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What makes for bad kissers and good kissers?

What makes for bad kissers and good kissers?

What makes for bad kissers and good kissers?

As a great kisser, I can answer this. A great kisser, first and foremost, keeps excellent hygiene and fresh breath; if you don’t have either, do not go for a kiss. A great kisser will use their hands and not keep them down like a kid at the principal office; kissing is the most intimate thing that exists, and touching the person you’re kissing during that moment makes a vast night and day difference.

How do I use my hands?

As a guy, I’ll say, put one hand on the back of her head and slowly move down her back spine, then down to her buttocks and pull her closer to you; the pace this needs to be done at is super slow. As a multi-tasker, this is something I do with ease, but some people may get confused. I’m very comfortable with kissing, so my attention is easily split between kissing and booking some extra fun when kissing is done by placing my hands all over her body while we’re kissing. A very underrated trick that not many guys do, placing your hands on her waist, is so essential.

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What makes a bad kisser?

Lousy breath: if you’re the guy, don’t get too emotional while you’re kissing and start gushing about how this is the best moment of your life; enjoy the moment and say something funny if you must speak. Don’t open your eyes; that’s a big no-no; kissing must be done with eyes closed. If you open your eyes and peek, it’s creepy and also a sign that you’re not enjoying the moment or that you’re not genuine about your feelings towards the person you are kissing.

Pro Tips:

  1. Kiss with lips; don’t suck the soul out of the person you are kissing; the intensity of the kiss depends on the setting, the mood, and also the level of the relationship, but in any case, don’t get sloppy slop. If you do pull back, take a breath, then kiss again, but do not keep kissing. A sloppy kiss is very uncomfortable and even disgusting to some.
  2. Make eye contact before you kiss them, slowly shut down your eyes when your lips finally touch, and open them again as you both pull back.
  3. It’s okay to take short breaks during a kissing session.
  4. Touch her face, not just her body, and play with her hair; if the kiss is more than just intimate and in a room setting with you and her, grab her neck and gently squeeze, but don’t end her life doing that. The idea is to press and release almost immediately.
  5. Use your body; pulling closer than back works; just don’t spread your legs and avoid body-to-body contact.
  6. As a guy, I can tell you girls are naughty, very naughty, and if you’re both a straight couple, do not hold back on the mischief, don’t be shy, and kiss from a controlling perspective to dictate the build-up of the kiss and its intensity.
  7. Tongue action is a wild turn-on to some; however, plenty of rules apply, most importantly your relationship depth and your intentions. Not every girl is comfortable with tongue action, so before you slide your tongue down her mouth like a lizard, test the waters first by slightly touching her tongue. If she returns the gesture, it’s a go; if not, then refrain from doing it. It’s a big deal to let someone use their tongue while kissing you, and it indicates a lot of things, from sexual attraction to pure love and trust.
  8. Breathe; no kiss is worth dying for, but don’t breathe into her face like an angry mammoth.
  9. Lip-biting is an art in itself; if you don’t know the acceptable ratio, don’t do it and embarrass yourself and also give someone unnecessary pain. Biting your lips and gently pulling are the most teasing things you can do, but it can be the biggest kissing blunder if you overdo it, so keep in mind that this is a delicate action that needs to be done as gently as possible.
  10. To girls, kissing is more important than it is to us as guys; keep that in mind, and do not underestimate the power of a good kiss.
  11. Convince yourself that you are the best kisser on the planet, and then work from there. Kissing takes a lot of courage to start and lots of confidence to proceed. A shaky, stuttery kiss is a lousy kiss; do not go for long if you are not at ease or you feel insecure about your breath, or if theirs is terrible; move backward, tell her to say AAAaaaaa, and throw a tic-tac in her mouth.
  12. First kisses are excellent, but a good kiss is unforgettable, too; you can always be her first best kiss if you do it right.

Happy kissing!

With romantic kissing off the table, make sure you randomly kiss loved ones on the cheek, especially your mother. Do it as randomly as possible; it will make her year, not just her day, and only take seconds. The agony of not having your mother around is the most significant pain you’ll ever endure; there’s no pride, no fight, no disagreement more critical than the face of a proud mom, and they settle for anything that even knowing you’re thankful is enough.

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What do you do with your tongue when kissing?

You don’t necessarily need to do anything with your tongue. You can use it to add emphasis to your kisses. Most of the work should be done with your lips, but slipping some tongue between your kissing partner’s lips can increase the intensity. Don’t let it linger in their mouth, but don’t dart it in and out either. Move it in deliberately, rub your tongue against theirs, and return to kissing with your lips. Treat it like a subito fortissimo moment in a piece of music or the sweet center in the middle of a pastry.

It depends.

You can try these:

  • slowly lick their tongue (which will be moving, by the way)
  • you do not have to go very deep, but sometimes you can see how far down you can go with your tongue
  • you don’t always have to use the tongue to enjoy a kiss

That’s really about it. You can do things like lick their nose, teeth, lips, etc., but those are more for fun or passion. You can also stick your tongue on the inside between their lips and teeth and lick those areas, which are also reserved for those moments of fun and passionate exploration.

I like using my tongue a lot when kissing. Usually, my tongue will be all in the other person’s mouth. Playing with their tongue, going in and out of their mouth, tasting their lips—sometimes I’ll suck on their tongue, and I’ll be licking it when it’s in my mouth.

I feel like the tongue is the most important and intimate part of a kiss. I love kissing Sorry if this is too in-depth.

What makes a good kisser? Is it simply a matter of how you move your lips?

A good kisser is one who is able to give and take simultaneously. Ideally, a good kisser should be able to understand the rhythm of their partner and follow suit. In a perfect world, you would want the same things as your partner. In this world, kissing is a very strange and socially enforced interaction that people are expected to enact to convey intimacy.

Think about that for a second: “Hey, I’m being intimate because I’m doing this thing to you that I don’t want to do, but the world told me to.”

Still, communication is always key. Most people are too nice or intimidated to say that they aren’t fans of their partner’s kissing style, but it’s best to talk about it. Ask, “Is this too much tongue?”, “Am I going too fast?”, “Too slow?”, “ Am I biting too hard?” etc. For both people to be dissatisfied because of an unwillingness to be momentarily uncomfortable is, well, as weird as kissing because you think you have to.

If you’re looking for GENERAL tips. Here are a few:

  1. Less tongue is better than a lot.
  2. If you bite, build up to biting gradually.
  3. Suck on the lips and peck at them intermittently.
  4. Rotate between the lips (suck on top lip, then, after a while, go to bottom lip.)
  5. Moderate but noticeable breathing and moaning can be good, as they convey passion. But if done wrong, it can seem obnoxious or weird.
  6. Don’t be afraid to explore other parts. Neck, ears, breast, or forehead. (Same rules apply.)
  7. Most important, pick up on cues. As much as people don’t want to talk about these things, it’s hard to mask discomfort, and it’s also difficult to mask the gratitude of comfort. So start slow, and if your partner likes what you’re doing or doesn’t stop you, then continue. If you try something else and sense resistance, then stop.

A key to a successful relationship (or making-out interaction) is to realize that every person is different. Some women I’ve dealt with like French kissing, some don’t. Some like when I exert myself (moderate choking, hair pulling, etc), some don’t. It is always better to sense without asking, and we have been taught to expect the, “chosen one” to, “just get it”. Still, for the rest of you who may not be as inclined in matters of deciphering love language, use the English language (or whatever language you speak).

What do “good kissers” do in addition to just locking lips and tongues that make them good kissers?

I think it depends on preference, but personally, I like when a guy puts his hand on my cheek or neck as he kisses me. And I think good kissers start slow; they don’t just go straight to kissing with the tongue, but again, that’s a personal preference. Eye contact after or between kisses can be quite intimate too.

I had an occurrence where I was sitting with a guy, and he put his hand under my chin and turned my head towards him so he could kiss me. And I actually found that to be pretty sweet and romantic.

How exactly are you supposed to kiss? I don’t know what to do with my tongue.

When you are kissing a person and want some tongue action, “knock on the door.”. Meaning: Touch the other person’s lower lip with your tongue, and if he or she opens their mouth, it means that he or she is open to some tongue action; if not, don’t force your tongue into the other person’s mouth! If the other person “opens the door,” slowly put your tongue in the other person’s mouth. You can start by slowly circling his or her tongue. And very important: keep your tongue (and your lips) relaxed and soft, not stiff and tense.

Thinking too much about how to kiss is half the problem. Start with slow, gentle, closed-mouth kisses. Your lips should be soft and pliable, and they should move with the other person’s. Once your partner’s lips part, just allow your tongue to move into their mouth and move around just the inside of their lips. When your tongues connect, carress your partner’s tongue with yours. Don’t use too much tongue, and don’t make your tongue stiff and pointed. Just relax and let your tongue do what comes naturally.

If you’re feeling a lot of anxiety about kissing, put your fingertip in your mouth and practice moving your tongue around the tip to get a feel for it. For me, soft and gentle are more sensuous. Go slowly, and I promise you’ll get the hang of it, and before you know it, you’ll be kissing passionately.

How do I start using my tongue while kissing if my boyfriend and I haven’t done that yet?

First of all, you should not make this an important thing; it will only make you nervous, and then the kiss will be terrible. Just kiss—slowly and sweetly with closed lips—and slowly open your lips—just a tiny bit. Move your tongue very slowly to her or his lips and touch them. Probably your partner will do the same, and you both will start softly exploring each other’s tongues. Relax and enjoy, but also remember not to put your whole tongue in that other mouth, because that would be very disturbing. Always start slowly, softly, and respectfully, at least at first. Get to know each other’s lips and tongues, and make sure your breath is fresh. And it does not have to take minutes. a first kiss of maybe 10 seconds is already enough for starters. Go for it 🙂

What do you do with your tongue when kissing?

Play & play, thermal tongue tournament, of the tongue’s twisting, twitching, twerking, tangentially tormenting, tenterhooking for touching tonsils, treacherous treading, etc. with your tongue, and that is possible only through the artful use of the hypoglossal nerve, which is the 12th cranial nerve. It is trajectory of tongue penetration of the oral cavity for oral orgasm.

What are some tips on how to kiss (with and without a tongue)?

Firstly, please brush; no one likes a stinky mouth. Secondly, don’t do anything you don’t want to. Kissing is fun, passionate, and playful, if you like. Now;

Without tongue: People feel kissing without the tongue is boring, but that’s if all you do is make the lips meet. I usually don’t go on the tongue unless we’re that intimate, but lips alone Oh my. I mostly enjoy sucking on the lip gently as I take it in. I’d lick the lip and such while interchanging between the upper lip and the lower lip. I also believe in doing other things with your hands. Just be free and enjoy the moment.

Then graduating into the tongue, my absolute favourite! I mostly enjoy when my partner shoves his entire tongue down my throat (it has that d*ck gag feeling, you know, lol). I also love to suck on the tongue in a motion like I would his D. While still rotating in with the no-tongue-kissing moments. Be gentle; never suck on it hard, but enjoy the moment. Again, while still playing around with your hands and each other’s bodies. Be confident, lick their face, or something. Have fun!

What makes a good kisser? Is it simply a matter of how you move your lips?

This post may seem a little ridiculous to read, but just use your imagination. Different people like different things. So often, it’s just the couple’s preferences for what they like in a kiss. I can tell you both the things that have made kisses not enjoyable for me and the things that have made them very special:

Bad kisses:

  • A lot of fast jaw movement
  • A lot of suction
  • If it feels that they’re eating your face,
  • Wide open mouth
  • If the person just smooshes their lips against yours, not making them “fit,”

Good kisses:

  • Some slow jaw movement
  • The mouth doesn’t open very wide
  • A small amount of suction
  • When your lips “fit,” The way to do this is to put your lips around the top lip or bottom lip of the others so that your lip is between theirs and theirs is between yours
  • Putting your hands on their neck, do a little bit of “pulling in.”
  • If you’re a guy, put your hands on their lower back and/or waist
  • Gentle hand movement along their backs.

Being gentle, sweet, soft, and respectful is the safest way to start. You can’t go wrong. If you’re the guy, the girl will feel not only respected, but you will also leave her wanting more. And that’s a great way of keeping things real and keeping you desirable.

If you’re the girl, the guy is probably going to want more, no matter what. But you certainly won’t scare him off. I am a guy, and some crazy kisses have been enough to scare me away for good.

Being gentle is also a sign of real love, not just lust. If you (and your partner) like things rougher, work up to it gradually.


Being a good kisser is about more than just how you move your lips. It’s also about being attentive to your partner’s cues, having good communication, and being sensitive to their needs and comfort. Paying attention to your partner’s responses and being mindful of their preferences can also contribute to being a good kisser. It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences, so open communication and mutual respect are key.

What makes for bad kissers and good kissers?