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Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

It’s important to remember that physical appearance has no bearing on a person’s actions or morality. Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious American serial killer and sex offender who committed heinous crimes. Focusing on his physical appearance can be misleading and inappropriate, given the gravity of his actions.

It’s crucial to approach discussions about individuals like Dahmer with sensitivity and prioritize the understanding of their criminal activities and the impact on victims and their families. Glamorizing or trivializing such individuals can be disrespectful to the victims and their loved ones. If you have any specific questions about the case or related topics, please feel free to ask.

Some people are handsome. For you, myself, and others, Jeffrey Dahmer is handsome, and to others, he is the opposite. For me, it’s his eyes, height, soft-spoken voice, and attitude that make him handsome.

Is it normal to have a crush on Jeffrey Dahmer?

Having crushes is normal and harmless. People go as far as to have crushes on fictional characters, and even that is normal and harmless. What might upset people about this crush is the fact that it’s a crush on a serial killer. Many would say, “You’re sick for crushing on serial killers,” along with many more comments, concerns, and or insults 😅.

 You can have a crush on him, and just because you do doesn’t mean you excuse his actions or find what he did attractive. Still, people will say since he’s a killer, you are not “allowed” to. In the end, it is a common crush, and you’d be surprised just how many people have a crush on him, too.

I, for one, do not care if someone finds a serial killer attractive or ends up having a crush on one. Dahmer is dead, and he no longer walks the earth. Even though he is a serial killer and cannibal, it can’t be denied if he looks good to you, then he looks good.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

I look at Jeffrey Dahmer in his younger days, long before his weight gain in the green prison jumpsuit, and find him to be actually attractive. He wasn’t ugly, but what he did was 😅 I won’t deny it. IDC

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer ( 1960–1994) was definitely an attractive man. However, he had feelings of inferiority because of his upbringing and his homosexuality, which he struggled to accept. He grew up in a conservative and homophobic family at a time when homosexuality was still taboo. Dahmer grew up in a hard-working, middle-class family. His mother had psychological problems. He resorted to alcohol to deal with his issues, and he became a heavy drinker in his early teens. He was often drunk at school. 

Academically, he did not do well. He eventually became a pariah, living like an outcast, unable to attend college, in spite of the fact that he was intelligent and even unable to get a decent job. And he dropped out of college and was fired because he was an alcoholic. He lacked ambition and purpose in life. 

Eventually, killing became his only purpose. Jeffrey Dahmer was pathologically lonely throughout his life, and he had an intense fear of abandonment, which derived from his early years. He killed those men in his attempt to stop them from leaving him. 

Jeffrey Dahmer had schizophreniabut he was not a psychopath. He was not a narcissist, either. Ted Bundy ( 1946–1989), one of the most notorious serial killers in the history of the USA, was a psychopath and a malignant narcissist

Psychopaths are completely unable to feel empathy or remorse.

Friends, psychopaths either end up in jail because they commit violent crimes, or they end up being billionaires because they commit white-collar crimes. Psychopaths have a swallow charm, but that is a hypocritical facade. In addition to being attractive, Bundy was also highly intelligent and charismatic, as psychopaths usually are. 

Bundy‘s good looks helped him get away with murder for years because even the police could not believe that the charming and eloquent man they had arrested in Utah in 1975 could actually commit such vile and evil crimes even though they had incriminating evidence against him. Thus, they let him go, and he continued his killing spree until he got arrested in 1978 when Dahmer committed his first murder.

Bundy had a chameleon-like personality. He was different with different people and under different circumstances. Both Bundy and Dahmer had difficulty in forming relationships, especially Dahmer, and they were both extremely lonely during their formative years. Bundy was an illegitimate child and many believe that he was the offspring of his mother‘s rape from her father, Samuel Cowell. This extremely abusive man had no qualms about beating his wife or tossing his teenage daughters down the stairs because they overslept. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Bundy grew up thinking that his biological mother was his sister and his grandparents were his adoptive parents. When he was 5, his mother, who he thought was his sister, moved out of her parent’s house, got married, and had 4 children, Bundy‘s half-siblings from his mother’s husband, who adopted him. That is how he took his infamous name. 

Bundy was distant from his new family, and in his early 20s, he discovered the truth about his parentage, which hurt him and upset him deeply. Bundy found purpose in life when he joined the Republicans, though politics was not in the cards for him. 

Friends, Bundy, unlike Dahmer, was very ambitious, and he even had political aspirations, as did notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy (1946- 1994), who in addition was a successful, self-made businessman. Bundy actually got a degree in psychology, he studied Chinese, and he even wanted to be a lawyer. Bundy, like Dahmer, was also very attractive, but unlike Dahmer, he was unable to feel empathy and remorse. 

Dahmer was psychotic, and he had a borderline personality disorder, hence his alcoholism. Jeffrey Dahmer grew up in an incredibly isolated environment; his parents, especially his mother, were friendless, and deliberately, they didn’t even have neighbors. When a new family moved into their neighborhood, his mother was livid. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Jeffrey’s mother was greedy for attention, and she would start a fight over everything. Hence, his father often would not come home. Thus, his mother would complain even more, and that was a vicious circle going on for years until his parents got a divorce when he was 18 years old after years of fighting with each other over everything. 

His father moved out, and his mother also left, taking Dahmer’s younger brother with her, leaving Dahmer all alone. Jeffrey Dahmer may have had a seemingly normal childhood, but in fact, he was neglected as a kid. His mother rarely touched him, held him, hugged him, or kissed him. She was self-centered and consumed by her mental issues. 

His father was also focused on his career. When Dahmer was born, his father was working on his PhD in chemistry. I believe he was neglected as a kid to the point he was emotionally abused. 

Dahmer, however, said that he never experienced any abuse, either physical or verbal. Bundy also said that he grew up in a loving and nurturing environment with two Christian parents dedicated to their kids’ upbringing. In his last interview before he was executed, he attributed his crimes to pornography, with which he was obsessed since his early teens. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Dahmer was also a registered sex offender. He was convicted of molesting a minor, he exposed his genitals in front of two 12-year-olds, and two men accused him of raping them ( years later ) when he was in the US Army before he was discharged due to his alcoholism. Serial killers are often sexual deviants

John Wayne Gacy was also incarcerated for molesting a 15-year-old boy, and like Dahmer, he also battled with his homosexuality, which was taboo at the time, even though he married twice. Gacy’s father was an alcoholic and very abusive. He often beat his wife and his kids, especially Gacy, whom he called a sissy and mama’s boy. 

Richard Ramirez, another infamous serial killer, was also, like Gacy, abused by his father, who had a quick temper and strongly believed in corporal punishment to the point that at the age of 12, Ramirez slept at a local cemetery to avoid his father’s beatings. At 16, Ramirez worked at a hotel and he used his passkey to steal valuables from the hotel guests’ rooms. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

He attempted to rape a woman, whose husband, however, arrived just on time and beat him badly, but because they were from out of town, the couple refused to press charges. Ramirez was not a psychopath; and he was a sociopath

Sociopaths are a lot like psychopaths- they do bad things and they do not care. But a psychopath is born, and a sociopath is made. A sociopath is a kid who grows up in a really rough neighborhood and learns criminality in order to survive like Ramirez did. Bundy had a narcissistic fixation on material things, and he experienced feelings of inferiority because his working-class family struggled financially. 

Thus, like Ramirez, he also committed small thefts and burglaries in his early youth, which is a common pattern for psychopaths ( juvenile delinquency). But Ramirez was introduced to lawlessness by his family background and evolved into a cruel sociopath who, in addition, became a Satanist. However, he was raised as a Catholic and abused cocaine and LSD. Bundy, on the other hand, was squeaky clean.

He was seemingly a clean-cut American boy. Ramirez, who was a happy and giggling kid in spite of his abusive father, smoked marijuana at 10. At 12, he witnessed his mentally ill and sadist US Army veteran cousin murder his wife. War soldiers often become sociopaths.

In short, yes, the ‘’Holy Trinity’’ of serial killers, Bundy, Dahmer, and Ramirez, were all, objectively, very good-looking men as they were dangerous. Hence, Bundy conceived a child in prison, and Ramirez got married while they were both convicted murderers on death row. Unsurprisingly, they both got divorced. In 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer was in the top 25 most intriguing people for People magazine.

Why do I feel sympathy for Jeffrey Dahmer and not for Ted Bundy or Gacy?

Because Dahmer’s motives were simply different, less evil, and he expressed actual remorse to the families of his victims.

Bundy and Gacy LOVED frightening, torturing, overpowering, and killing their victims. It was an addiction to them, though they had vastly different motives for murder (Gacy needed to dispose of his rape victims; Bundy simply liked it and, for lack of a better term, literally and figuratively got off on killing).

Dahmer was killed because he wanted to keep the men close to him. He was not enraged by his victims (Gary Ridgeway, Richard Ramirez, The Zodiac). He was not sexually aroused by hurting his victims (Bundy, Gacy, Berkowitz, possibly Jack the Ripper). And he never tried to blame his hideous crimes on pornography (Bundy), his admittedly troubled childhood (Gacy, Ridgeway), his repressed homosexuality, or anything else. 

Friends, he stood in open court and admitted that, though he wanted to stop, he couldn’t and deserved death. And he didn’t fight his charges, he didn’t take the offer of protective custody, and he told his parents that he should be in the general population because if a fellow inmate murdered him, he deserved it.

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Dahmer was absolutely a monster, without question. But even monsters can elicit sympathy. In the realm of fantasy, Darth Vader was an evil mass killer. Still, his intentions and his road to evil are more relatable than V For Vendetta’s Adam Sutler, who was simply a fascistic sociopath. (Coincidentally, Anakin Skywalker has been cited by experts as a virtual poster boy for Borderline Personality Disorder, the same diagnosis as, you guessed it, Jeffery Dahmer).

In short, Dahmer is more sympathetic because he is not motivated by hate, rage, power, control, lust, narcissism, or pure evil like his contemporaries. He was a pathologically lonely, mentally ill, and relatively meek man who regretted what he did, believed himself to be insane, and welcomed his death as punishment. In other words, he took accountability, which Gacy and Bundy never did in a real, public way.

Dahmer, though his DEEDS were equally as (and arguably MORE) gruesome and evil than Gacy’s and Bundy’s, Dahmer was simply not a purely evil killing machine as the other two were.

How was Jeffrey Dahmer’s hygiene? I’m curious if he smelled the awful smell from his apartment and how he was able to live there still.

When it comes to his hygiene, he was a clean, well-groomed man for the most part; he probably missed some showers here and there and some shaves. Well, the neighbors would complain about the smell; one of them actually asked what the smell was, and he said it was some rotting meat he needed to throw away. 

His apartment was clean and neat; the smell was coming from the barrels he had that were filled with acid and body parts. It actually got to a point where the people who owned the Oxford apartments said that he needed to take care of the smell or else he couldn’t live there. As for him, he was just so used to the smell he probably was “nose blind.”

How can a person reach the point of insanity like Jeffrey Dahmer or other similar individuals?

Social isolation: Dahmer was a loner with no friends after high school. So he had no one to confide in about his violent fantasies, no one to act as a buffer who could have talked to him, helped him to talk through his thoughts, or referred him to professional help. Being alone all the time, one’s inner/thought life easily takes over.

Social stigma – in those days, being gay and having a mental illness were things you did not openly reveal and were something to be ashamed of.

Lack of information and knowledge

These were pre-internet days; psychological sciences would have been far less developed compared to today, there would not have been easy access to mental health professionals, and homosexuality would have been listed as a mental disorder back in those days, too, so the quality of care would also have been somewhat bad/misinformed.

Suppression, apathy, and lack of self-reflection – he would have tried to deny his thoughts and feelings, causing them to increase in intensity over time to the point that they became compulsive. He was not in touch with his feelings, possibly due to a genetic disposition, possibly due to the atmosphere of emotional neglect that he grew up in.

A monastic lifestyle

People who have lots of fun hobbies and interests tend not to go around killing others. Dahmer’s life was extremely bare. He had no real hobbies/interests to occupy him. It was pretty much work, come home, go to bars on occasion, watch TV/porn. Also, he didn’t have a car, so that he couldn’t go anywhere easily. In such cases, the thought/fantasy life can get out of control.


Dahmer was an alcoholic by the age of 14. Friends of his have remarked in retrospect that the smell of scotch seeped out of his pores. He was drinking heavily daily. And this was over some 15 years – imagine the amount of alcohol in his system and the permanent damage done to his brain cells. There must have been a significant impairment of judgment.

Unresolved childhood trauma: 

Even though he was good-looking and intelligent, I think deep down inside, and he still felt like the class clown reject/son his mother didn’t really want. When his lovers left him to go back home, I think that triggered all those past feelings of rejection, so he was reliving past traumas in his adult life.

Being white, blonde, upper middle class, good looking – this allowed him to get away with sh*t he shouldn’t have gotten away with and feel like he couldn’t get caught.

There are probably personality factors, too – he probably had a high IQ, had a predisposition to violence, and had a personality more susceptible to mental illness.

Why didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer target women?

Because he was gay, for Dahmer, it was about having a partner who would never be able to leave him for the most part. There is more to the psychology of it, obviously, but his greatest wish was to have a man who would never leave him. He didn’t seem to have the social skills needed to make that happen. 

It’s also why he attempted lobotomies on a couple of the guys.

Serial killers have a pattern, and it’s different for each of them. Some kill what they are attracted to, some they hate, and some have goals. There are a ton of different reasons why a serial killer targets a specific type of person.

Why do people find Jeffrey Dahmer hot? Not only for his looks but for the murders he committed.

It’s not just Dahmer; a lot of serial killers and murders have fans, including the female ones. As for the why, I don’t know, but I suspect some of it is they are safely behind bars. The fans can be attracted to danger without really being in danger. You can fawn over them, ooh and ahh, about how sexy and dangerous they are, but never risk your safety. Lots of people actually find danger sexy or hot.

Why are loads of women attracted to Jeffrey Dahmer even though Dahmer was gay?

Because he had/has physical features that are still attractive to women, just because a man is gay doesn’t mean straight women suddenly won’t find him attractive. In this case, I don’t think it’s “loads” of women attracted to Dahmer, just a few.

And I mean, despite his disgusting crimes, he was a beautiful man.

Have you ever met Jeffrey Dahmer?

When Jeffrey Dahmer was discovered for being a serial killer, I worked about 1 mile from where he lived. One night, a couple of months before his discovery, I was working very late and needed to get some of my clothes washed. I went north to a laundromat. And I can’t remember where it was exactly. I haven’t been in Milwaukee for years, so I have only been able to search for it using Google Maps. 

The closest I can find to the laundromat that it could have been is on 49th, and Vliet St. It still doesn’t look right, and, if it is the one, there have been substantial changes to the parking lot and interior of the laundromat. I remember a much more open parking lot with access to all the streets around it. 

In fact, it was at a point where 3 streets met with access to all 3. None of the streets were major streets. Vliet could definitely have been one of them. The laundromat may no longer exist. It was north and east of 35th and Wisconsin, where I worked.

I went into the laundromat with my small amount of clothes, put them in a washing machine, and waited for them to finish. A few minutes after starting, a young man (probably about my age or a bit younger) came in with a very small amount of clothes in his arms. He went to the washing machine next to mine to deposit his clothes. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

The first thing that struck me about this young man was that he was very obviously self-confident, but he had a large ball or item in his mouth. My first thought was that he was trying to hide his identity. And he was acting strangely. I can’t describe that part of his demeanor. I just thought something was off.

This man showed no interest in me with no greeting(though I’m not sure that I greeted him). He went to the washing machine to the right of the one I was using, put his clothes in, and started the wash. Then he left. Later, he returned. My clothes weren’t finished. I was standing in front of my machine and had a hand on top of his. He came in and immediately said, “Get your ….. off of my machine.” He took his clothes and left. 

I went out to the pay phone and called the police. I just told them about his suspicious behavior. A few minutes later, a patrol car pulled up front. I don’t think they even talked to me. They left after a few minutes, and that’s the last I heard of the incident. I believe that was the only time that I’ve called the police due to suspicious behavior. I didn’t think of it again until after I started looking at the Dahmer situation a bit more closely than just newspaper reports.

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

It took me a while to remember my incident and wonder if there was a connection. The only reason that I wonder is the timing of it, the man’s age and demeanor, the location, and, while I can’t say for sure that he looked like Jeffrey Dahmer, I can say that he appeared to be the right height, similar facial shape. He seemed to be trying to hide his identity.

When I told my wife about it a few years later (the only person I’ve told other than the call to the police), she was certain that it was my imagination. I suspect that she’s right. But I certainly continue to wonder if I had a weird encounter with one of the most heinous serial killers of all time.

What are some interesting facts about Jeffrey Dahmer?

  1. He had a quirky sense of humor. In high school, he was a class clown. In prison, he once placed an invitation to ‘Cannibals Anonymous hosted at his cell on the prison bulletin board and would whisper to guards whom he didn’t like the words ‘I bite.’ He also would mold prison food into the shape of human limbs and splatter ketchup over the top to look like blood, then place the food in special spots around the prison so as to surprise/scare other inmates and officers.
  2. Six months before capture, he purchased a tank with tropical fish. He said he really enjoyed taking care of his fish and reading about filtration systems and that kind of thing. After capture, he expressed regret that he didn’t just go into real estate and buy himself an aquarium, that had he simply done that, he wouldn’t have gotten caught up in crime/necrophilia.
  3. He was into heavy metal – Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc.
  4. He worked at a chocolate factory as a mixer.
  5. In prison, he listened to classical music, read art books, and studied famous bird drawings.
  6. Jesse Anderson, the guy who was killed alongside him, also by Christopher Scarver, was a convicted wife murderer gold digger, and apparently, they (Dahmer and Anderson) were friends in prison.

Is it strange to feel sympathetic towards serial killers? Jeffrey Dahmer, in particular. He just seemed pathetic and sad and just desperate to relate to someone. It is not to negate the severity or gruesomeness of what he did, but I really feel sorry for him. Anyone else?–

What you are feeling sorry for is a crafted persona who was able to outwit the police to release a naked, bleeding, drugged teenager back into Dahmer’s custody, whose brother was, tragically, another of Dahmer’s victims. Dahmer’s physical attractiveness and calm effect were very sympathy-inducing for people. Yet he had an altar of human skulls he was designing.

I would like to remind people that lying con artists are not clumsy and unsympathetic. Only the gullible think that they would “sense” a conman. We might think of a seedy used car salesperson in a loud lime green suit, a gold chain, and snakeskin cowboy boots. No: Perhaps the number one thing they are able to do is to create and maintain sympathy, according to books on such matters.

I understand your reaction to his persona, as it was my very first human impression. But his apparent shyness did not deter him from somehow approaching many people, itself quite brazen considering that some people are far too shy to do this for normal human contact in a bar setting, let alone planning cannibalism and necrophilia.

Whatever his mental state, which ultimately drove him to such depravity, remember he was able to talk police away from an apartment reeking of the stench of death about which neighbors had complained. At the same time, he had one victim dead on the bed in the next room. 

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Meanwhile, most of us, no matter how kind or positive, are unable to talk the meter maid out of writing us a ticket even if we arrive at our car as the meter is expiring or if a policeman is detaining us even if we are speeding to the hospital! Also, though Dahmer had several encounters with the police, this did not stop him permanently from repeating the most heinous acts imaginable.

He was cunning and attracted people, albeit with his modest Wisconsin charm, for the most chilling of reasons. If you are fascinated by a cunning person, the fact is you will not know you are being conned. If we think of suspicious charm, we might envision a James Bond suave, over-the-top type. A con artist would know that this is over the top. 

Please never forget this. Monsters don’t always seem like monsters. If, as stated here on Quora, Dahmer had an IQ of 145, then at no point could he be unaware that drilling a hole into someone’s head and pouring acid into it would not cause excruciating pain.

How could it be otherwise? He took body parts to his own grandmother’s house!

He was a savagely selfish, domineering, manipulating murderer who had the good sense not to abandon his mild persona when caught. Therein marks the fascination with Dahmer. He fooled everyone. And he was disturbed. HE FOOLED EVERYONE and did so until his death because there was a visceral sympathy for his DEMEANOR. 

The most human sympathetic reaction was in the courtroom when a relative of one of his many, many victims screamed, “ I hate you, Jeffrey Dahmer! “ We probably should not feel sorry for or forgive that which is not ours to forgive. I feel sorry for his victims, their families, and his poor parents.

Why am I really afraid of becoming Jeffery Dahmer?

You’ve probably watched that Netflix series about him. You might see some similarities between you and him. The truth is, Jeff is quite a reliable person (probably to everyone), especially when it comes to loneliness. Jeffrey expressed a lot of issues that many people keep deep inside themselves. In his own words, he was looking for happiness and acceptance, and he couldn’t find it any other way.

However, I don’t think you should be worried about becoming him because these days, therapy is more widely available and acceptable. Also, even if you would kill someone, it would probably end in one or two victims because technology prevents serial killing. You would have to think through and plan everything very precisely and prepare a perfect murder for this to work (and if you do resemble Jeff, I doubt you’ll have enough motivation to do so).

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer do what he did?

For Jeffrey Dahmer, murdering is the means to an end, not the end itself. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy killing. What he wanted was to quench his thirst for love and find his ideal type of lover — a tall and slender male, unconscious, dead, and being with him forever. I just watched the movie My Friend Dahmer, which is based on the book My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf, his high school classmate and friend. I feel bad for this guy.

The realization of being homosexual already devastated young Jeff back in the 1960s, when society was very unforgiving to the LGBTQ. Even more so when it occurred to him that he not only fantasized about male sexual partners but also fantasized about unconscious and dead males. Obviously, he knew such fantasies were abnormal and sick from the very beginning. He lashed out his shame and frustration by beating the trees.

As he grew older, his sexual fantasies intensified, just like every other teen. What made him different was his love for unconscious males’ bodies — necrophilic fantasies. He hated such necrophilic fantasies. He wanted to get them out of his mind. But as we all know, you can’t really control what is popping up in your mind. He resorted to alcohol, hoping to seek momentary peace. Alcohol fucked up his brain, academic performance, human relationships, and physical health, but for Jeff, it wasn’t a bad price to pay in exchange for eliminating the sickening necrophilic fantasies.

Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so handsome?

Later, people he had been close to and people he was supposed to be close to left him one by one. His mother, his father, his brother, and his high school friends. He was all alone in the house. He hated being left alone despite all the social awkwardness. One crucial reason was that his abysmal sexual fantasies might consume him and eat him alive. Soon, those sickening necrophilic fantasies started to get the better of him. Even if he could manage to resist them, he couldn’t after a certain point. Not anymore. That’s how he came to do what he did.

His parents were going through an ugly divorce, trapped in those proceedings. The teachers looked the other way on him. When he was hitting the trees, coming back with his roadkill prey, walking in the hallways clearly drunk and high, behaving bizarrely, showing no interest in schoolwork, and endlessly consuming alcohol, no counselor was there to help him. No adult even spoke to him about it.

Was he absolutely irredeemable? I doubt.

Had any adults intervened, he might not have turned into the serial killer and cannibal; the victims’ lives might have been spared. But I doubt he would ever possibly live a normal and happy life. His fate was decided from the moment his sexual fantasies emerged.

He was outspoken and straightforward in each interview and interrogation — how and why he killed each of his victims, dismembered the bodies, and dissolved the parts. He said he had a real friendship in high school. Derf, as his high school friend, also mentioned that high school had to be Jeff’s happiest years in his life.

He showed his remorse in court. He decided to be cremated after death, no tombstone, no grave, no funeral. And he said he wanted to be “wiped out.” His deeds demonstrated abominable cruelty. He had put 17 families in lifelong misery. But his life was also a tragedy. His brain was wired in a way incompatible with the existing society.

While we are appalled by what Dahmer had done decades ago, there may be closeted pedophiles and necrophiles lurking among us. They may deserve hatred, but they deserve help for sure. There should be a way they can open up without fear and shame and let the professionals help them survive.

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