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Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide

Prepare your trip to Muang Thai, “the land of free men.” Bangkok, the crazy metropolis. Discover its design places, its incredible temples, its sprawling markets, its river laden with earth, its bars for night owls, its shops, its galleries, and its improbable havens of peace. The historical sites, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Phanom Rung, their majestic ruins, are dedicated to Buddha or Shiva.

Northern cities, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, where your guide will lead you along the trails to the must-see villages in the Golden Triangle mountains. Southern Thailand, fine sand beaches, from Koh Chang to Koh Samui, Phuket to Kho Phi Phi. Land on an island and stay there. Create an itinerary where you meander from island to island.

Make a combo of Northern Thailand / Thailand islands to recharge your batteries after the discovery trip. Select your criteria, Thailand on elephant back, by train, underwater Thailand for diving enthusiasts, unusual Thailand, quieter Thailand in the North-East, Thailand of the party and the one where we resource ourselves, the one where two go, eye to eye, and the one where one can let go with all one’s tribe, tribe of friends, tribe of kids. Choose which Thailand to go to.

Even if the situation does not allow us to fly across the continent as we wish, we still have many tourist attractions in Thailand that are as beautiful as the famous tourist attractions abroad. Travel is close. The cost is affordable. Recommend six places to visit in Thailand that have a foreign country to look forward to. If the opportunity allows, then let’s go.

Sunbathe and dive like in the Maldives at Koh Lipe

Thai sea, Andaman Bay, southern Thailand As beautiful as anywhere globally, Koh Lipe, Satun Province, is part of Tarutao National Park. With blue water, fine white sand complete with coral, and various aquatic animals, Koh Lipe has been described as the Maldives in Thailand. 

It is a paradise island of the Andaman Sea that is famous all over the world. It is a destination for people who want to experience the beauty of the underwater world. 

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In addition to Koh Lipe From here, tourists can take a boat trip to Khai Island, Adang Island, and Koh Hin Ngam. Traveling from Pak Bara Pier – Koh Lipe If using a speedboat, the total journey time to the island is approximately 1.30 hours, and the ferry takes about 3 hours.

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide

Take in the romantic view of Switzerland at Pang Ung.

North to Mae Hong Son Province Visit Pang Ung Pang Tong Royal Project 2, a famous tourist attraction of Mae Hong Son that has been compared to the most romantic atmosphere like Switzerland. By this, Pang Ung came from King Rama IX’s royal initiative to restore the forest and ecosystem around the Patong Reservoir. 

Fang Pang Ung To be complete again, the vast area of ​​Pang Ung has a reservoir or lake in the middle where white and black swans can swim around, surrounded by pine forests, pines, and winter flowers.

In the morning, there will be a mist floating above the lake. Notably, the weather is cool to cold all year round. Tourists can visit Pang Ung both overnight and non-stop. Do rafting activities to see the surrounding atmosphere. Visit the Pang Ung orchard of the Royal Initiative Project, which features fruits such as avocados, pear, plums, and winter flowers such as hydrangeas and roses. 

See Sakura in Thailand at Doi Mae Salong 

Still together in the North, I Moved to Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai Province, where during the winter January – March, Nang Phaya Sua Krong flowers bloom beautifully dazzlingly for tourists to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Thailand. 

In addition to seeing flowers, Doi Mae Salong also grows the best quality tea in Thailand. Making another exciting attraction of Doi Mae Salong is The terraced tea plantations of many raises such as Tea Plantation 101, Wang Puttan Tea Plantation, etc. Tourists like to soak up the atmosphere and take photos and sit and sip high-quality oolong tea. 

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Chill with the quiet life here. In addition, also pay homage to Phra That Si Maha Pho Mongkhon Boon Chum. Inside the church, there is a sacred Buddha image worshiped by the local people here. Phra Borommathat Chedi Srinagarindra Sathit Maha Santikhiri is an applied Lanna chedi built to offer royal merit to Somdej Ya.

Visit the Grand Canyon at Sam Phan Bok

Sam Phan Bok Geopark Ubon Ratchathani Province, or called Grand Canyon of Thailand With a natural wonder that has emerged as a sculpture as beautiful as the Grand Canyon State of Arizona, United States of America. 

A sculpture made of sandstone has been eroded by the current for thousands of years until a giant rock trench 3-7 meters high is shaped into a small basin, varying according to each person’s imagination. See, and there were more than three thousand basins or three thousand waving.

The dry season will emerge clearly from the water, similar to a mountain in the middle of the Mekong River, But if the flooding season, such rapids will be submerged in the underground instead. When the sun goes down at the end of the evening, it reflects on the emerald pool, creating a gorgeous color. 

Thailand Travel Guide

Canal cruise in Venice style at Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa 
Thailand Travel Guide

It is also the most significant natural freshwater breeding ground to maintain a balanced ecosystem and aquatic life. We can take a boat to see the view of Sam Phan wave. Or you can drive to visit as well.

Canal cruise in Venice style at Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa 

I want to take a boat ride to see the river in the atmosphere along both sides of the canal. Not far away at Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, and Amphawa District, ProvinceSamut Songkhram, the two rivers, is like the Venice of Thailand. With Damnoen Saduak Floating Market The famous old classic attractions of Ratchaburi province. 

On the day that the market opens, it will crowd with boats of merchants and tourists who come to shop, eat, and take a cruise to see the lifestyle of farmers and plantation boats in this area, reminiscent of the atmosphere of yesterday. Very lively. The goods that are sold are both traditional and sold by gondoliers. And trade on the shore, including fresh food, cooked food, snacks, fruits, drinking water, appliances, agricultural products, handicraft products. 

Various souvenirs In Amphawa, there is Amphawa Evening Floating Market. The only evening is the floating market in Thailand, which is full of charm of the atmosphere of the traditional way of life of the community along the Mae Klong River, Filled with wooden row houses. 

In the evening, you can take a boat to watch fireflies along both sides of the canal that shines under the glittering Lamphu tree. Enjoy another way. You can take a boat to watch fireflies along both sides of the channel that shines under the glittering Lamphu tree. You can take a boat to watch fireflies along both sides of the canal that shines under the glittering Lamphu tree. 

Rafting the Ratchaprapha Dam Guilin, Thailand

Come back to the south again in Surat Thani province. There are beautiful attractions that invite you to visit each other. Ratchaprapha Dam, or as we call it, “Cheow Lan Dam,” is located in Khao Sok National Park. Famous as far as the beauty of the vast lake scenery. 

Among the lush green forests with the limestone mountains in the background, The atmosphere is similar to Guilin city. It is, therefore, the origin of the nickname “Guilin of Thailand,” however, Ratchaprapha Dam has a unique natural beauty and various activities. 

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Thailand Travel Guide

Rafting the Ratchaprapha Dam Guilin
Thailand Travel Guide

For tourists to enjoy boating in the lake, playing in the water, kayaking, sleeping in a houseboat, watching the sea of ​​mist during trekking, visiting caves, watching hornbills, etc., are very suitable for nature adventurers.

Even shortly, it is not suitable for long trips. But it is very fortunate for us that Thailand is rich in resources and beautiful tourist attractions in all forms, whether mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, forests, streams, communities that still maintain traditional lifestyles, etc., which we can travel to. Rest in the country is a joint effort to support Thai tourism operators, including the local community economy. 

Exceptional price resorts from leading hoteliers across the country by purchasing through the app right away. There are also special discount coupons from restaurants, spas, retail stores. Let us choose to buy to support Thai entrepreneurs to come back to stand firm as before.

Good to know before going to Thailand:

There are several Thailand. First of all, Bangkok, a hyperactive megalopolis and an urban monster where you can get lost with pleasure. Then the South, its islands, beaches, rocks springing from the sea, its more spicy cuisine, its slightly different mentality, and its Muslim influences. Finally, the North, deep Thailand, is original with its ancient founding kingdoms, its relaxed rhythm of life, its Buddhist temples, its fertile land, its mountains, and its forests. Three Thailand, therefore, physically and culturally different.

However, from one end of Thailand to the other can be found the national qualities: a strong identity, Siam having never been colonized and having developed its arts, culture, and even an alphabet; a keen sense of social conventions and politeness, also a lot of modesty, calm and dignity; an intense religiosity and a quasi-veneration for the royal family, elected by God (openly criticizing the king is punishable by prison!); well, a lot of humor, and a solid appetite – Epicurean Thais, always ready to party, eat well and drink well.

Thailand Travel Guide

Unfortunately, the influx of tourists and mercantilism may have distorted the friendliness of the Thais in places and had harmful consequences: degraded coastal strips, the transformation of privileged sites into tourist ghettos, overpopulated islands, etc.

But never mind, Muang Thai (etymologically, “the land of free men”) remains one of the last countries in the world to bring together so many quality ingredients to achieve the recipe for an ideal vacation: wooden bungalows on sleepy beaches, vast rice fields, and hills covered with jungle, long-lived traditions, ancestral tribes, refined and varied cuisine at (still) often derisory prices.

How long is the flight time to Thailand from France?

Depending on the travel organization chosen, the flight time to go to Bangkok from Paris is between 11h and 12h! To find a cheap plane ticket to Thailand, remember to book in advance.

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What documents do I need to travel to Thailand?

Travel to Thailand must observe some entry formalities! Must present A valid passport still valid for six months from the date of entry into Thailand. As for the visa, it is no longer necessary for a stay of fewer than 30 days. However, beyond that, it will be imperative to leave the country. An additional 30-day extension, which can do once, can be made on-site at the immigration office. For a stay of more than 30 days, a tourist visa is compulsory!

What vaccines are recommended before going to Thailand?

Before leaving for Thailand, it is essential to learn about the country’s health recommendations. Suppose no vaccine is mandatory for European travelers. In that case, some vaccines are nevertheless strongly recommended before leaving for Thailand: universal vaccines (DTCP), hepatitis A and B, typhoid, rabies (for extended stays or rural ), and Japanese encephalitis (especially for a stay in the rice fields).

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide

Note: malaria is present in minimal areas, both forest and border. Most of Thailand, made up of plains and rice paddies, is not affected.

What are the best seasons to go to Thailand?

The skies are clear from December to March, and the temperatures pleasant, so this is the best time to go to Thailand. In April-May, temperatures rise, and the heat quickly becomes unbearable. Then it is the rainy season to avoid, which is at its peak in September and ends at the end of October.

Is there a time difference between France and Thailand?

There is a time difference between Thailand and FranceIt takes 5 hours in advance in summer and 6 hours in winter. If it is noon in Paris, it is 5 p.m. in summer and 6 p.m. in winter in Bangkok.

What forms of transport should I use to get around Thailand?

In Thailand, getting around is easy. Transport is varied and inexpensive. In cities and around the songthaew (collective taxi to the fixed path), tuk-tuks are most prevalent. To connect certain cities, (mini) buses are numerous and inexpensive. However, the train is recommended for longer journeys, between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, for example, and the plane to go from Bangkok to the country’s south.

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide

It is also possible to travel by rental car and scooter for more freedom, especially in the islands, but beware of poorly developed tracks. Be careful; driving is on the left in Thailand!

Are there any security concerns in Thailand?

Thailand is generally a safe country in terms of security, although it is preferable to avoid certain areas. The provinces of Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, and Songkhla are strongly discouraged. Vigilance is also required in the North, in the border areas with Burma. And to avoid getting into trouble, avoid demonstrations or political gatherings.

Can we use electronic cigarettes in Thailand?

Please note, electronic cigarettes are prohibited in Thailand! Do not go through customs under penalty of confiscation, fine, or even prison.

What is the exchange rate?

In 2020, €1 is worth around 35 Bts, but the price fluctuates a lot (check it, therefore, at the time of your trip).

What budget should you plan to travel to Thailand?

In Thailand, the budget to be expected is quite reasonable; it is a reasonably cheap country, although the cost of living for a tourist depends a lot on the region. Accommodation in southern resorts and islands has experienced significant inflation in recent years. Depending on the area, you will need a budget ranging from 600-700 Bts to 1,000-1,200 Bts per day per person for food and accommodation.

Should you leave tips in Thailand? 

Tips are generally not left in Thailand. Nevertheless, in tourist places, it has become a habit. It is therefore advisable to round the sum in restaurants and for services in hotels.

Thailand Travel Guide

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