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10 Best Hotels In Nantucket, MA, To Stay In 2024: Complete Guide

Best Hotels In Nantucket

10 Best Hotels In Nantucket, MA, To Stay In 2024: Complete Guide

Nantucket may be beautiful, but a bad hotel can ruin even the most beautiful place in the world. Poor service, dirty rooms, dilapidated facilities… all of these things can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare.

If you want to leave your vacation with good memories, choosing suitable accommodation is therefore crucial. Fortunately, Nantucket is blessed with as many great hotels as there are great beaches. If you’re having a hard time deciding which one to choose, check out our roundup of Nantucket’s top ten hotels.

Nantucket is not a place you go, go, go; people come here to slow down. If you are visiting in the summer, it starts with a day at the beach. Each beach in Nantucket has a different purpose. Jetties Beach is your place for a day of doing nothing.

If you have kids or don’t feel like packing snacks or traveling far from the city, then you’re okay; you’re set on amenities here. The open-air Sandbar restaurant has a $1 oyster happy hour and serves cocktails and slingshot wings, sandwiches, and salads. With changing rooms, a plastic mat leading from the parking lot to the water, showers, volleyball nets, and a playground, the piers are accessible and stress-free.

What to Do in Nantucket?

Surfside Beach is a little further south of the island and accessible by bike path. Vast and sandy beaches with choppier waves attract beachgoers who scan the shore in the morning, kites on the west end at sunset, and surfcasters who fish in the evening.

Stroll through the charming city streets on a cloudy day, among steeple churches and buildings with weathered gray shingles. The Whaling Museum tells the story of the dangerous and dramatic whaling industry of the 18th century. The 46-foot skeleton of a sperm whale is quite a sight.

For buyers, there are many gems to be found. Nantucket Looms weaves textiles in their studio, including cashmere throws and mohair scarves. Town Pool is a quirky souvenir shop that stacks an entire floor-to-ceiling wall with rubber ducks and sells rope bracelets, artistic cards, and cozy knits. The G.S. Hill Gallery is a treasure trove of oil paintings and Nantucket’s signature baskets made by island artisans.

At night, head to Cisco Brewers, a brewery that has expanded to include wine and a distillery that makes 15-year-old single malt whiskey. Expect food trucks, a gift shop, and live music to accompany your tasting flight. For more of the outdoors, book a tee time at the Miacomet Golf Club, stroll along the Sconset Bluff Walk, or cycle on Madaket Road. (Rentals can be found in town, a short distance from the start of the trail, such as at Nantucket Bike Shop.).

10 Best Hotels In Nantucket, MA, To Stay In 2024

Nantucket, as the broad-brush argument goes, is just more extreme in all categories. In other words, many Vineyarders say, “snobby. ‘ “We totally agree,” Whitey Willauer, a Nantucket selectman, said to the charge of snobbiness as he sat with friends at the private Wharf Rat Club just off the ferry terminal.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, is known for its charming atmosphere, historic architecture, and beautiful beaches. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, here are a few highly regarded hotels in Nantucket:

  1. The Wauwinet:
    • Located on the quieter eastern side of the island, The Wauwinet offers a luxurious and peaceful retreat. It features elegant rooms, a renowned restaurant, and beautiful views of Nantucket Bay.
  2. White Elephant:
    • A landmark hotel overlooking Nantucket Harbor, White Elephant combines classic charm with modern amenities. It offers various accommodations, including rooms, suites, and cottages.
  3. Jared Coffin House:
    • Situated in the heart of downtown Nantucket, Jared Coffin House is a historic inn with a blend of period furnishings and contemporary comforts. It’s close to shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  4. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort:
    • This family-friendly hotel features a mix of hotel rooms and spacious cottages. It offers an array of amenities, including a heated outdoor pool and complimentary shuttles to downtown.
  5. Greydon House:
    • A boutique hotel with a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, Greydon House is centrally located and offers uniquely decorated rooms and suites.
  6. Harborview Nantucket:
    • Overlooking the harbor, Harborview Nantucket provides comfortable accommodations with a range of room types. It’s within walking distance of Main Street and popular attractions.
  7. The Cottages and Lofts at the Boat Basin:
    • Offering waterfront accommodations in charming cottages, this hotel is part of the Nantucket Boat Basin. It provides a picturesque setting and convenient access to downtown.
  8. 76 Main:
    • A boutique hotel located on Main Street, 76 Main offers stylish and comfortable rooms. It’s close to shops, restaurants, and the ferry terminals.
  9. The Veranda House Hotel Collection:
    • Comprising several properties, including The Veranda House and Chapman House, this collection of boutique hotels offers elegant and well-appointed rooms.
  10. The Roberts Collection:
    • Situated in the heart of Nantucket’s historic district, The Roberts Collection consists of four charming inns, each with its own unique character and decor.

Keep in mind that the availability and popularity of hotels can change, so it’s advisable to check recent reviews and book accommodations in advance, especially during the peak tourist season. Additionally, consider your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you’re seeking when choosing a hotel in Nantucket.

1. The Wauwinet

Located just 2 miles from the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, The Wauwinet has a beautiful location, excellent facilities, and a justifiable reputation as one of Nantucket’s best hotels. It will appeal to even the most discerning guests with two private beaches, exceptionally welcoming staff, and luxurious accommodations.

While not necessarily the cheapest hotel on the island, what you get in return (free wifi, 400-thread-count Pratesi sheets, coffee and pastries in the morning, and port and wine in the evening) more than justifies the expense. The only downside is that you are out of luck as a seasonal hotel if you intend to stay anytime outside of late April to late October.

2. Harborview, Nantucket

What Makes Harborview Nantucket One of Nantucket’s Best Hotels? For starters, your private beach with stunning views of Nantucket Harbor. Each of its 11 cabins is exquisitely private, with everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay, including complimentary wifi and beverages.

If all that wasn’t enough, the hotel also has excellent green credentials, with energy-efficient appliances and an emphasis on using recycled and sustainable materials.

3. The Veranda House Hotel Collection

Veranda House Hotel Collection consists of three very different but equally sublime properties: Arbor Cottage, Veranda House, and Chapman House. For a beach cabin-style room, try Arbor Cottage. If you prefer more contemporary decor, opt for the Chapman House.

If you want to combine modern comforts with historical features, the 17th-century Veranda House should fit the bill. Whichever property you choose, you’re guaranteed a great breakfast, a convenient central location, friendly service, afternoon cookies, and an extremely relaxing stay.

4. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

If you are traveling with children, you will do well to consider the Nantucket Hotel & Resort. With supervised day and night programs for kids, two heated outdoor pools, bike rentals, and even free rides in a vintage truck, you’ve got everything you need to keep the whole family happy. 

Though there are plenty of off-site dining options within walking distance, the hotel’s restaurant does a great line on kid-friendly meals, even having a separate menu for picky eaters. 

The rooms are luxurious and equipped with bathrobes, beach towels, chairs, Frette bedding, televisions, DVD players, iHome radios, and coffeemakers. Amenities are extensive and include a gym, spa, and fitness classes.

5. Cliff Lodge: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

Nestled in an idyllic location just 1 mile from Francis Street Beach, Cliff Lodge is good enough to have earned a spot on’s list of the ten best hotels in Nantucket—and ours too. With private parking, a beautiful garden, and a cozy lounge to relax in, it is a charming little hotel with a lot to offer. 

Guests can expect friendly, personalized service, a homemade breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and scrupulously clean, spacious rooms. If you prefer the type of hotel where you feel like a friend rather than an anonymous customer, Cliff Lodge is just what you are looking for.

6. The White Elephant: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

If you want a place with glitz and glamor to spare, The White Elephant might be just what you’re looking for. If you have your yacht, feel free to dock it in the private docking area out front. Otherwise, sign up and start enjoying the great amenities, including one of the finest restaurants on the island, Brant Point Grill. 

The rooms and suites are well decorated and equipped with all the comforts, such as flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi access. Most even come with their own private patio or deck. The only flip side is the seasonal opening – if you want to stay here, be sure to schedule your visit between April and October.

7. Greydon House: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

The Telegraph has ranked Greydon House as one of the best hotels in Nantucket. It is not surprising. Housed in a ship captain’s home since the 1850s, the 20-room boutique hotel features impressive accommodations, beautiful decor, a Michelin-starred chef, and a beautiful collection of amenities, including a library and dining area. Rest to relax, a small bar, and an excellent, first-class restaurant.

8. Jared Coffin House: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

If you prefer cozy, intimate hotels to large, impersonal resorts, the Jared Coffin House might be just what you’re looking for. Intimate and charming, the hotel has been beautifully decorated in a lovely period style that contrasts with the beige uniformity of certain hotel chains. 

Rooms are well-appointed and comfortable, though you may want to consider upgrading to a suite if you value space. The room rate includes morning coffee, afternoon cakes, and snacks, as well as complimentary parking, Wi-Fi access, beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas.

9. 76 Main: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

If you believe the reviews on Trip Advisor (and we have no reason to doubt them), 76 Main has a “prime location,” “friendly and helpful staff,” and “beautifully decorated, clean rooms.” If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, it also boasts exceptional amenities (including a very cozy all-day cafe), a stunning patio to relax in, and one of the best breakfasts you’ll find on the entire island.

10. Brass Lantern Inn: The Best Hotels In Nantucket

Cute, cozy, and with a complimentary breakfast that will keep you coming back in seconds, the 17-room Brass Lantern Inn is ideal for guests looking for personalized service, comfortable accommodations, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The amenities may not be as extensive as some of Nantucket’s larger resorts, but what it lacks in jacuzzis and waterslides makes up for everything else.

Guests can expect to feel at home in the lounge (which comes with plenty of books and cozy corners to relax in) or on the beautiful garden patio. Beach chairs and towels are available free of charge. You can enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea in the dining room or on the outdoor patio.

Frequently Asked Questions: 10 Best Hotels In Nantucket, MA

Is Nantucket expensive?

Nantucket, the idyllic island located about 30 miles south of Cape Cod, clearly ranks as the most expensive destination, with an average overnight rate of $301 for the least expensive double room.

Is Nantucket snobby?

Both islands, of course, are summer paradises of outstanding natural beauty. They are also costly, very exclusive, and very preppy. Nantucket, the broad-brush argument goes, is just more extreme in all categories. But, as Willauer and others said, being “snobby” was what made Nantucket better.

Is Nantucket worth visiting?

Nantucket is an island off Cape Cod in Massachusetts and one of the most beautiful places in New England. It has an extensive history of whaling but now only offers whale-watching tours in the season, April to October. If this sounds tempting, a day trip to Nantucket is something you should consider.

How many days should you spend in Nantucket?

If it’s your first time to Nantucket—like it was ours—three days is a significant amount of time to dip your toes in (literally and figuratively) and fall in love. Going in, I wondered how people spent a week—sometimes two—on this tiny island each summer.

Does anyone famous live on Nantucket?

Nantucket has always had a small, longtime celebrity contingent. Jerry Stiller and his late wife, Anne Meara, have had a home there for decades, and their son, Ben Stiller, and his wife, Christine Taylor, are frequent visitors.

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Safety tips for Hotels In Nantucket, MA

Nantucket, Massachusetts, is generally considered a safe destination, but it’s always important to take standard safety precautions when staying in hotels anywhere. Here are some safety tips for hotels in Nantucket or any travel destination:

  1. Research your hotel:
    • Before booking, read reviews and gather information about the hotel. Look for reviews on reputable travel websites to get an idea of the experiences of other guests.
  2. Choose well-lit areas:
    • When selecting a hotel, consider its location and proximity to well-lit areas. This can contribute to your overall safety, especially if you plan to explore your surroundings on foot.
  3. Check for security features:
    • Ensure that the hotel has basic security features such as well-lit entrances, security cameras, and 24-hour front desk service. These elements contribute to the overall safety of the property.
  4. Use safe transportation.
    • If you’re arriving at the hotel late at night or leaving early in the morning, consider using reputable transportation services rather than walking alone in unfamiliar areas.
  5. Secure Your Belongings:
    • Use the hotel’s safe deposit box for valuable items such as passports, jewelry, and large amounts of cash. Keep your room key and important documents secure.
  6. Be Aware of Your Surroundings:
    • Pay attention to your surroundings, both inside and outside the hotel. Stay aware of exits and emergency routes, and report any suspicious activity to hotel staff.
  7. Lock Your Room:
    • Always lock your hotel room when you are inside, and use the deadbolt for extra security. Additionally, make sure the windows are securely closed.
  8. Limit personal information:
    • Be cautious about sharing personal information. Avoid discussing your travel plans with strangers, and be mindful of who may be overhearing your conversations.
  9. Know Emergency Procedures:
    • Familiarize yourself with the hotel’s emergency procedures, including fire escape routes. Take note of the location of emergency exits on your floor.
  10. Keep emergency contacts handy:
    • Have a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities and the hotel’s contact information, readily available. Program important numbers into your phone.
  11. Trust Your Instincts:
    • If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. If you have concerns about your safety or the safety of your belongings, notify hotel staff immediately.

Remember that these tips are general guidelines, and specific safety considerations may vary by hotel. Always check the safety features and procedures of the hotel you’re staying at, and don’t hesitate to contact the front desk if you have any questions or concerns.

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