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The 20 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

The 20 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

The 20 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

Sweden is a country known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage. Here are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Sweden:

  1. Stockholm:
    • The capital city is spread across 14 islands connected by bridges. Gamla Stan (Old Town), the Royal Palace, and Djurgården Island are must-visit areas.
  2. Gotland:
    • An island in the Baltic Sea with medieval architecture, charming villages like Visby, and beautiful beaches.
  3. Abisko National Park:
    • Located in Swedish Lapland, known for its pristine wilderness, the Northern Lights, and the famous Abisko Sky Station.
  4. Kiruna and the Icehotel:
    • The northernmost town in Sweden offers a unique chance to experience the Icehotel, where rooms are made of ice and snow.
  5. Gothenburg:
    • Sweden’s second-largest city with beautiful parks, the Liseberg amusement park, and the charming Haga district.
  6. Sarek National Park:
    • One of Europe’s last wilderness areas, featuring dramatic mountain scenery, glaciers, and remote hiking trails.
  7. Vasa Museum, Stockholm:
    • Home to the well-preserved Vasa warship, which sank in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961.
  8. Jokkmokk:
    • A small town in Lapland known for its traditional Sami culture, the winter market, and outdoor activities.
  9. Visingsö:
    • An island in Lake Vättern with historic ruins, walking trails, and a serene atmosphere.
  10. Swedish Archipelago:
    • Explore the picturesque archipelagos near Stockholm or Gothenburg, with thousands of islands offering tranquility and natural beauty.
  11. Lapland:
    • The northernmost region of Sweden is known for its vast wilderness, reindeer herding, and the possibility to experience the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.
  12. High Coast (Höga Kusten):
    • A UNESCO World Heritage site with dramatic coastal landscapes, cliffs, and picturesque fishing villages.
  13. Drottningholm Palace:
    • A well-preserved royal residence with beautiful gardens and a UNESCO-listed theater, located on the island of Lovön.
  14. Malmö:
    • A vibrant city with modern architecture, the Turning Torso skyscraper, and the historic Malmö Castle.
  15. Falun:
    • Home to the Great Copper Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site with historical mining landscapes.
  16. Uppsala:
    • A historic city with the impressive Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala Castle, and the Gustavianum museum.
  17. Siljan Lake:
    • A large and picturesque lake surrounded by charming villages, including Tällberg and Leksand.
  18. Lund:
    • A university town with medieval architecture, Lund Cathedral, and the Botanical Gardens.
  19. Stora Alvaret, Öland:
    • A vast limestone plain on the island of Öland, known for its unique flora and fauna.
  20. Stockholm Archipelago:
    • Explore the countless islands, islets, and rocky outcrops that make up the stunning archipelago surrounding Stockholm.

Sweden offers a diverse range of attractions, from vibrant urban centers to pristine natural areas, making it a captivating destination for travelers.

Do you dream of visiting Northern Europe? Sweden, in the heart of Scandinavia, is the emblematic land of the Viking people and is incidentally recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Sweden is a vast territory located in the middle of the Scandinavian peninsula and made up of thousands of coastal islands, including countless inland lakes, as well as gigantic boreal forests (yes, the same ones you can find in Finland or Norway) and majestic glaciers—but for how long?

Its principal cities are all located on the coast, and the country has the particularity of having many bridges connecting the various islands of the kingdom. Its capital, Stockholm, for example, is built on 14 islands! Many tourist points of interest take place in this magnificent territory. We have decided to present our favorites, which will undoubtedly also become lovers of the great outdoors.

Are you leaving? In this case, take a warm parka with you and a camera with a well-charged battery. Here are the most magical places to discover within this exceptional nation!

The 20 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

Sweden is a country with stunning natural landscapes, charming cities, and a rich cultural heritage. Here are some beautiful places to visit in Sweden:

  1. Stockholm: The capital city, built on 14 islands, offers a mix of modern and historic architecture. Must-visit places include Gamla Stan (Old Town), the Vasa Museum, and the Royal Palace. Enjoy a stroll along the waterfront or take a boat tour through the archipelago.
  2. Gothenburg: Located on the west coast, Gothenburg is known for its maritime history, beautiful parks, and vibrant cultural scene. Visit Liseberg amusement park, the Universeum science center, and the picturesque Haga district.
  3. Kiruna and the Icehotel: In the far north of Sweden, Kiruna is a gateway to the Arctic Circle. Experience the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, where you can sleep in rooms made of ice and snow. Kiruna is also an excellent location for viewing the Northern Lights.
  4. Abisko National Park: Located in Swedish Lapland, Abisko National Park is known for its stunning landscapes, including the Abisko Canyon and Lake Torneträsk. It’s a great place for hiking, witnessing the midnight sun, and catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
  5. Gotland: This beautiful island in the Baltic Sea is known for its medieval architecture, charming villages, and sandy beaches. Visby, the main town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with well-preserved medieval structures.
  6. Swedish Archipelago: Explore the archipelagos near Stockholm and Gothenburg. These island chains offer a peaceful retreat with picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and opportunities for boating and outdoor activities.
  7. Drottningholm Palace: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Drottningholm Palace is the residence of the Swedish royal family. The palace is known for its beautiful gardens, Baroque architecture, and the Chinese Pavilion.
  8. Jokkmokk: This town in Swedish Lapland is known for its traditional Sami culture. Visit during the annual Jokkmokk Winter Market to experience traditional Sami crafts, reindeer races, and cultural performances.
  9. Visingsö: Located in Lake Vättern, Visingsö is a peaceful island known for its medieval ruins, including the Visingsborg Castle. Explore the island by bike or on foot and enjoy the serene surroundings.
  10. Malmö: Malmö, situated in the south, is known for its modern architecture, including the Turning Torso skyscraper. Visit the Malmö Castle, stroll through the Old Town, and relax in the city’s parks.

These are just a few examples, and Sweden offers many more beautiful destinations, each with its unique charm and attractions.


  1. The Kungsleden path
  2. Abisko National Park
  3. The Øresund Bridge
  4. The Göta Canal
  5. Sarek National Park
  6. The Kebnekaise
  7. Skeppsholmen Island
  8. The Åre complex
  9. The Gothenburg archipelago
  10. Stockholm SkyView
  11. Rosendals Trädgård
  12. The wooded cemetery of Stockholm
  13. Sergel Square
  14. Riksgränsen ski resort
  15. The megaliths of Ale
  16. Tyresta National Park
  17. Kalmar Castle
  18. Göteborg Botanical Garden
  19. Slottsskogen Forest Park
  20. Drottningholm Palace

1. The Kungsleden path

In Swedish, Kungsleden means “Royal Way,” and we quickly understand why by taking this trekking path, which is more than 425 km long! Created during the 19th century, at the initiative of Svenska Turistföreningen, a Swedish association for promoting tourism in the country, the Royal Way is divided into four parts; originally, each was supposed to correspond to a week’s walk. Enough to stretch your legs when you come to visit Sweden!

2. Abisko National Park

The Abisko National Park is located in the north of Sweden, very close to the municipality of Kiruna in the county of Norrbotten in Lapland. This perfectly preserved natural space is a few hour’s walks from the Norwegian border to the west of the village of ‘Abisko. 

Here, you can camp, walk, or enjoy the serenity of the forests and lakes present on site! The relatively isolated place, it is advisable to be well equipped when visiting Sweden in the middle of nature.

3. The Øresund Bridge

Mythically, the Øresund bridge connects the cities of Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark. It has two levels, one dedicated to the E20 motorway and the other to accommodate a railway line. 

Local pride: this bridge is a technical and architectural feat and crosses magnificent landscapes, on and under the ground! Be sure to check it out when you choose to visit Sweden.

4. The Göta Canal

The Göta Canal was built at the beginning of the 19th century, during the industrial development of the Swedish nation.

It crosses right through the whole of the south of the country, starting from Gothenburg on the west coast to Söderköping, a town open to the Baltic Sea, by taking the Göta älv river and the Trollhättan canal, then crossing the Great Lakes Vänern and Vättern. If you have chosen to visit Sweden by bike, do not hesitate any longer; the route is perfect for it!

5. Sarek National Park

A place also located in the north of Sweden, very close to the town of Jokkmokk in the county of Norrbotten, in the middle of Lapland, the Sarek national park covers nearly 2000 km2 in the Scandinavian Alps. It is bordered by two other splendid national parks, those of Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet. If you have come to visit Sweden in the north of the country, go and discover this natural space, which is excellent to explore by hiking, motorbike, or bicycle.

6. The Kebnekaise

Kebnekaise? What is that? It is the highest point in Sweden at 2106 meters. OK, we are far from Mont Blanc, but it is located far enough north not to be ashamed of its low altitude! It covers a glacier, and its height tends to decrease due to the perverse effects of global warming. Please take advantage of it while there is still time when you come to visit Sweden!

7. Skeppsholmen Island

This islet is nothing less than a haven of peace, an integral part of the city of Stockholm. Skeppsholmen is recognized for its peaceful atmosphere, inviting relaxation and a cultural break since the island includes many museums, including the Moderna Museet, famous for exhibiting works by Picasso.

In addition, a path goes around the island and allows hiking enthusiasts to discover many unusual places, such as the adjacent island of Kastellholmen and its splendid 19th-century turreted castle. Read Also: Visiting Poland: where to go and what to do?

8. The Åre complex

This ski resort is located in the heart of Jämtland County. It was founded in 1909 and is, therefore, one of the oldest winter sports resorts in the world! Åre, which is an abbreviation of Årefjällen, is located less than a hundred kilometers from the city of Östersund. It is, therefore, a popular place for powder enthusiasts who come to visit Sweden!

9. The Gothenburg archipelago

The Göteborg archipelago designates all the islands of the municipality of Öckerö as well as those of the district of Styrsö, a section of this lovely city among the largest in Sweden. If we recommend you leap, it is because the place is at the same time modern, uncluttered, and suitable for long walks, on the road or the path, as you wish! Think about it when you come to visit Sweden; the place is worth a visit.

10. Stockholm SkyView

Not a place but an attraction, unmissable when visiting the Swedish capital: SkyView is, in fact, a kind of glass gondola, fixed to rails on the Ericsson Globe and its spherical architecture. 

And more than 130 meters above the ground, you can admire for half an hour a splendid panoramic view of Stockholm and the fourteen islands that make it up. If you are a lover of sensations or pretty photos, don’t hesitate any longer; come and discover this wonderful tourist attraction!

11. Rosendals Trädgård

This term designates a beautiful garden open to the public all year round in the heart of Stockholm city; in fact, this green space located in the middle of the city is located in Djurgården, west of the Palace of Rosendal.

Romantic at will, the place is popular with lovers who come to cool off when it is hot or to warm up when it is cold. Many stalls sell local products and delight travelers who come to visit Sweden. !

  1. The wooded cemetery of Stockholm

Yes, yes, we are serious. We suggest you visit a cemetery, but not just any one. Built at the beginning of the 20th century following an architectural competition, the Skogskyrkogården is distinguished by its unique decoration in the world and its beautifully decorated paths.

In fact, it is pleasant to walk within this space, which, apart from its primary purpose, ultimately welcomes many curious and travelers!

13. Sergel Square

Sergels torg , which means “Sergel Square” in French, is an extremely aesthetic place that is one of the places not to be missed when visiting Sweden and in particular its capital, Stockholm, in which it was established.

It bears the name of an 18th century sculptor named Johan Tobias Sergel, who had set up his workshops nearby. Today, it is visited by several thousand Swedes and tourists who come to admire the astonishing architecture designed especially for it!

  1. Riksgränsen ski resort

In this locality located very close to the municipality of Kiruna, in the county of Norrbotten, we find this famous ski resort located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, very close to the border with Norway.

You can discover or practice all kinds of sports, including Nordic skiing: an ideal activity when visiting Sweden during the winter season!

  1. The megaliths of Ale

One of the most beautiful landscapes to discover in Sweden .. just that! It is in the south of Skåne, in Sweden, that one finds these imposing mysterious menhirs , which local folklore claims to be in fact the tomb of King Ale.

Hence the name of this tourist site, one of the most amazing to see when you come to visit Sweden! It must be said that the place is most impressive: with its 68 meters long, Ales Stenar is the largest megalithic construction still present in Scandinavia.

16. Tyresta National Park

Located straddling the municipalities of Haninge and Tyresö, in the heart of Stockholm County and in the historic province of Södermanland, Tyresta National Park is one of the most beautiful in Scandinavia: here, hikers, ski enthusiasts background or pretty bike rides will have their expense!

We recommend that you, if you are a fan of the activities mentioned, to go there as soon as you have come to visit Sweden.

  1. Kalmar Castle

This splendid fortified castle is located in Kalmar , on the edge of the eponymous strait, in south-eastern Sweden. Tourist and historical site par excellence, it is one of the points of cultural interest present in this Viking land.

In addition to the magnificence of its construction, one can walk the alleys of a museum and understand the strategic role of Sweden within Scandinavia. Ideal when you want to make a cultural stopover when visiting Sweden!

18.The Botanical Gardens Gothenburg

It is the .. largest botanical garden in Sweden. Presenting no less than 16,000 different plant species, this bubble of greenery in the heart of the city extends over nearly 20 hectares; Created in 1916, it is the destination of choice when visiting Sweden, as many travelers or locals come to walk the fascinating alleys and discover superb plants maintained by a team of passionate botanists.

  1. Slottsskogen Forest Park

Also located in the city of Gothenburg, a city decidedly in love with splendid green spaces, this large forest park in the heart of the city is open every day and at any time: here, we come to relax around a picnic or enjoy a cultural stopover by visiting the Gothenburg Natural History Museum which takes place there! You can also discover a zoo and a valley with thousands of multicolored azaleas: go and drop by when you come to visit Sweden!

  1. Drottningholm Palace

To conclude, we wanted to present to you this private residence of the Swedish royal family, which is located in Drottningholm , on the island of Lovön of Lake Mälar, in the municipality of Ekerö, west of Stockholm.

In fact, it is the official residence of King Charles XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia who have lived in the south wing of the castle since 1981. Although it is not possible to visit it, travelers can nevertheless discover this unique space and take magnificent pictures. Exceptional memories of your visit to this Viking territory!


Are you going to visit Sweden this year? What if you opted for a road trip in a motorhome or converted van? Discover all our advice and itineraries!

Visiting Sweden by motorhome, with its vast expanses of nature from Lapland to Øresund, will surely provide you with an unforgettable road trip experience. This Scandinavian country never ceases to fascinate nature lovers.

Sweden is made up of thousands of lakes, vast forests, numerous traditional fishing villages, its typical red houses, and its spaces where a singular tranquility reigns.

It must be said that Sweden has one of the lowest population densities on the continent: only 23 inhabitants / km² for a population of 10.31 million inhabitants. The country enjoys its rich Viking past, the beauty of its landscapes, its rich heritage and its influential culture.

Are you planning to visit Sweden in a motorhome or campervan? Well, it’s a fabulous country to go on an itinerant trip, without worrying about hotel availability. Here is our mini-guide with advice on routes, driving and service areas for visiting Sweden in a motorhome.

The 20 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

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