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Things To Do Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide 2023

Things To Do Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide 2023

Things To Do Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide 2023

The Slovenian region known as Bela Krajina, or White Carniola, is located at the front of the “chicken-shaped map.” On my recent European vacation, Slovenia became my favorite nation for a good reason. As a fan of the outdoors and environment, Bela Krajina captured my attention and left me wanting more. I could see myself traveling around this tiny nation for a few months while using Big Berry as my base of operations.

I spent most of my time in Slovenia in the Bela Krajina region, +which is home to little towns, charming villages, and plenty of vegetation. Then, I decided to spend a few days exploring Ljubljana, the city’s capital, which did not disappoint either. Overall, Slovenia was a great place to spend my time, and I recommend it to all travelers. To have the most incredible experience in Slovenia, refer to my comprehensive Bela Krajina travel guide.

Things to do on Bela Krajina Slovenia

You may choose between unwinding and exploring in Bela Krajina because there is so much to see and do there. I could kayak on the Kolpa River all day or relax in Big Berry’s well-kept gardens. Walking about town and cycling through the adjacent woodlands are both excellent possibilities. Yet, with only four days available, I had to split my time between working, unwinding, and exploring.

Here are my three favorite activities in Bela Krajina, which I balanced well.

Visiting the lovely Krupa River Spring

One of the most beautiful natural landmarks in the Bela Krajina region is the Krupa River Spring. This would be at or near the top of the list of Slovenia’s most incredible Instagram locations.

There is deep blue water and vibrant green vegetation all around. This creates breathtaking landscape views that seem like they belong in a fairytale. You might need to pinch yourself to ensure you are not dreaming. This location is just magical.

Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide
Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide

The lovely 2.5 km of river Krupa originates in the spring. There are a few benches to sit on and contemplate the breathtaking beauty. A must-see while visiting Bela Krajina.

Stand up Paddle boarding with Kolpa Adventures

In White Carniola, are you interested in adventure sports? Well, Big Berry has prepared a lot of enjoyable water sports on the Kolpa, including canoeing, kayaking, water slides, swings, and rock climbing (you fall into the river if you fail). The most intriguing activity for me was stand-up paddle boarding with Kolpa Adventures, especially since it was my first time.

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I jumped on a paddle board and began rowing despite my precarious balance and poor swimming abilities. Did I mention that I’m not exceptionally skilled at paddling?

Watching me struggle to stand up on the paddle board while trembling hysterically and terrified of falling into the river due to my poor swimming ability was entertaining. I perched on my knees and decided to start with the fundamentals after finally standing up for a few shots (That’s proof I did it!!!!). Trying to get the feel of it, I started paddling and ended myself in the bushes on either side of the river. I decided to stand up paddle boarding is not a sport for me after a beautiful hour of attempting and failing.

Even back then, it was a lot of fun, and my friends Ola and Lavina quickly became professionals and took part in the fun Big Berry challenges.

Tour of Old mill at Domacija Kuzma

Do you want to know how bread was manufactured in the past? The historical bread-making equipment and processes may be fully displayed in the old mill at Domacija Kuzma.

Urka Kuzma, the mill’s charming owner and tour guide, led us around and explained every step. We afterward went to the spring to relax in the great outdoors.

To check if we could discern the flavors and identify the herbs used, Urka handed us some shots of rakija. Instead, we got a little tipsy. Although I would have loved to go kayaking here if we had more time, it was just lovely to sit and relax by the river.

Cycling in Primostek

A little settlement in Metlika, Bela Krajina, is called Primostek. Simply rent one of Big Berry Primostek’s fantastic cycles and explore the picturesque region of Primostek. Pass through woodlands, across bridges, along the Kolpa River, and on lengthy, twisting roads. There won’t be many cars on the streets, perhaps just a few.

In Metlika, whichever way you choose to travel, it’s a beautiful ride. I parked with a friend in the middle of a forest, where we had a beautiful vantage point for seeing the river. Indeed, this was a highlight of my trip.

Wine tasting at Malnarič winery

You need to sample the fantastic local wines and beers to ensure your trip to Bela Krakina is complete. Several excellent wineries are located in this region since it is ideal for vineyards.

Samuel, the charming, amiable, and perpetually cheerful owner of the magnificent Manaric winery made sure we had a great time tasting his fantastic wines when we visited. The theme of the evening was engaging chats over delicious roses.

Local food at Domačija Šrajf

We were blown away by the fantastic home cooking by the owner and chef, Sonja Kof. A whole 5-course meal made with fresh organic ingredients was presented to us.

Visit Domaija rajf in Bela Krajina if you’re there and sample Sonja’s delectable food.

Night Activities in Bela Krajina

Bela Krajina offers a variety of activities at night, mainly if you are staying at Big Berry.

Our first night was spent unwinding in our mobile home’s adjacent outdoor hot water jacuzzi. Red wine and candles enhanced the effect, making it a beautiful first night in Slovenia.

We gathered on bean bags the following night to watch a movie while drinking Vazir beer. On a whim, we even went berry picking around midnight.

And finally, stargazing is one of the ideal nighttime activities in Bela Krajina. The sky is usually straightforward and black, which makes it a great place to observe the stars. Shooting stars and even the Milky Way can be seen in the sky if you are lucky or look up at it for a long time.

Where to Eat in Bela Krajina

Gostisce Veselic

We all adored the first meal option we tried in Slovenia. I enjoyed some deliciously prepared local fish, and my guests enjoyed similarly delicious beef meals. Nothing you order at Gostisce Veselic can go wrong.

Fresh Organic produce at Big Berry

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You may get any quantity of fantastic fresh organic goodies for breakfast at Big Berry. To start your day well, you can choose from various local foods like ghee, bread, eggs, jam, juice, yogurt, butter, milk, and more. This was some of the most fantastic bread I have ever eaten.

Gostilna Muller

Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide
Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide

Gostilna Muller, a charming restaurant with snug rooms and excellent outside seating, was where we had dinner last night. After a delicious cheese-stuffed chicken breast and an endless salad buffet, I was too full of moving. In Bela Krajina, this was nearly always done after meals.

Domačija Šrajf

Sonja’s home-cooked food indeed cuts.

Where to Stay in Bela Krajina Slovenia?

Big Berry in Primostek is the only place you should stay while visiting Bela Krajina. There is never a dull moment here because there is so much to see and do. These mobile houses are the secret to complete refreshment and are ideal for families, friends, couples, or work-related situations.

Big Berry is the ideal residence in Bela Krajina for work, play, and relaxation.
Several enjoyable activities are available at Big Berry Slovenia. If you stay at the lovely Big Berry, you can enjoy activities like yoga, rock climbing, volleyball, stargazing, kayaking, paddleboarding, swinging, slides, canoeing, cycling, picnics, movie nights, and more.

So why are you still waiting? Explore Bela Krajina right away to discover its breathtaking natural beauty.

How many days do I need in Slovenia?

Planning Your Trip to Slovenia

However, it’s best to consider at least four days in Slovenia for a well-rounded trip that includes Slovenian classics like Triglav National Park and Predjama Castle. Here are a few inspirational itinerary ideas ranging from two to eight days—and beyond!

Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide
Bela Krajina Slovenia Travel Guide

Is it worth it to go to Slovenia?

Slovenia is a breathtakingly beautiful country. From the magnificent peaks of the Julian Alps in the north to immense cave systems in the south, the landscapes you will encounter are insanely striking. Slovenia is also home to two of Europe’s most picturesque lakes — Bled and Bohinj.

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How to spend 3 days in Slovenia?

How To Spend 3 Days In Slovenia Itinerary

  1. Lake Bled.
  2. Bled Castle.
  3. Lake Bohinj.
  4. Town Of Radovljica.
  5. Russian Chapel On The Vrsic Pass.
  6. Lake Jasna.
  7. Town Of Kranj.
  8. Brdo Castle and Estate.

What is the best month to visit Slovenia?

June through August is by far the most popular season to visit Slovenia, though it’s still relatively uncrowded compared to other Mediterranean locales. Ljubljana comes alive during the summer months, when locals flock to outdoor cafes and have picnics in the parks or by the Ljubljanica River.

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