Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses in 2021

Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses in 2021

Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses in 2021

Online casinos are one of the most lucrative businesses in the world in today’s age of information. So many gamblers wish they could visit a luxury hotel and spin a few reels or deal a few cards. However, many brands seek to spice up a player’s experience using bonuses!

Online casino brands are very competitive when it comes to bonuses. After all, this is one of the things that hook players into trying a game or staying with a brand. The question is, what are casino bonuses, and why are they important to the player?

 Online Casino Bonuses

What are online casino bonuses?

Online casinos promote themselves and their games with the use of various types of bonuses. The first thing that players will see is the casino’s welcome deposit bonus. This type of bonus attracts new players to register on the site. They would often offer to give the player ‘free money’ equal to a fraction of their first deposit. Other times, they offer ‘free spins’ but often it’s both in one deal.

These bonuses are expected to be used in the casino. They’re more like ‘extra chances for winning’ because the casino’s true intent is to have the player continue playing. Those free spins and free betting money could help increase the odds of winning at any game. Online casino bonuses also come with terms and conditions, specific requirements that need to be met for these bonuses.

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What are the bonus wager requirements?

Bonus wager requirements, or rollbacks, are there to protect the casinos. They are the conditions gamblers need to meet before they can claim their bonus and use it to play. In most casinos, the ‘first deposit bonus’ is automatically triggered. This gives new players extra play money on different games.

There are some arguments pointing out how bonuses are actual traps. However, most players see them as fair trade. Online casinos are transparent with wagering requirements, so players are informed of these conditions right away.

Additionally, these conditions are also somehow connected to the specific type of bonus a player claims. For instance, free spins would most likely be used on specific slot games of the online casino.

Why are the bonus requirements needed?

Unfortunately, there are some veteran casino patrons who abuse casino bonuses. This includes withdrawing the bonus’ free money or wagering only as little amount of money as possible. Needless to say, bonus abuse is frowned upon by both the online casino industry and the casino gaming community.

Another reason bonus requirements exist is to let gamblers think twice before adding more funds to their account. Often, the conditions can be so high that a chronic gambler has to ponder the concept of probability and risks. This discourages players who have lost beyond their monthly budget from placing another cent into their account.

What are the different types of bonus requirements?

 Online Casino Bonuses

The only way for gamblers to properly understand the bonus requirements is by reading the instructions thoroughly. All bonuses are different from one another. They may be similar at their core, but the numbers are important. Always ask these questions:

  1. Is there a minimum wager? How much? 
  2. Is there a minimum number of spins? How much?
  3. Is there a maximum bet? How much?
  4. Is there a deadline? When?
  5. Is it forcing the player to play specific games? Which ones?

One might also want to take note of these details and simplify them. Most casino bonuses are written with complicated words and phrases. They are written to be accurate as per the law dictated by their license and the nation they are providing the games.  However, they might be difficult to understand for a regular citizen.

New players can read up on wagering requirements from the opinions of other veteran players. While they are difficult to understand at first, casinos are obligated to be transparent with their customers. If the conditions are unwinnable or the casino failed to honor the rules then one has the right to file a complaint to the brand’s licensing authority.

 Online Casino Bonuses

Top online casinos have engaging casino bonuses

The five questions given above don’t apply to some casino brands. Many tend to be extremely creative or engaging. One such example is organizing a tournament. These usually include categories such as ‘highest bets’, ‘largest cash out’, and ‘most number of spins’. Other times, they have dedicated certain hours of the day to each time zone. For example: ‘Certain games in this casino will yield double rewards between 1 PM and 2 PM for +4 timezones’.

The best type of online casino bonuses is those that reward players by simply playing. Only a few of the top casinos are offering loyalty bonuses to their patrons. This always includes accumulating points and rewards with each wager made. Always read the terms and conditions as thoroughly as the rewards being offered.

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