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Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Puerto Rico depends on your preferences and the activities you plan to engage in. Puerto Rico experiences a tropical climate, with a distinct wet season and dry season. Here are some considerations for different times of the year:

  1. Dry Season (Mid-December to Mid-April): This is the peak tourist season in Puerto Rico, characterized by lower humidity, pleasant temperatures, and minimal rainfall. It’s an ideal time for beach activities, outdoor exploration, and cultural events. However, accommodations may be more expensive, and popular attractions can be busier.
  2. Shoulder Seasons (Late April to June and September to Mid-December): The months of late April to June and September to mid-December are considered shoulder seasons. During these times, you can find a balance between good weather and potentially lower prices. May and June, in particular, offer pleasant weather before the peak of hurricane season.
  3. Hurricane Season (June to November): Puerto Rico’s hurricane season officially runs from June to November, with the highest likelihood of hurricanes or tropical storms occurring between August and October. While the risk of a direct hit is relatively low, there’s still a possibility of rain and storms during this period.
  4. Festivals and Events: Puerto Rico hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. If you’re interested in experiencing local culture, consider planning your visit during one of these festivities. For example, the San Sebastián Street Festival in San Juan typically takes place in January.
  5. Surfing Season (October to March): If you’re a surfing enthusiast, the months from October to March are considered the best time for surfing on the island’s west and northwest coasts, where you can find some of the best waves.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Keep in mind that individual preferences, budget considerations, and specific activities can influence the best time for your visit. Additionally, it’s important to monitor weather conditions, especially during hurricane season, and to be aware of any travel advisories or restrictions that may be in place.

What is the best time to visit Puerto Rico? As a Caribbean country, it has some peculiarities that it is better to respect when choosing the date to travel.

Summary of content

  1. When to travel to Puerto Rico
  2. When to visit San Juan
  3. The climate of Puerto Rico
  4. Rainy season in Puerto Rico
  5. The dry season in Puerto Rico
  6. What to visit on your trip to Puerto Rico

Perhaps you are planning a trip to the fantastic island of Puerto Rico, its fantastic beaches, it’s capital. Its tasty gastronomy and of course its people and the party of this country may have led you to the decision of wanting to go on a trip to this destination.

What is the Best time to visit Puerto Rico

What is the best time to go to Puerto Rico? Here we offer you information to help you in your decision.

When to visit San Juan

The most favorable months in terms of weather to visit the capital San Juan are January, February, March, April, and June.

The warmest months in San Juan are May, June, July, August, September, October, and November, and at the same time are the rainier, although we should highlight two months above the others. The rainiest months in San Juan are May and August.

Arecibo is the city with the best climate in the country since it has more than six favorable months during the year.

The temperature of the seawater is warm and pleasant throughout the year in San Juan.

The climate of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an archipelago of the Antilles, and it is bathed to the north by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Caribbean Sea.

It is located east of the Dominican Republic (including the east coast of Punta Cana, south off the west coast of Puerto Rico) and west of the Virgin Islands.

Puerto Rico enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. However, there is a clear difference between the coast and the mountains, and the temperatures are lower at higher altitudes.

During the warmer months, June, for example, heat can be less between San Juan and Ponce.

The climate is divided into two seasons :

Rainy season in Puerto Rico

The rainy season runs from May to November. Like many islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is susceptible to violent hurricanes between August and October. Something very common in the Caribbean.

During the rainy season, Puerto Rico’s climate is quite rainy. It should note that the east coast is more exposed to the trade winds, although, in terms of rainfall, it is just as humid as the west coast.

If you go in this period, it may be better to choose Mayaguez or Palmas del Mar, for example.

The dry season in Puerto Rico

The dry season is from December to April. Puerto Rico’s climate is ideal during the dry season: high temperatures, low rainfall, lack of hurricanes. Everyone came together for a sunny vacation, be it active or relaxing.

With its natural resources, splendid beaches shaded by palm trees, and turquoise waters, Puerto Rico has tourist attractions that delight its visitors.

First of all, on the coast, you can enjoy the sea, and the sun and beach-loving travelers will be delighted—idleness and tanning, beach games or walks, large white-sand beaches.

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The Central Cordillera has beautiful nature, and it is ideal for hiking. Of course, the climb can be tough, but the splendid views from the summit are so fascinating that you will quickly forget your fatigue. Fans of active and adventure sports will find great options to have fun in this area.

What to visit on your best trip to Puerto Rico

Strolling through the city of San Juan and you will discover its ancient architectures that recall the Spanish influence on the island.

Ponce also has squares and churches, such as the Notre-Dame de Guadalupe Cathedral (Our Lady of Guadalupe).

Featured beaches in Puerto Rico: Luquillo Beach in El Yunque, Boquerón Beach in Ponce are the most beautiful beaches. If your trip allows you, you can visit the island of Culebra, which has beautiful beaches and can be a very satisfying experience.

Landscapes and nature in the interior of Puerto Rico thanks to the relief of the island with the San Cristóbal canyon, the Central Mountain Range. The landscape that this country offers can be called a humid tropical forest, rocky environments, and paradisiacal beaches on the coast.

Cultural tourism with visits to Museums and the exceptional heritage of San Juan (the El Morro fortress, the Museum of the Americas, the White House Museum) are places to visit on your trip to Puerto Rico.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Water sports such as snorkeling or surfing, and hiking in the mountains are the sports activities par excellence on the island.

What are the most common Puerto Rican last names?

It is an ideal destination for families. In Puerto Rico, you will find Luquillo Beach, an ideal place for young children.

As for Handicrafts and shopping, Puerto Rico offers the best Rum, and the purest handmade cigars are to bring back as souvenirs or souvenirs from your trip.

Puerto Rican food is very abundant. It uses abundant and tasty ingredients, standing out among shellfish, fish, pork, and suckling pig. Coffee and Rum are Puerto Ricans ‘ favorite drinks.

Nightlife, The nightlife in Puerto Rico, is very lively. Do not miss the visit to dance and enjoy its nightlife.

When is the best time to Visit to Puerto Rico?

What is the best time to travel to Puerto Rico? Here is information to help you in your decision:

  • In Puerto Rico, the weather is good everywhere in January, February, March, and December
  • The weather is good all year round to visit San Juan
  • On average, the warmest months in San Juan are April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.
  • The cities with the best climate are San Juan, Bayamón, Ceiba, Fajardo, and Luquillo, with good weather at least 11 months a year.
  • The sea temperature is suitable for swimming all year round in San Juan.

Climate and Weather of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an archipelago of the Greater Antilles, bathed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean and in the south by the Caribbean Sea. It is located to the east of the Dominican Republic (whose east coast, starting from Punta Cana towards the south, is in front of the western Puerto Rican coast) and the west of the Virgin Islands. Further south is the coast of Venezuela.

The climate of Puerto Rico is tropical, with warm temperatures throughout the year. However, there is a fairly clear difference between the coasts and the mountains, with the lowest temperatures being at the top. Similarly, it is a little warmer in the south of the island than in the north.

During the hottest months, in June, the heat may be less in San Juan than in Ponce. The climate is divided into two seasons: a rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. Like many islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is susceptible to violent hurricanes between August and October.

During the rainy season, the climate in Puerto Rico is quite humid. Note that precipitation is higher on the eastern coast, more exposed to the trade winds than on the western coast. If you go in this period, it would be preferable to choose Mayagüez in Palmas del Mar, for example.

Puerto Rico’s climate is ideal during the dry season: high temperatures, low rainfall, and the absence of hurricanes. It meets all the requirements for a sunny vacation, be it active or relaxing.

Temperature and rainfall in Puerto Rico

In these three graphs, we present the evolution of Puerto Rico temperatures and month-by-month rainfall for San Juan, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, and Mayagüez, as well as the month-by-month seawater temperatures in the cities coastal.


Data on the climate of Puerto Rico have been collected every day since January 2009. In addition, the analysis of these meteorological data for Puerto Rico allows us to determine the average for each month in San Juan, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, Mayagüez, Ponce , Adjuntas, Aguadilla, and 33 other cities.

So yes: these data are reliable except in cases of temporary disturbances in the region.

The Best Seasons of the Year to Travel to Puerto Rico

When you’re planning your trip to Puerto Rico, you have to think about several factors, from finding cheap flights and hotels to taking advantage of the island’s perfect weather and avoiding hurricane season.

Plan your Perfect Vacation

This vacation destination has a lot to offer travelers throughout the year, both in high seasons and low seasons, so there is no single season when it is best to visit Puerto Rico – but there are some guidelines and suggestions that can help you. Decide when to visit.

When it comes to planning a trip, the best time of year to visit depends on your preferences. Are you looking to escape to this tropical paradise during the winter, or do you prefer to visit during the summer? Are you traveling on a budget and looking for the lowest prices? Do you care about activities that depend on the season, like watching sea turtles make their nests? Check out this guide to the best and worst seasons to travel to Puerto Rico, and get ready to book your trip!

December – Mid April

Best for: Travelers looking for the perfect Puerto Rico weather (and escape the cold)

Weather: Sunny, hot, and with little rain. High temperatures around 26 degrees.

Events: Festivals during holiday dates

A favorite activity of the season: Bioluminescent Bay Tours

This season is the busiest in Puerto Rico, with thousands of travelers planning their visits during the festival dates and fleeing the winter where they live. During these months, the weather on the island includes endless sunny days, warm but not very hot temperatures, and little rain.

If you don’t mind the crowds, you can enjoy the perfect weather and party fun on the island. Starting after Thanksgiving, you can enjoy the lights of the town of Belén, the White Christmas festival in Old San Juan, the religious procession of Las Mañanitas, and more. In January comes the Three Kings Festival and the San Sebastian Festival.

Another reason to visit Puerto Rico between mid-December and mid-April is to take a kayak or boat tour in one of the island’s three bioluminescent bays, isolated entrances where water glows when touched thanks to millions of microorganisms known as dinoflagellates.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

To see the bays at their brightest, tour operators recommend visiting during the new moon, when the moon is darkest in the sky, as too much moonlight can obscure the effect of bioluminescence. Another suggestion is to do the tour when not much rain has fallen, making the water cloudy. Plan your visit between December and April – the driest months – to see the bays at their brightest. You can still visit the bays all year round.

Travel tip: Remember that many schools go on vacation in March, which means that many families with children (and even college students) arrive in Puerto Rico in the middle of the month. Consider visiting in February or April to avoid the crowds (and the high prices that come with them).

Mid-April – June

Best for: Travelers who want to avoid the winter crowds and enjoy the warm weather

Climate: Sunny and breezy. June is the hottest month on the island, with temperatures around 30 degrees.

Events: Food, dance, and music festivals

A favorite activity of the season: Watch the turtles make their nests.

The winter crowds have gone home, and the weather is still lovely. Hotel prices have dropped, and although the rainy season is approaching (expect to see rain in May), it rarely rains all over the island at the same time, so you can pack your things by seeing the clouds and go to another part of the island. If you came to enjoy a real dose of sun and heat, June is usually the hottest on the island, perfect for working on your tan.

Highlighted events during these months include Saborea in April, an entire weekend dedicated to typical Puerto Rican food; Dance in May, a festival that celebrates the dance that originated in Ponce; and a casual summer fair in June at Crash Boat Beach to welcome summer.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

One of the most special seasons in Puerto Rico is the season when sea turtles make their nests. The island becomes a haven for green sea turtles, leatherback turtles, and hawksbill turtles, which make their nests on the beaches of the Culebra and Mora islands near the west coast of Puerto Rico. Turtles come from cold Canadian waters to breed and lay their eggs.

More than 60,000 turtles hatch on the beaches of Puerto Rico each year, and seeing the mothers make their nests on the island’s beaches is an experience that you cannot miss. Tour operators know how to make each visit as environmentally friendly as possible and minimize the human impact on turtle nests. If you are visiting in the spring or summer, you cannot miss a tour to see this phenomenon for yourself!

June – November

Best for Budget travelers looking for cheap flights and hotels

Climate: Hurricane season, followed by rainy fall days

Events: Food festival, fishing tournaments, and Fashion Week

A favorite activity of the season: Secluded beaches

June and July mark the beginning of the hurricane season in Puerto Rico, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Although hurricanes are common in the tropics, the chance of seeing one is low. Before Hurricane Maria hit the island in 2017, the least severe hurricane was in 1931.

Hurricanes often come with a warning, so they are not likely to catch you by surprise. Apart from the hurricane season in Puerto Rico, the weather between June and November can be rainy with plenty of sunny days, perfect for relaxing on the beach, taking a tour in El Yunque, or taking a snorkeling tour.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

Another benefit of traveling to Puerto Rico in late summer and early fall is that hotel and flight prices drop considerably. You can stay in a room with an ocean view for almost half the price it would cost in the winter, and the airlines lower their prices to fill the seats. If you are traveling on a budget and are not bothered by a couple of rainy days, this is the best season to travel to Puerto Rico.

During late summer and early fall, Events include the SoFo Food Festival in July or August, one of the island’s most popular annual food festivals; a fishing tournament in August; and San Juan Fashion Week in September. Don’t forget Thanksgiving! This holiday is popular in Puerto Rico, and cities begin putting up Christmas decorations in November.

One of the best benefits of visiting Puerto Rico in the fall is that you will probably have the beaches to yourself, especially if you visit the more isolated ones. From white sand to black sand, from sunbathing to cliff jumping, Puerto Rico’s beaches have everything you are looking for. Please read our guide to the best beaches in Puerto Rico to get your favorite.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico to get to know Fajardo

In Fajardo, you will find the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve and the jewel that is the Cathedral of Santiago Apóstol. Fajardo is an area of ​​beaches and spas, so we recommend you travel between October and the end of April to enjoy Palomino Island, which looks like something out of a postcard, or the Seven Seas spa beach.

When to travel to Puerto Rico to visit El Yunque

El Yunque is one of the best-known points of interest in Puerto Rico. Many travelers flock to the country to wander through this crescent-shaped rain forest. Its waterfalls, vegetation, and unique species live there, such as the Puerto Rican parrot. Avoid the rainy season, which runs from May to September, and take the famous hike to Mount Britton Tower.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico and escape to Isla Culebra

For those looking for the best time to travel to Puerto Rico and enjoy its beautiful beaches, the ideal destination is Isla Culebra and, specifically, Playa Flamenco. It is one of the most beautiful in the country. Today the island is a natural reserve that in ancient times was inhabited by the Carib Indians.

In addition to the clear waters and white sand, Isla Culebra also contains fragments of history. For example, the remains of the activities of the US Marines, who used it as a firing range. Visit Isla Culebra between October and May.

The Río Camuy Caverns When should I visit them?

If your main concern about when to travel to Puerto Rico is not to miss the Cavernas del Río Camuy, we recommend that you avoid the summer. August is the rainiest month. Although the temperature remains above 26 degrees all year round, the truth is that the dry season is more pleasant. The caves of the Camuy National Park are part of the third-largest complex in the world. Here you will see giant stalactites and stalagmites and all kinds of peculiar rock formations. It is best to travel with a guide and during the fall, winter, and early spring.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico and get lost in the streets of Ponce

The rainy season could spoil your visit to Ponce, so we advise you to travel to this colonial city of great beauty between October and May. This way, you will enjoy Creole architecture without hindrance. Here you can visit the Castillo Serrallés Museum to soak up the local culture. Or walk through the Tablado la Guancha, which is the promenade, where you will find a multitude of restaurants and shops, as well as a very lively atmosphere.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico and explore the capital, San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico is called San Juan, and there you will find a lot to do. If you have traveled in August and the rains surprise you, go to its galleries and museums. You will be surprised by the cultural life of this city. When you’re done, look for Taberna Lúpulo to try one of the best craft beers on the island.

In the historic center of the capital is the so-called Old San Juan. Remember that San Juan is on the coast and avoid May to October, the wettest of the year. Here you can see one of Puerto Rico’s iconic buildings, Castillo San Felipe De Morro, a Spanish citadel built in the 16th century to protect the city from attacks from the sea.

The beauty of Arecibo, when is it its best moment?

We have already talked about the Río Camuy Caverns, but Puerto Rico contains places as beautiful as them in places best visited between May and October. For example, Cueva Ventana, in Arecibo. You will have seen dozens of photographs of this beautiful point of the Puerto Rican landscape. It is a cave that opens to the outside like a window, hence its name. Leaning out, you will contemplate the beauty of Rio Grande. The views are spectacular. It is better to avoid August, the rainiest month of the year if you want to appreciate the landscape in all its splendor.

Do you already know when to travel to Puerto Rico? Well, now you only have to book the best trip with us.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico

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