organization based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, dedicated to the sport of camel racing. Camel racing is a traditional and popular sport in the Middle East, particularly in countries like the UAE.

The Dubai Camel Racing Club organizes and oversees camel racing events, competitions, and related activities. The sport involves racing camels, usually dromedaries (one-humped camels), and it’s a significant part of the cultural heritage in the region. Over the years, camel racing has modernized with the introduction of technology, including the use of robotic jockeys controlled by remote control.

Camel racing events in Dubai are typically held in specially designed tracks, and they attract both local and international participants. These events are often accompanied by cultural festivities and celebrations, making them a unique experience for spectators.

Dubai Camel Racing Club

For the latest and most accurate information about the Dubai Camel Racing Club, including events, schedules, and any developments in the sport, it’s recommended to check with local sources, official websites, or news outlets in Dubai. Keep in mind that details may have changed since my last update.

The Camel Racing Festival is free and open to the general society and praises a game with profound social roots in the area. Much like the city itself, the current celebration has a cutting edge curve (as should be obvious): robot-racer mounted camels jog at the end goal during Dubai’s Camel Racing Festival.

Camel racing, at the heart of UAE culture, is a traditional sport that has existed for a very long time. A unique spectacle not to be missed! Races are mainly held on certain Fridays and Saturdays at 7 am and 2 pm between October and April at the Camel Racing Club – Al Marmoom (Al Ain road). Free entry. It was only from the 1960s that camel racing became more and more popular. 

Racing camels

Each camel runs in its category according to its age over distances that vary between 4, 5, 6 or 8 kilometres, until the age of 7/8 years. The older they are, the more they have to run long distances, sometimes up to 15 kilometres.

Their training begins at the age of 1 year. Camels do not participate in races until they are 2 years old because their bones and muscles are not fully developed. 

The speed of an adult camel can reach 40 kilometres per hour. 

The prize-giving

Bets are prohibited. However, the winners receive very large sums of all-terrain vehicles. The Emiratis have a great interest in this great traditional discipline and many own racing camels.

To have the best champions, it is not uncommon for some to buy all the winning camels of each race at a very good price. When the signal sounds to indicate the start of the race, the banner is raised, untying the camels.

Robots instead of jockeys

The trainers or owners remotely control the robots placed on the backs of the camels. They follow them behind the wheel of their all-terrain vehicle, on a road that runs along the track.

These robots are equipped with sensors to monitor and transmit the speed and take the heart rate. Small arms activate and kick the whip to make them accelerate. These little robots weigh between 2 to 3 kilos.

Recent Posts

At the Races

Among the most well known and generally conventional sports in Dubai is camel racing, with a season that starts in October and runs until March. The game is well known throughout the Middle East, with camels arriving at velocities of around 40 miles for every hour when running at a run.

As of late, racer robots have become the most recent pattern—liberated from the heaviness of a human racer; camels are accomplishing record speeds. The best spot to see them race in Dubai is Al Marmoum Camel Racing Track, a short way from the city.

The races are allowed to watch, and you’ll possibly need to go through some dirham if you do as local people do and put down a wager.

Major camel racing tracks in the UAE

Although there are many camel racing tracks in the country (about 15 of them), these are three major ones:

  • 1- Al Marmoom
  • 2- AL Wathba in Abu Dhabi, and 
  • 3- Al Sawan in Ras Al Khaimah

Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

A popular heritage destination, Al Marmoom draws camel racing enthusiasts of all stripes, local and otherwise.

Recommended duration: 2h 30 min


  • Sunday: 5am – 10pm
  • Monday: 5am – 10pm
  • Tuesday: 5am – 10pm
  • Wednesday: 5am – 10pm
  • Thursday: 5am – 10pm
  • Friday: 5am – 10pm
  • Saturday: 5am – 10pm

Al-Ain Road, Al Marmoom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 4 832 6526

Major camel racing events in Dubai

The two major camel racing championships in Dubai are:

  • Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Camel Race Festival
  • Al Marmoum heritage festival

Camels and Robots at Marmoum Camel Racetrack – The Richest Traditional Sport

To draw nearer to the core of Emirati culture, go on a day outing to the customary (they have been doing this for centuries) yet ultramodern (envision Jumbotrons and robot camel racers) at Marmoum Camel Racetrack.

During the Dubai Camel Racing Festival in February, the vast majority of the UAE’s 14,000 racing camels will be there during the 12-day celebration to seek distinction, extraordinary vehicles, and money prizes in the millions.

Notwithstanding the monster screen Jumbotrons and substantial TV inclusion, optics are prescribed except if you happen to make the association of a neighbourhood Sheik (their camels run toward the beginning of the day).

In which case, he may welcome you to follow along in one of the numerous Nissan Patrols close behind the camels racing the 4-10km track. Inquisitive guests are welcome all year.

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Dubai Camel Racing Club – United Arab Emirates 2024

A couple of decades back, Dubai was only a fishing and pearling town along the river. Life was intense in this unforgiving desert. They raised sheep and goats for food and fleece.

The fleece was a need during winters. They utilized birds of prey to chase and ponies for wars. Yet, most importantly, one creature turned into a vital aspect of their everyday life.

Notwithstanding these monsters, it would have been outlandish for them to endure the desert. I am discussing the camel — the boat of the desert.

There are two transcendent speculations concerning why they are known as the ‘boat of the desert’.

One hypothesis recommends that it directly resulted from how they strolled, influencing side to side like a boat on a wild ocean.

As per the other, it was a result of the amazing capacity of these creatures to cross the desert with such a great amount of weight on their back.

Camels and Arab heritage

Camels have valued ownership of Arabs. They invested wholeheartedly in the number of camels they claimed. Camels were costly and filled in as a wellspring of fleece, food, and transportation.

Before, the Agals (the dark ring that Arabs wear on the head of their hats) were made of camel fleece.

Take a gander at the volumes of sonnets they wrote about Camels to comprehend the Arabs’ affection for camels truly.

When Arabs loved something a great deal, it was in their temperament to verify their adoration. Verse ran in their blood. They called their camels like they would consider each other.

Indeed, even today, as current innovation has assumed control over quite a bit of Dubai, they love their camels. Various camel cultivates the nation over are proof of this.

You won’t see camels any longer in metropolitan Dubai aside from vacation spots. They are generally found in ranches on the edges of the city. Yet, some Bedouin families have their camels even right up ’til the present time.

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Dubai Camel Racing Club 2024

Camel racing is about the magnificence in the mayhem. In the past times, camel races occurred as a feature of weddings and different services. In any case, the only remaining century saw the innovation blast in the Emirates and the neighbouring locales.

As the camel racing club advanced toward obscurity with the commencement of innovation, the leaders of Dubai observed it. They dealt with restoring this piece of Arab legacy.

Today, the camel race is among the most extravagant races on the planet. Many camels take an interest in a normal title. Also, the proprietor of the triumphant camel brings home a pleasant entirety of cash.

Dubai camel racing club isn’t just a setting for the Emiratis. Camel proprietors from neighbouring nations like Oman and Saudi Arabia additionally participate in this game. Aside from them, these races are cherished by the sightseers who rush to Dubai.

The camel racing season separates October and April in the winter months. There will be other minor races consistently, in any event, during the offseason. Races occur in the early mornings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Carry your optics to the race. Else, you can watch the camels run on the gigantic screens in the grandstands.

Be that as it may, as of late, they have begun transports for sightseers that move to neighbour the race track with different vehicles for a superior survey understanding. We trust this will get pervasive in the years to come.

Where can I watch camel racing in Dubai?

Dubai’s biggest camel race track is located next to Al Marmoom Heritage Village and the Al Lisaili area.

From the grandstand, you can be a part of this heart-pumping, crowd-cheering sport that has been integral to Emirati life for centuries.

Once the gates open, the race is on, and so is an experience like no other.

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How much does a camel cost in Dubai?

Faisal says that a camel’s price starts from about $55,000 (£40,000), but thoroughbreds can go for a lot more. Back in 2010, an Emirati camel-racing fan spent £6.5m on three camels.

The prices of winning camels go even higher – from $5-10m, but for some can fetch up to $30m.

How long are camel races?

Distances range from 2.5 miles (4 km) for younger animals to 6 miles (10 km) for older beasts. Because of the weight difference between males and females, camels generally race separately, like geldings and studs.

Can you own a camel in the U.S.?

But that changed in 2010. Now the state has some of the strictest bans on animals in the U.S.

Now only toucans, “non-feral” ungulates like bison, elk, camels, reindeer, and oxen, and hedgehogs are the most ‘exotic’ animals that remain legal. The legal animals are listed, and all others are prohibited.

How many camel racing tracks are there in UAE?

Fifteen different tracks: The UAE now has major camel racing tracks, totalling 15 other tracks around the country.

Many of these tracks, such as the Al Wathba in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Camel Racing Club, are large, high-tech, fully equipped facilities.

Dubai Camel Racing Club is located in Dubai. To visit Dubai Camel Racing Club on your holiday in Dubai and find out what else Dubai offers, use our Dubai.

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Dubai Camel Racing Club

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