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Why are Yeti coolers so expensive? 

Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?

Why are Yeti coolers so expensive? 

Yeti coolers are known for their durability, insulation capabilities, and rugged design, but their higher price compared to many other cooler brands can be attributed to several factors:

  1. High-Quality Materials:
    • Yeti coolers are constructed with high-quality materials, including thick, roto-molded polyethylene for the outer shell. This material is known for its durability and ability to withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure.
  2. Rotomolding Technology:
    • Yeti coolers are manufactured using a process called rotational molding or rotomolding. This technique creates a seamless and uniform structure, enhancing the cooler’s durability and insulation performance. The process is more time-consuming and involves higher costs compared to other manufacturing methods.
  3. Thick Insulation:
    • Yeti coolers feature thick insulation, often with pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam. This insulation design contributes to longer ice retention and better temperature control, making them suitable for extended outdoor adventures.
  4. Extended Ice Retention:
    • Yeti coolers are designed to provide excellent ice retention, often outperforming many competitors. The insulation and construction quality contribute to this capability, making Yeti coolers appealing to those who require longer-lasting cold storage.
  5. Rugged Design and Features:
    • Yeti coolers are built with a rugged design, featuring sturdy latches, heavy-duty handles, and other durable components. They are also equipped with features like non-slip feet, tie-down slots, and drain plugs. The attention to detail and functionality contribute to the overall cost.
  6. Brand Reputation:
    • Yeti has established itself as a premium brand in the outdoor and cooler market. The brand’s reputation for quality and durability allows them to command higher prices.
  7. Extensive Research and Development:
    • Yeti invests in extensive research and development to continuously improve the performance and design of their products. This commitment to innovation often results in higher production costs.
  8. Made in the USA:
    • Yeti coolers are proudly manufactured in the United States, where labor costs and manufacturing standards can be higher than in some other regions. This “Made in the USA” factor may contribute to the overall cost of production.
  9. Customer Service and Warranty:
    • Yeti offers a robust warranty and excellent customer service. The cost of providing strong customer support and standing behind their products can contribute to the overall pricing structure.

While Yeti coolers may be more expensive upfront, many customers find the investment worthwhile due to their exceptional durability, insulation performance, and the overall quality associated with the brand. However, individual preferences, budget considerations, and specific needs should be taken into account when choosing a cooler.

Yeti Coolers are a staple summer supply. Every camping trip, picnic, and party needs at least one or two at any time of year. If you’ve had one for a while or thrown a lot of parties this year, then you know they have a downside, too. As they age, the seals around the drains break down. The cheapest refrigerators don’t even have a drain. Plastic can age and crack, and seams are fragile. After a while, you have to throw them away and replace them. Styrofoam coolers are an environmental nightmare, and the market was ready for a cool high-end cooler when two brothers from Texas came out of nowhere with the Yeti. The only drawback is that they are expensive.

Why make a high-end cooler?

If the stories are correct, then a pair of brothers from Texas loved to go fishing. Your cheap coolers didn’t stay cold long enough, and even the best quality options just weren’t that sturdy. They wanted an opportunity to hold ice much longer and be durable enough to stand up while fishing. That doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request, but there was a time, not too long ago, when that more relaxed didn’t exist.

Finally, one of the brothers came across a cooler from a retailer or a trade show made in Thailand using rotomolded polyethylene. They loved the idea of ​​this new, more substantial, sleek cooler, but it wasn’t enough. They came up with a design idea and met with a manufacturer in the Philippines to discuss how to make it work. That drive and his ability to identify an unserved niche were the beginning of what we now know about the Yeti coolers.

Little things make significant differences.

Rotomolded polyethylene sounds exceptionally complicated. The concept is simple. Polyethylene is a very resistant type of plastic. Meanwhile, rotational moulding, which seems like some complex scientific term, is short for rotational moulding. Rotomolded polyethylene is plastic formed in a rotational mould. The result is so durable that it is virtually unbreakable. Demystified or not, the fact is that this process can use to create seamless moulds of just about anything. Kayaks and boats are a great example of another use. Durability is the most prominent feature, but rotomolded polyethylene is essential for boats or yeti coolers. It can float and, as a result, is an ideal substance for refrigerators.

Also, instead of using standard foam cores, Yeti features denser injected foam insulation. The brothers put a lot of thought and engineering into the design. The finish is not the typical rough texture but a smooth and pristine exoskeleton. Instead of flimsy, inflexible plastic handles, you’ll find a rope with more ergonomic rubber grips. Rubber doesn’t slide as quickly, so you’re less likely to drop a Yeti.

The lid has a solid metal piece along the entire length that connects the hinge instead of multiple smaller parts. On the front, the rubber latches stretch, making it a bit difficult for kids to open. Certainly, Yetis don’t open if you drop them. There are rubber feet on the bottom for stability and grip that won’t mark the floor or slide. Lastly, there are places on the sides to add padlocks, which will keep people or even bears out of your fridge if they don’t have the key.

brilliant business plan

The best product in the world won’t sell if people don’t want it or know it exists. Many great products have failed because something cheaper and better known could do the same job. Merchants want to make money, and those who do the most business care less about sound quality than they do about stellar profit margins. However, coolers take up a lot of space, which means smaller merchants like Mom and Pop’s fishing supply stores didn’t have them.

By creating a better product worth more, Yeti became a brand that smaller stores could quickly sell. They were worth the space because a small shopkeeper could sell less and make more money. The brothers planned around the idea of ​​marketing exclusively to smaller companies. They saw a need and filled the niche with a highly desirable product, but the job was only half done. After all, what fisherman would want a super expensive refrigerator if he could go to Walmart and buy a cheap one? The five-year warranty is excellent, but it wasn’t enough.

Make them want it

Convincing people that they want a product is what marketing is for. Most, if not all, of the refrigerators in existence now depend on the need for their products. Beyond simply adding a blurb to an outdoor catalogue, they don’t have to market to sell out. Customers flock to them for the convenience of cold food and drinks without refrigeration. To sell people a better and more expensive refrigerator, they had to create a brand image.

This desirable lifestyle shows the uses and the need for a better refrigerator. Simply saying that it is better would not be enough. Additional bonuses gifts help retain customers and provide added value. Yetis come with stickers, magazines about the product, and things like clotheslines or hats.

What’s more, the marketing campaign was sheer genius. Instead of a few cheesy commercials, they hired well-known outdoors people and honest people to tell their stories that feature the many uses of a Yeti. In this way, they created desire while building a reputation. They made the entire high-end refrigerator market by showing people a better way to keep ice with a refrigerator that doesn’t break when you need it. They even had a 500-pound wrestler attack to prove that he was durable. The cooler won. In this way, they created desire while building a reputation.

They made the entire high-end refrigerator market by showing people a better way to keep ice with a refrigerator that doesn’t break when you need it. They even had a 500-pound wrestler attack to prove they were durable. The cooler won. In this way, they created desire while building a reputation. They made the entire high-end refrigerator market by showing people a better way to keep ice with a refrigerator that doesn’t break when you need it. They even had a 500-pound wrestler attack to prove that he was durable. The cooler won.

Top 10 Yeti Ice Coolers 2022

Effective insulation and high durability are the basic requirements for a good cooler. And Yeti offers these basics and many other features that keep it far ahead of its competitors. They provide various coolers ranging from soft coolers that can keep food cold for a few hours to hard coolers that keep ice frozen for many days.

There is absolutely no difficulty finding any cooler under this renowned cooler brand. The only prerequisite is to assess your specific requirements and select the most suitable one among the various options. Well, if it doesn’t seem so simple, read the reviews and buyer’s guide and take home the best Yeti cooler that meets your specific needs.

1. YETI Tundra 75 Cooler, Desert Tan

  • Tundra 75 size is 33 1/4L x 18W x 18H; empty weight is 34lbs. note: all tundra models are equipped with a dry basket as standard.
  • Yeti tundra 75 is an outdoor cooler, very suitable for your family and friends, who can quickly eat and drink. Holds up to 50 cans and the recommended ice cube ratio of 2:1, brisket, or fish limit
  • All tundra coolers are equipped with t-rex lid latches made from heavy-duty rubber, so you’ll never see another damaged latch, and it has patented door-lock technology.
  • Rolla plastic construction makes the original moss armor to the core nearly indestructible, so no matter where you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the ordeal of travel.
  • Due to the 3 inches of the permafrost insulation layer, the ultra-thick ice-retaining wall design is certified bear-proof.

2. YETI Silo 6 Gallon Water Cooler

  • The rotational molding construction means it’s just like the rest of our rugged tundra; it can withstand drops and long days in the sweltering sun.
  • The steel handle helps stabilize and reduce your stress and provides extra protection for your faucet.
  • A snowman silo is what a water cooler should be: a hard-working hydration station that can keep water cold for hours but is strong enough to tip over.
  • the ergonomic faucet provides a speedy flow rate, allowing you to fill without forming lines behind you
  • Permafrost insulation and cold safety washers ensure all six gallons of water stay ice cold.

3. YETI Tundra 105 Cooler

  • The rotational molding construction makes the Moss original to the core nearly indestructible, so no matter where you decide to take it, this fabulous box’s sturdy construction will stand up to the ordeal of travel.
  • yeti tundra 75 is an outdoor cooler, perfect for filling your family and friends, drink enough, it can hold up to 50 cans, the recommended ratio of ice to contents is 2: 1, brisket meat or easily limit the catch
  • The Tundra 75 measures 33 1/2 inches long x 18 inches wide x 17 1/2 inches high and has an empty weight of 34 pounds. Note: All Tundra models come standard with a dry basket.
  • with up to 3 inches of permafrost insulation and ultra-thick wall design, certified bear-proof ice protection
  • All tundra coolers are equipped with t-rex lid latches made from heavy-duty rubber, so you’ll never see another damaged latch, and it has patented door-lock technology.

4. Cooler Basket for Yeti Tundra Haul – Wire Cooler Rack for Yeti Haul Rolling Cooler

  • Tight grid The snowman trailer design prevents small items from slipping on the ice sheet from crevices, allowing cold air to circulate keeping food cold and dry.
  • Hard as steel. Powder-coated steel wire is rock solid and can take a beating at campsites. A far cry from flimsy plastic pallets, this beast won’t break under the pressure of remote areas.
  • Keep food dry, period. Unlike plastic dry goods trays, the carry rack doesn’t collect condensate, so your lunch will get tall and dry before you toss it on the grill, RV grill, or camp stove.
  • Compatibility. The design of this basket is only suitable for snowman transport coolers with wheels. It is not ideal for other sizes or brands. The basket is compatible with snowman ice, snowman lock, and other accessories of Snowman.
  • The fridge is not included in the purchase.
  • Perfect fit. This dry storage basket is specially designed to fit half of the yeti transport wheel cooler. Two baskets can also place side by side. Note: one (1) basket is included with this purchase of cold storage.

5. YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

  • Yeti Tank 85 is ready for picnics, championships, family gatherings, etc.
  • Dual tow handles and vortex drainage system allow easy towing, loading, and draining.
  • The Yeti 85 water tank measures 25 ½ inches long x 25 ½ inches wide x 19 ½ inches high and has an empty weight of 20 pounds. Note: snowman water tank cap sold separately.
  • It has a permafrost insulation function, and it can keep all your drinks cold for a more extended period.
  • Snowman 85 tank can hold up to 60 longneck fish, 51 blue crabs, 24 mullet and herring, 98 slices of watermelon, a 20-gallon trash can, or 2 bushels of oysters.

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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Yeti Coolers

We hope that the four best Yeti fridge reviews will help you select 2-3 fridges that meet your needs. We recommend that you refer to the buyer’s guide provided below to identify the best Yeti cooler for your specific purpose.

Storage and overall size

There are some critical sizing criteria to consider when shopping for a cooler. First is the overall size of the cooler. That will define the space that the cooler will occupy for its storage. The second is the storage size. Please tell me how many cans you store in a cooler.

Now, the storage size is not very simple. There are multiple factors to look for in this dimension. The storage size may not necessarily mean that all of the storage is for items that require cooling. A cooler can have two compartments. One for storage of items that require continuous cooling and the other for items that do not require cooling

When buying the cooler, you should also consider the space taken up by the ice pack or the additional ice used to improve the cooling capacity.

So you need to consider all these different sizes and select the size of the cooler based on your requirements.

fabrication material

The material is essential in two main respects, viz. insulation and durability.


How long you want to keep things cool is the most critical factor in deciding the quality of insulation. It would help if you went for soft coolers for the short duration of cooling effectiveness. They are made with fabric on the outside. These coolers can keep items cool for a few hours. If you own an ice pack or extra ice, you can increase the cooling duration by a few more hours. However, you may have to compromise on more relaxed storage space in this case.

Hard coolers are the best choice if you want a high-temperature holding time from one day to one week. These coolers have an outer fabric cladding made from high-quality steel.


Again, hard-sided coolers offer more durability compared to soft-sided coolers. Hard coolers are made from different materials like plastic, metal, cloth, rubber, etc. Plastic, among all, is the most common type of material used in the manufacture of hard-sided coolers. It provides very high durability to coolers while keeping them lightweight and waterproof. In addition, plastic also offers good insulation quality while keeping the price of the cooler in check.

Metals are not commonly used to make the main body of the cooler. However, other parts, such as hinges or zippers on refrigerators, are metal.

Most soft coolers use fabric of different strengths and insulation capacities on the outside. The material is interwoven with nylon or blended with aluminum to provide the cooler’s necessary strength and insulation properties.

comfort and convenience


Portable coolers should be easy to transport and transport. Soft coolers have great portability due to their smaller size and lower weight. It can then be easily lifted using the lid handles, side handles, or the shoulder strap provided on most of these coolers. However, transporting hard-sided coolers can be pretty tricky. Although two people can take medium-sized coolers with the help of the side handles, large-capacity coolers can become too heavy to lift through the handles. Yeti provides caster wheels and telescoping handles on many of its hard-sided coolers for easy transportation.


In addition to easy portability, coolers should also offer easy access to their different sections. Yeti offers smooth zippers with easy, quick access to things inside the cooler with easy-to-operate rubber seals or latches.

additional storage

It would help if you also looked for the extra storage space to store essential items like your cell phone, tabs, keys, wallets, and non-perishable food items. It is better to have this storage space outside the fridge. Not only will this help utilize maximum cooling capacity to keep only the necessary things cold, but it will also prevent the frequent opening of the cooler. Some hard-sided coolers are designed so that you can also use them to sit on. Some are also designed to hold coffee mugs or glasses of cold drinks for added convenience.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning portable coolers are pretty simple; some can even be machine washed. However, some complicated interior and exterior designs of hard-sided refrigerators can make it challenging to clean them properly. The good news is that you can be sure that they can clean with Yeti coolers. Yeti designs coolers that ensure easy care and maintenance for soft and hard coolers.


The great versatility of the cooler allows you to maximize the use of the cooler. You can use it for multiple purposes—Yeti designs for both particular purposes and versatile models. You can take the versatile models for hiking, live events, traveling, etc. Some of the coolers are not only designed to keep items incredible, but you can also use them as storage bags to carry grocery items. You can assess your requirements and purchase an exclusive particular purpose cooler or a versatile Yeti model.


Yeti coolers come in the high price range. However, considering the durability and utility, they are worth their cost and prove highly profitable in the long run. Plus, many of Yeti coolers’ quality features are so unique, practical, and valuable that no other cooler can match their level of performance.

Top Pick- Tundra 65 Hard Cooler

YETI developed the Tundra 65 cooler with an evident vision to address three main problems seen in coolers. They include lack of strength and poor ice and cold retention capacity, especially during hot weather conditions.

The Tundra 65 brought with it the solution to all three problems.

They designed the Tundra 65 with extra-thick walls that offer 2″ of insulation to improve its ice holding capacity. They used Polyurethane Permafrost Insulation to enhance the cooler’s insulating properties further, adding to its ability to retain ice and cold in even the hottest weather conditions. The third improvement was made by using plastic material with Rotomolded technology. The three changes made to the cooler design significantly transformed the entire cooler market.


Selecting one of the many Yeti coolers isn’t nearly as tricky as ruling out any of them. You are so taken aback by the excellent quality and performance characteristics of each of them that it will be pretty difficult to leave any of these coolers behind. The reviews and buyer’s guide provided above are provided only to help you understand your exact needs so that you can weed out those that do not fit your requirements. We hope these efforts have been helpful to you in selecting the best Yeti cooler for your purpose.

You could buy a dozen or more cheap coolers in the next five years and keep your soda or beer on ice for a couple of hours. On the other hand, you can buy half a dozen plastic coolers that keep things cold all day, or you can buy a Yeti. In the end, it will cost about the same. So what’s the downside of a Yeti? From what we know, you should know how to pre-cool a cooler if you plan to store it somewhere warm between uses because it retains heat just as well.

That’s the whole list. Is such an expensive Yeti worth the price? Yes, it’s because you shouldn’t need to replace it. Also, you can have any fighters or kids, or wild animals you may have, go to town. A Yeti will still function the same even if they manage to scrape it up a bit.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What’s so special about YETI coolers?

A: Some unique qualities set Yeti apart from the rest of the cooler brands. The first and most important is that they do not compromise the quality of the material at any price. In addition, they set very high standards for artistry in the manufacture of their products. Furthermore, they are quick to adapt to innovative ways of manufacturing and do not hesitate to use state-of-the-art technology in their production process. The rotomolded plastic used in their hard-sided coolers is a classic example of their ability to innovate and adapt. This technology has allowed them to form a cooler without a joint and high insulating property.

Q: How long will a YETI cooler keep ice cream frozen?

A: It will keep ice cream frozen for a few days without any ice pack. Beyond three to four days, you should consider using some dry ice to keep the ice cream in its original state.

Q: How do you clean a YETI cooler?

A: It is essential to clean the cooler regularly and after each use. It is pretty easy for refrigerators with a simple design to clean them with a damp cloth after cleaning the dirt on the internal and external surfaces. However, if the creation of the cooler is complicated, you should use a fine brush to remove the ground on the inner liner and then clean it with a damp cloth.

Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?

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