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What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

first time lesbian

What were the circumstances of your first time lesbian experience?

Generally speaking, a lesbian is a woman who is attracted to and prefers intimate relationships with other women. Attractions and relationships can be sexual, emotional, romantic, and/or spiritual. Some women may use different language to describe themselves, such as umbrella terms like ‘gay’ or ‘queer”.

I was 15 when I kissed a girl for the first time. She was and still is a good friend, and she wanted to have her first kiss before we went to high school, and she wanted it to be someone she trusted. She asked me if we could kiss, and I said I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure if it was okay to do or would ruin our friendship. She told me to just try; it would be fine. So she leaned in and kissed me. It took just a few pecks on the lips to start, but she eventually got her tongue in there. I felt like I was on fire, my whole body tingling. She gave me a hickey that night. That was when I knew I didn’t just like boys.

It was after I graduated college. I was 22 at the time, and she was a couple years younger. I met her during my senior year, and we were just friends at the time. Before that, I thought I was straight, but now I’m 100% sure I am bisexual.

So let’s call the girl P. The summer after I graduated, P and I started hanging out more (as friends). We would always spend the night at each other’s places because we both enjoyed each other’s company, and I always noticed she would always sleep really close to me, sometimes leaning her head on my shoulder as we slept, but I didn’t really think much of it because that’s just how she is with most of her friends too.

One night, about a month later, P suddenly turned to me as we were lying in bed and slowly gave me a small peck on the lips. I just kind of froze at that point and didn’t know what to do because I was pretty sure she had fallen asleep already and just kissed me in her sleep without realizing it. So in the morning, everything was the same as it was before, and I was assuming she didn’t remember kissing me, so I decided just not to say anything and leave it as it is. Things were pretty normal at this point.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

A few days later, I went to a friend’s birthday party and had plans to hang out with P afterwards. So when I got to P’s place, I was actually a little drunk, and I just remember bits and pieces leading up to this point, but somehow we ended up kissing again and then going swimming in the pool. That night in bed, I remember there was some kissing and cuddling, but nothing further than that.

For the next week or so, we would kiss and cuddle at night, but during the day, we didn’t talk about it at all and just continued on as if nothing had changed. I didn’t know where this was going and was afraid of it getting too far and someone getting hurt if we didn’t talk about it. So one day we were in the middle of making out when I finally told her that we should stop.

After a few minutes of talking about it, she reluctantly agreed with me, and we agreed that we would tell no one about this and that it would be our secret. So the next night, she stayed at my place, and as we were about to go to sleep, I could feel the sexual tension between us and couldn’t stop myself from kissing her. And suddenly, things were escalating from there. I had been with two guys before this, but she was a virgin and previously as straight as I was. I didn’t want to do anything to her that she didn’t want me to or anything that would go too far, so I waited for her to make the first move past kissing.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

That night, we mostly just rubbed each other around the crotch area, but the next night, as she was rubbing me, she suddenly moved my underwear to the side and slipped a finger inside. And that just drove me so crazy. I started moaning, and she began fingering me even more. We still had all our clothes on, but for some reason, I was just so turned on and couldn’t keep my hands off her. I started playing with her pu***ssy as well as fingering her, and, oh my god, the sounds coming from her were so hot.

Despire discussing that we should stop this; we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Fast forward a month later, and we decided to set a date for when we should stop messing around and continue just being friends. I wanted to stop because I was afraid that if we didn’t then one of us would fall for each other and it would be even harder to break it off. And I was right..when that date came she texted me that she was in love with me and didn’t want to stop and wanted to see where we would go.

I realized that I loved her and that I wasn’t ready to stop yet. She admitted that she started having a crush on me after we started hanging out more in the summer. It’s weird because both of us thought we were straight before this and we both don’t find other girls attractive in that way except for each other.

What were the circumstances of your first time lesbian experience?

For the next several months, we were in what you would call the “honeymoon phase.” No one else knew about our relationship, and it was such a thrill to both of us. Every moment we were alone, we would sneak each other kisses or have sex behind closed doors. She made me feel amazing, and we loved each other so much. To the rest of the world, we were just best friends who hung out all the time, but secretly, we were lovers. I knew we couldn’t keep hiding this forever, though, because one day we would have to tell other people about the relationship, or we could choose to keep it a secret and go back to being friends.

In my heart, even though I love her more than I have loved anyone else, I don’t think I could ever come out to my parents and the rest of the world as bisexual and tell everyone that I’ve had a girlfriend for over a year now. I know I’m selfish for continuing to be with someone when I know that we won’t end up together. I’m just scared. I’m scared of telling the rest of the world who I really am, and I know P feels the same way. But just for a moment, when we’re in each other’s arms at night, I can pretend that things are perfect and that our relationship wasn’t inevitably doomed from the start.

It’s been about a year and a half now, and I’ll be starting graduate school in the fall. We’re still together, but we talked about it, and after a lot of tears, we decided that we’re going to end our relationship before I start school. We’ve been through a lot together and have a lot of memories together, and I’ll always love her, no matter what. She’s my best friend, and no matter what happens from here on out, I hope that nothing will ever change that.

Every time I think about our relationship ending after everything we’ve been through together, I get filled with sadness. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for now, I just want to live in this moment for a little bit longer. I honestly believe that if something is meant to be, then it will happen. Who knows? Maybe somewhere down the line, we’ll both find the courage to truly be ourselves to the rest of the world, and if its not too late, we’ll find our way back to each other again.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

I was in 6th grade. She was my best friend. My first sexual experience with her was a shock. We were talking about boys and music and kissing, and she said it was making her horny. She pulled down her jeans right in front of me and, as she described it, ‘polished her pearl, which, of course, was her euphemism for masturbating.

I went home and tried it myself later that evening. The next time, when she did it, I did it too. Weeks later, she suggested that we practice kissing so that when we were old enough to date boys, we would be good kissers. She said she would ‘be the boy’ first. I had no idea what to expect. She smiled at me, told me how cute I was, and kissed me on the lips.

Things just progressed from there, with us switching back and forth with one of us pretending to be ‘the boy’ and initiating kissing. Weeks later, she told me that boys like to touch girl’s boobies when they kiss. Then later, when she was kissing me, she slid her hand down under my clothes and gave me an orgasm while she was kissing me.

For me, it became a lesbian experience much later. I was staying overnight at her house. After her parents came in and gave her a good-night kiss, she asked me to get out of my sleeping bag and get in bed with her. I was wearing my usual tee and underwear, and she removed both and then took her clothes off as well.

Being naked with her was wonderful; we dropped the pretense of one of us being ‘the boy’ and kissed and touched and gave each other an orgasm. From then on, there was no more talk about boys. We kissed and cuddled and slept together naked.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

I absolutely love sex. My sex drive was always greater than my husband’s. I was more focused on sex than school as a teen. In my senior year of high school I was in a dance club. One of the girls on our team was new to the area, and very much openly lesbian. It began making me feel a need to get to know her and hang out with her.

I started thinking about her having sex with other girls, and that began making me think about being with a girl. while we did become friends, she wasn’t single and she was the only openly lesbian girl in town. years later after I had gotten married, I started suggesting to my husband that I’d be ok with a ffm threesome. Despite liking the idea he didn’t feel comfortable with it.

it didn’t stop me from thinking about it all the time. And when we moved in to the city, I’d almost become obsessed with the thought of being in a girl/girl relationship. I was pleased to find that about 2 minute walk from my front door on the other side of the block were a lesbian couple. I got to know them, we started hanging out.

unbeknownst to me, my husband had spoken to them about my interest in being with another woman and that he supported my curiosity. He asked them to set me up with a lesbian friend of theirs. He made it clear to them, and me later, that if I discovered something about myself, he’d step aside. A couple of weeks later, I met a woman at a party at their house and we hit it off right away…

When did you first have your lesbian experience?

I kissed a girl when I was 14, she was my first kiss. We had been best friends for 3 years and I had fallen in love with her. She told me that she felt the same way, that was a lie. She used me to gain another girl on the “long” list of girls she’s made out with. By that I mean she was trying to be a badass and seem like a player with no feelings. Safe to say, we are no longer friends and although I’m for sure a lesbian and so is she, it’s obvious that we fall in love just like you. It’s just as miserable and not sexy in anyway.

Well, just to clarify, I’m a never-been-kissed virgin.

My first experience being really attracted to a girl was when I was in fourth grade. Her hair was reddish-brown and her eyes were green.

For the purpose of this story, I will call her Ava, though that was not her name. I moved to that school partway through the year, and Ava and another girl befriended me. I never really bonded with the other girl, because I didn’t really relate to her.

Ava, however, was exceptional. Ava was very attractive, playful, and not afraid to be herself. She was one of those notable people who really stick in your mind. And she was generally pretty cheerful, though she didn’t really talk about herself much.

She related some pretty explicit scenes to me on a few occasions of scenes she’d made up in her head that would be more at home in M-rated fanfiction than coming from a third grader. And she also taught me how to make it look as though you just brushed your hair when you haven’t (a trick I still use these days, when it’s been windy).

She and I were exactly 365 days apart.

She was probably the person in my life I’ve felt I could be most honest with, ironically, though I did feel a bit concerned when she said, “I love lying.”

I remember the first time I realized I was attracted to girls; we’d gone to the bathroom together (you were supposed to have a buddy). She was wearing some sort of fuzzy red outfit that looked like pants and a jacket, but were actually connected. She wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath, but apparently she forgot. And she walked out of the stall topless, though she was at least wearing pants. I really wanted to stare, but instead I turned away awkwardly and told her she wasn’t wearing a shirt. She was embarrassed, I think, though it could have just been my own embarrassment, and we never talked about it again.

I haven’t seen her since seventh grade at the latest (I’m not sure it was her; I have trouble recognizing faces and her hairstyle is pretty common, and she only spoke four words in the time before I had to leave). If it wasn’t her, I haven’t seen or spoken to her since the end of fourth grade.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

Despite all that time, I still dream about her frequently, though she’s grown up with me inside my head. For a while, I resented her because, well, the fascination I had with her was evidently not normal, though I wasn’t sure why. I thought for a while that something weird had happened with my brain, and only I felt these strange feelings for a girl (my conservative Christian mother sheltered me from everything).

Once I finally learned that gay people were a thing (in 9th grade), it only took me a couple of months to realize that that’s what it was, though it took me about a year to admit to myself that I was bi and two years to admit it to any other human being (my judgmental sister, and soon after, my bi friend). It wasn’t until this year that I started being completely open at school and other environments away from home (my mother is crazy enough as it is; I don’t need to worsen the situation).

So yeah, that was a long story about my first (though not last) encounter with liking a girl. I hope I see her again someday. She was cool.

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Hm. So let’s assume that you’re not going for the prurient answer basically asking for a breakdown of sex between two women, since, you know, there are porn websites where you could probably get lots of experience watching two lesbians (or “lesbians”) go at it.

I was attracted to girls all my life. I fell absolutely head over heels for my best friend in 5th grade. Her name was Emily, and I just wanted to spend all of my time with her. I didn’t really get that I was any different than my peers. And I just thought she was amazing and, oh my gosh, so pretty. I loved her eyes, and oddly enough, I guess, I really liked the shape of her ears. Unfortunately for me, I was the bizarre girl who acted out a lot and was in trouble all the time so she didn’t really want me following her around every where. My dorky heart was broken when she went to summer camp and ignored the only letter I sent to her.

All through junior high and high school I was the weird emo girl who dressed in black, used Sharpies as makeup accessories and was in trouble hanging out with the drunks and the dopers lol. So it wasn’t until college that I had my first REAL lesbian experience.

What were the circumstances of your first time lesbian experience?

I was 19 and had been hanging out with a few college friends and to keep an irrelevant story short, had just gotten done talking with the police about a mugging/beating that we had come across. We’d gone to our respective homes. At the time I was in a relationship with a guy (another long story) who wouldn’t be home from work until around 3am or so.

I was having a hard time with trying to sleep as I couldn’t get what happened to that poor guy out of my head. I was shaky and weepy and alone in the apartment.

So I called about 1am to my best friend Katherine. She got up, got dressed and drove over to my apartment. For me. To wait until my boyfriend came home.

I had a huge crush on her. I can admit that now lol. At the time I just knew that she made me feel so wonderfully happy when we were together. And it didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous. LOL. Tall and a red-head with these amazing almost like sea-foam eyes. A little smattering of freckles. Oh so serious so much of the time but a rock for me in my chaotic life. From the UK with that oh so sexy British accent. (Don’t ask me which one. She tried educating me on the different kinds of accents and what little I learned has slipped through the sieve of my brain over time). I haven’t seen her in years but just thinking about her still makes me smile.

So there we are on my couch watching who the heck knows what on the TV. And I remember just watching her sleepily watching TV with her arm around me. And I got this surge of feelings for her. That this beautiful amazing person came out at 1am for ME… Dorky, messed up, good for something but not much ME. And with the emotions came the urge and before I knew it I had pushed myself off the couch and I was kissing her full on the lips.

What were the circumstances of your first time lesbian experience?

The best part! No magical moment. No sudden turning her from a stoic Catholic girl into a lascivious lesbian whisking me off to the bedroom. Nope! She pushed me back off her and looked at me with those eyes of hers and said in the accent I usually found so sexy: “What the bloody HELL do you think you’re doing?!?” Not mad at me or anything just REALLY surprised.

Oh my, thinking about it makes me laugh now, but at the time I was devastated and fled to the bathroom and cried.

So yeah, no tales of lesbian seductions or sordid affairs, just a dorky girl who gave in to her yearning only to be crushed by the cruel hand of the best friend I ever had =)

Thanks, BTW, for the A2A and a chance to relive a moment I cherish now.

Be well.

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What was your wildest experience as a lesbian?

Being bent over a bed while my high school softball team took turns pushing the handle of a bat into me over and over, causing me to uncontrollably orgasm while the other girls held me down 🥹 we had just won a big game our senior year and I scored the last base to seal the win and we all had a pizza party sleepover and one of the girls snuck us vodka and we got tipsy and most of us were already lesbian and bisexual so it wasn’t long before someone dared someone to get naked then next thing you know were all naked and started feeling ourselves.

They kept cheering me on, and one after another, they all had control of the bat in me. It was the first time in my life I ever felt like the center of attention—the girl in the spotlight, getting a standing ovation for something I had done. I love every minute of it and I’ll remember that night for the rest of my life! 👭🏻🌈

How did you confirm you were lesbian?

I was 11 when I knew something was not right as I never was interested in boys, but when I went swimming at school, I could not take my eyes off all the girls. Then I knew I was a lesbian. When I got to 12, this girl started to notice I was looking at other girls. She was two years older than me, so she came over and started talking to me. Within 2 minutes, she told me that I was a lesbian. I said no, I am not. She said you are. It’s ok. I’m a lesbian. She was the one that popped my cherry for me. I was 13 when that happened, and we are still very good friends today.

How is it to have a gay or lesbian encounter?

I’m a female, and it seems I can have sex with both men and women. But it seems it’s easier for me to have a crush on females.

The first virgin night with a girl happened when I was 29, and she was 25. Actually, I was very confused at that age. I was not sure whether I loved females or males at all. So I decided to explore.

I remember it was in August. My lesbian friend texted me and invited me to join an LGBT party in Shanghai. I went, but with zero experience. When I arrived, I found there were around 8–10 females sitting around the table, aging from twenty to fifty. We didn’t know each other and felt a little bit embarrassed. My friend, the organizer, pushed us to say hi to everyone and move around. Finally, I sat down with her next to each other.

Both of us were born and raised in Shanghai, and we liked each other from first sight. I told her it was my first time joining an LGBT group, and I was not very clear about my sexual orientation. She told me she clearly knew she was a lesbian when she was in college. She developed a very deep relationship with a girl at that time but finally broke up.

I didn’t think too much; I just treated her as a new friend. But after several shots, when I decided to leave, she said she wanted to accompany me to go back home. Based on my dating experience with men, I knew what it meant. I didn’t decline.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

She called for a taxi, and we sat on the back seats together. We continued our talk genuinely in the taxi, and everything went very well. But gradually, I found we got closer and closer, with our bodies touching each other. She turned her face and kissed my lip. Physically, I cannot resist her, but mentally, I feel very shocked. My heart beat very strongly, and my face turned red. She noticed that and started to fondle my breast. I got very excited, and my underpants became wet.

Then she asked the driver to stop and brought me to a small, dark, and quiet lane. I clearly remember that she extended her fingers into my pants and worked on my sensative part in a very skilled way. I felt extremely comfortable and went to climax soon. Afterwards, she taught me how to do the same thing on her.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

That night opened a new page in my life. After I tasted the sweetness of making love with a girl, I became very desirable. In order to fully enjoy the pleasure, the next day we made an appointment at a hotel. After we entered the room, I couldn’t believe my desire was so strong that I immediately pushed her down to the bed. I took off her bra and inner pant, sucking her breasts strongly.

At that moment, I felt we were two wild lions on the African plain. with the wild desire being triggered. At that moment, I suddenly realized why human beings kiss each other. That’s just envolved in the wild animals’ biting and licking each other. We roared loudly and didn’t know whether the sound from the TV could shield our loudness.

But after we finished the sex, we just went back home, respectively. Unlike other sweet couples, we didn’t spend time talking with each other.

Then we quarrelled as she complained that I just treated her as a sex toy but didn’t want to develop a long-term relationship with her. I pushed back, saying she was too sensitive and put too much pressure on the relationship.

Soon, we broke up.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

My first lesbian experience happened after a rude incident with a guy. I went on a short string of bad dates with a guy who repeatedly tried to pressure me into sex and then said he didn’t need my consent for it. This happened when I was 16. I decided not to see him again and that I should perhaps stay away from boys for a while.

I started talking to a girl online. She was sweet and interesting, and we quickly found out we were into the same things sexually. We decided to make the best of the situation, with no strings attached. Of course, we quickly became infatuated, as teenagers do, and I decided to come visit her. She lived in England, and I lived in Denmark. I flew in, and she and her dad picked me up from the airport. I went in for a kiss, and she went in for a hug, and it was awkward. In the car on the ride to her place, I decided to give it another go, and we made out for most of the ride. One thing obviously led to another once we arrived at her place.

She was very sweet and caring during this initial stage of our relationship. Sadly, that didn’t last, but it’s not hard to remember what drove me to her. She kept asking if I was alright and all the other things you’re supposed to ask, and she took care of me (got me food, more blankets, even brushed my hair for me). It was nice, but ultimately silly and infantile.

What was your wildest experience as a lesbian?

My first experience with lesbian sex was about 8 years ago. I was invited by a male friend to join a group that had five men, including him, and four women. Being a dominatrix who occasionally enjoyed normal sexual encounters too, but always one-on-one with men only, I was a bit reluctant to join. However, he was successful in persuading me to join, and I now don’t regret it.

When I stepped into the rented cottage with my friend, the others were already waiting, and I was welcomed and made comfortable. We have a protocol for deciding our activities. We put three slips of paper into a glass bowl, one containing a whole group activity, one with a small group activity, and one with a one-on-one activity. My friend had explained the procedure to me, and feeling adventurous, I put in a slip for a small group activity, containing the following: to be licked from front and back simultaneously by two women, culminating in me urinating into the mouth of one. I hadn’t expected any women to be there who liked the idea of being dominated by another woman, let alone ready to receive my urine.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

To my biggest surprise, the group picked out my slips of paper first, as I was a new person, and this one was read out. I felt a bit ashamed as it was read aloud, but I was surprised when two women volunteered immediately to do it.

So, I took out my enema kit, used it to cleanse my bowels and anus, washed up and came back and stood with my legs spread out. One lady kneeled in front and started licking me while the other kneeled behind me and started licking my anus. It was my first experience, having two people lick me at the same time. And my first experience with other women. It was clear that both of them were really enjoying what they were doing and that added to the excitement. I was leaking profusely and it was getting licked up well, and soon I had a great orgasm.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?

Then the lady in front smiled and asked me, ready to give me your urine? and I nodded. It was clear to me that she had done it before, as she cupped my pussy with her mouth tight, and waited. I slowly released my urine and she took it all in.

Later on, I got opportunities to lick each one of those women, both pussy and anus, and enjoy their uninhibited and unconditional love. Both men and women in that group are marvellous.

That was my first experience in lesbian sex and I’m really hooked to it now.


My first experience was in a temple in South India. I was chosen to be one of 10 girls to stay in residence at the temple for 10 days of ritual training before the festival, where we were to perform. On the first day, we were made to get out of the clothes we came in and bathe at a stream behind the temple. Then, after some oil was rubbed on our bodies, we were wrapped up in a cotton saree for our first lessons.

At night, it turned out we had to share beds—two to a bed. We were all nude under the covers, and soon we naturally explored each other’s bodies. Every night the girls would randomly switch beds, and I completely lost my inhibition and happily explored the bodies of several girls. We all got so close during this time. Has anyone else experienced training in a temple while growing up? I would love to hear about your experience.

What were the circumstances of your first lesbian experience?