Is Dubai the best international destination for a honeymoon?

Is Dubai the best international destination for a honeymoon?

Is Dubai the best international destination for a honeymoon?

Dubai is a great place to plan your honeymoon if you want a budget holiday. However, you won’t be able to enjoy PDA but the nightlife in Dubai is amazing.

On the most anticipated day, the two would-be pair of legs walked down the aisle, that though’s flank by many’s silence. They faced and upon the completion of all formalities locked lips. Now all is done. Time for honeymoon.

As marriage is a special event in the life of people, they love that, among other things, their honeymoon reflects this. And while couples choose destinations based on proximity and cost, Dubai jewel unmatched. In this article, we’ll show you things that’ll help you decide whether Dubai is the best international destination for a honeymoon.

Is Dubai the best international destination for a honeymoon?

Dynamic and having a tourism-predicated economy, Dubai pitches its feats including architecture at unprecedented scales. This explains why the Arabian gulf city is chic, posh, glitzy, and awe-inspiring, boasting incredible splendor, glamor, and grandeur. It’s bold, striking, dazzling, surreal and, simply put, special.

From the world’s tallest building ever built to the world’s largest artificial archipelagoes, and from the world’s tallest choreographed fountain to the world’s largest floral park, Dubai assures an experience for every visitor.

Testimonies of Dubai as the Most Luxurious City in World

Lots of people have praised Dubai so much that they end up complaining it’s too much. A Caucasian lady once said on Quora, that Dubai is too awesome, supercars everywhere, and that the city’s awesomeness is the selfsame reason she can’t live in it as in her words, she’d easily get lost. This is not to mention the fact Dubai has been criticized as the “fake city”. And shall I even mention the fact that it has been compared to SIM City?

It is little wonder that Forbes and YouTube’s Mr. Luxury have tagged the world’s most luxurious city. If that’s not enough, then you want to know that many websites have Dubai in their top 2 most luxurious or most extravagant. You’re a search away from confirming this.

With all the foregoing said, it makes sense to gain a visual insight into the pioneering city. Use the video below:

Why is Dubai Popular – Icons of Dubai

All Dubai’s architecture entrenches it to be what it is today, but the following feats are Dubai’s outstanding feats, according to popularity, thanks to Google Trends. There are normally regarded as a tourists’ favorite.

Burj Khalifa
Ski Dubai
The Palm Islands
The Dubai Mall
Atlantis The Palm
Burj Al Arab
Dubai Marina

Romantic Places and Things To Do in Dubai

  • Ossiano, Dubai Underwater Restaurant
  • Atlantis Dubai Underwater Suites
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Love Lake
international destination for a honeymoon


In conclusion, the city also has the “fastest police cars” according to Guinness World Records; it once had the longest driverless metro; it has at least two smart police stations SPS, where robots are the operators and there is no human intervention.

For its glitz, glamor, architecture, destinations, and hospitality, Dubai is a fine international destination to escape on your honeymoon.

Here’s one absolute truth: Dubai has so much to offer newlyweds looking for a memorable honeymoon experience. It’s a very easy transition from any American city while still feeling wildly exotic and exciting.

Additionally, Dubai is a major hub for airlines like Emirates (whose amazingly comfy business-class seats are like a preview of the luxury and hospitality you’ll experience in the city) and makes a great several-day stopover en route to other destinations in Europe, Africa, or Asia. Another major bonus: it gets 300-plus days of sunshine a year.

If you know anything about Dubai, you know it’s a place that’s striving to be the best—at everything. The luxury hub of the United Arab Emirates, it’s a place made up of ex-pats (only a small percentage of the population is native) who share the great vision of toppling world records and stereotypes.

It has some of the world’s best shopping, tallest architecture (the Burj Khalifa, at 2,717 feet, can’t be missed, and there’s a gorgeous new Danish-designed opera house), richest dining experiences, and even an indoor ski resort.

A couple of decades ago, none of that existed.