List of 25 Indoor Activities to try in Dubai

Top 25 Indoor Activities in Dubai: Located in the Arabian Peninsula by the Persian Gulf, Dubai is like the jewel in the crown of the gulf nations. Dubai is a global transport hub and also the business hub of West Asia. It is also a major center for financial services and international trade.

Dubai Tourism

A major part of Dubai’s revenue today comes from the tourism sector. Tourists from around the world flock to Dubai year-round. In 2019, more than 16 million tourists from 230+ countries visited Dubai – a 5.1% growth compared to 2018. As per Mastercard’s Global Cities Index report, Dubai was the fourth-most visited destination in 2019..

Dubai has seen a meteoric rise in tourist traffic since the small beginnings in the 1980s. The resolve of the government and the unwavering hard work of the people under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has made it possible. The emirate’s tourism growth has always stayed ahead of the global average. In 2019, tourism contributed to more than 11% of Dubai’s GDP.

Reasons for Dubai’s Popularity as a Tourist Destination

Dubai has lots to offer to the tourists. Adventure sports enthusiasts, luxury holidaymakers, shoppers, history lovers – no one is disappointed with a vacation in Dubai. There are many reasons that have contributed to this phenomenal growth in Dubai’s tourism. Some of them are:

  • Top-class hotels – Some of the most luxurious and grandest hotels are present in Dubai to entertain the tourists and ensure a dream stay for them. The most prominent one among them is the “seven-star” Burj Al Arab.
  • Shopping facilities – the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall, is present here. Most of the top global brands have multiple outlets in Dubai, offering a premium shopping experience.
  • A cosmopolitan lifestyle – New-age living blends with traditional Arab lifestyle seamlessly in Dubai. From the latest brands to the traditional souks, tourists can pick their choice of experience.

For those travelers who would not like to brave the Dubai sun, there are ample opportunities to indulge in a range of indoor activities that are highly enthralling.

List of 25 Best Indoor Activities in Dubai you should try:

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai 

Skiing in a desert country? That does sound weird, doesn’t it? But nothing is impossible in the wondrous place called Dubai. This 22,000+ meters indoor ski resort is located within The Mall of The Emirates, the huge shopping mall in the Al Barsha area. Take a Snow Bullet zip line ride, do tobogganing and skiing, meet penguins, and also learn snowboarding. Whether you area beginner or a pro, you will have a great time here.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium 

This is the largest aquarium in the country. Located in Atlantis the Palm Complex, this aquarium gives you the chance to explore the famed Lost City of Atlantis. You will get to learn many facts about the deep and dark oceans, while more than 60,000 marine animals swim past you in the Ambassador Lagoon.

Al Nasr Leisureland 

Spread across almost 50 acres, the Al Nasr Lesiureland is a perfect sports and entertainment center for the entire family. Here you will find tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools, bowling alleys, and a fitness center.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink 

Middle East’s largest ice rink, this one has also located the Dubai Mall. You can learn basic sessions here for close to 2 hours. Every evening, an in-house DJ plays a range of hip-hop, pop, and disco music while you skate to your heart’s content.


This is Dubai’s largest trampoline playground. Jump around, bounce from all the walls around you, and have loads of fun. From adrenaline junkies to kids, this place welcomes everyone to have an exciting time. Full safety is ensured here. Check out the inflatable airbag, dodgeball court, and slam dunk hoops here.

Glow-in–the-dark Mini Golf

This is a kind of mini-golf course that you have never seen before. Known as the 3D BlacklightMinigolf, you can enjoy your golf while the walls and floors of this indoor course are illuminated by many-hued neon lights and some amazing 3D effects. This will take your enjoyment to the very next level.

VR Park Dubai 

Among the initiators in its line, this gaming zone is a perfect blend of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Lose yourself in a wide range of virtual landscapes across various genres – adventure, horror, and more. Equipped with the latest technology, this park promises to take you to different magical lands – all while you are under one roof.

Dubai Mall and BurjKhalifa

Dubai Mall and BurjKhalifa 

The world’s largest mall and the tallest building – that is a magical combo! These two landmarks are situated very close to each other and each attracts millions of visitors every year. Besides an unlimited shopping experience with the world’s biggest brands, Dubai Mall offers you options to visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – the world’s largest suspended tank, among multiple other attractions.

Check out the mind-blowing views of the Dubai landscape and the surrounding locales from the observation deck on Levels 124 & 125 of the BurjKhalifa.

Jumble Dubai

Love to stimulate your brain by solving puzzles and jumbles? Welcome to Jumble Dubai – the world’s first indoor maze. With a floor area of more than 3,000 sqmt, this huge maze consists of a maze of twists, turns, and multi-colored walls. Finish one challenge and move into another, negotiating the most confusing (and entertaining) obstacles. Play among a group that would heighten the fun.

Green Planet 

This wonderful bio-dome is an indoor tropical rainforest. It houses almost 3,000 varieties of flora and fauna. For both adults and kids, this place is for recreation as well as gaining some knowledge about tropical plant and animal life. With verdant and abundant greenery, this place looks straight out of the Amazon rainforests, and not hot and arid Dubai.

Smash Room

This is a unique concept. You are vacationing in Dubai, but some stress factors might be playing at the back of your mind. You need a way to take it out and a normal spa won’t help. Then – this room is the place for you. Take a sledgehammer, baseball bat, or crowbar – and vent out your anger or pent-up frustration on all the electronic and plastic junk lying all around you. It’s therapeutic in a fun sort of way!

La Perle

A stunning water show filled with choreographed stunts, La Perle has athletes and acrobats land in a chargeable aqua-stage from a height of 25 meters. The stage is filled with close to 3 million liters of water. The participants also fly all-around at speeds of almost 15 kmph.

Sky Zone

Worried about putting on weight after gorging on global food in Dubai? Come to the Sky Zone and burn some serious calories here. Indulge in zip lining, wall climbing, dodgeball, warrior courses, and warped walls – all indoors amidst a massive 35,000 sqft center.

Dubai Sports World

Dubai Sports World 

This is the new place to be for sports enthusiasts in Dubai to engage in some indoor sports. Try your hand at football, gymnastics, badminton, and football and experience the thrill of getting some much-needed exercise –  while not losing out on the fun quotient.

Dubai Autodrome

Did you always nurture a dream of being a racing car driver? Well, the Dubai Autodrome can make you realize this dream, though for a short while and in the spirit of fun. Race in the indoor sKartdrome and enjoy the thrill. Even kids between the ages of 7 and 12 years can go for closely monitored karting sessions.

Dubai Bowling Center

Have always been attracted by good old bowling in the way it is done traditionally? Then step into the Dubai Bowling Center where much more awaits you apart from bowling. You would also have access to a variety of arcades and gaming zones. If you are tired after all that activity, relax at the food and dining arena.

IMG World of Adventure

IMG World of Adventure 

This is an awe-inspiring indoor theme park, spread over a huge 1.5 million sq ft. explore the five zones here – Marvel, Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, Novo Cinemas, and Cartoon Network. There are a large number of theme-based rides and rollercoasters. There is also a 12 screen cinema here, along with exquisite dining and gaming zones.

Museum of Illusions

A magical world of mind-boggling optical illusions and deceptive images. All your wisdom and senses will be put into question as you get to see and hear shapes and sights that you have always thought impossible. There are more than 80 installations here that will confuse you, challenge you, educate you, and above all – entertain you.


Kids have always emulated what their parents do. And this place allows them to indulge in some serious similar role-play. Any kid between 4 and 16 years of age can act out their desires of being a doctor, teacher, and similar roles in a perfectly simulated setting. This zone is a no-entry for the parents, though! So if you are a parent, let your child have his/her share of fun and pass your time at the parents’ lounge with coffee and free internet.

iFly Indoor Skydive

the iFly Indoor Skydive at City CenterMirdiff is possibly the closest that you will come to jumping out of an airplane. The Skydive simulator will actually make you feel like you are flying. It’s the perfect place for thrill-seekers, young and old, to spend some exhilarating minutes.

Bounce Trampoline Park

Besides being some serious workout, this place promises loads of fun, too. There are multiple obstacle courses, climbing walls, slides of various hues, trampolines, zip lines, and various other modes of putting your physical skills to test.


In a throwback to the popular TV game show “The Crystal Maze,” you will be trapped inside a room with no outside support. The only way you can come out is by solving some puzzles and playing (and winning) several mind games. Solve the puzzles and step closer to release as the clock keeps ticking. Lots of mental stimulation without missing out on enjoyment is what you get to experience here.

Air Maniax

Both adults and children can have loads of fun at this giant inflatable zone. Divided into five zones, there are various obstacle courses, wipe out area, and climbing walls – all designed to make the participants burn a lot of energy by the time they are done.

Mountain Extreme

Fancy yourself as a rock climber? Or you are simply contemplating on becoming one? For both categories, Mountain Extreme is the place to be. This exciting destination is equipped with more than 60 bouldering and 70 climbing routes and auto belays. Various certification courses are also available for every level of climber, from Foundation to Technical.


Watching a film in 270 degrees? Does that sound straight out of a science fiction novel? Well, it’s a reality in Dubai. Catch the 170-seater ScreenX at Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall. It’s the first of its kind in the UAE. The screen is all over 3 walls – making you feel as if you are part of the film itself in person! You will find this experience unforgettable.

So, these were the most popular indoor activities in Dubai. If you know any other such place then do let us know below.