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If Madeleine McCann was found alive, and well what would she do today?

If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well, What would she do today?

If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well. what would she do today?

Madeleine McCann is a British child who went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal in 2007. At the time of her disappearance, Madeleine was three years old. The case gained widespread international media attention, and efforts to find her have continued for many years.

Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in the resort town of Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3, 2007. Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were dining at a nearby restaurant with friends while Madeleine and her younger siblings slept in the apartment. When her parents returned to check on the children, they discovered that Madeleine was missing.

The disappearance sparked a massive investigation involving Portuguese and British authorities. Despite extensive efforts and numerous leads, Madeleine’s whereabouts remain unknown. The case has been the subject of various theories, speculation, and ongoing media coverage over the years. As of my last knowledge update in January 2024, Madeleine McCann has not been found, and the investigation continues. Please note that there may have been developments in the case since then.

I think she was almost four when she disappeared in 2007, meaning she was born in 2003. Therefore,she would be 20 now and,given she was the eldest child of a GP and a consultant,she would,likely be at university,possibly pursuing a medical career like them.

She would probably have a wide circle of friends and might have a serious relationship with a fellow student! But,we will never know..all those dreams died the day her parents put their own pleasure above their children’s safety and left them effectively unsupervised ( or at least,by definition) inadequately; a decision I hope bothers them every single waking moment. but you never know.

Her father came across as an un emotional, buttoned- up cold fish whilst her mother always appeared on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I have no dog in the race as to whether they,themselves were directly involved ,but the fact that the Portuguese police had them as ‘persons of interest shouts volumes!

If Madeleine McCann was found alive, and well what would she do today?

I have some very strong opinions regarding Maddie’s disappearance, and therefore, my answer is likely to get its ass voted down into oblivion.

  • I think it’s an absolute disgrace that her parents were never prosecuted for child neglect. They left their toddler daughter alone at night in a strange country while they went out eating and drinking. What kind of parent does that?
  • I also think it’s a disgrace that over the years, the investigation has cost the British tax payer £12,000,000. TWELVE MILLION. Now, yes, of course great efforts had to be found to find her, but, what about other missing children such as Ben Needham?[1] Quite simply, Ben didn’t have one parent who was a prominent surgeon and another who was a prominent doctor.

No one knows what’s happened to Maddie. Even if she is one day found, you have to ask yourself, after all these years, would she be able to relate to her biological parents again?

While it was, of course wrong in the greatest way what happened to her, I just hope that she ended up with a family who are taking care of her and giving her the love she deserves.

Footnotes: Disappearance of Ben Needham – Wikipedia If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

Statistically speaking, what most likely happened to Madeleine McCann?

My opinion of what happened;

  • Her parents wanted to go out
  • She was a hyper 3 year old on holiday.
  • The parents drugged her on the mothers antidepressants in the hope she would fall asleep.
  • She fell ‘asleep’
  • The parents went out for dinner
  • Having been given strong meds Maddies body tried to get rid of the chemicals and she started vomiting while asleep.
  • She choked to death when she inhaled vomit.
  • Upon returning to the apartment and finding a dead daughter, the asshats of parents decided the course of action to take,
    • they didnt want to call the cops cause they knew an autopsy would be preformed and traces of the mothers medication would be found in her system.
  • They put her 3 year old body in a duffel bag, probably made of hemp like material so it would biodegrade faster.
  • They buried her and lied to everyone for years
  • If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

How can someone logically look at the evidence and conclude Madeline McCann was killed by her parents?

Answering anonymously because I am a serving UK police officer. The theory I have most often heard “on the job” is that Madeleine’s parents, both of whom are medical doctors, gave the little girl a sedative to keep her from waking and disturbing her younger twins siblings while they (the parents) had dinner at the tapas restaurant with their friends. This somehow resulted in an accidental overdose and Madeleine sadly died. The abduction story was then created by one or both of the parents to disguise what really happened.

I have never been part of the McCann investigation. I do not work with anyone who has ever been part of the McCann investigation. What I report above is purely “station gossip” passing between police officers.

The point is, if police officers can give enough credence to the theory to continually repeat it, it’s hardly surprising that ordinary people are doing the same.

Do you think they would have solved the Madeleine McCann case, if they treated it as a murder inquiry instead of a missing person?

The investigation has only ever found evidence of a dead body and blood via the findings of the sniffer dogs. It’s worth mentioning here the dogs’ track record of accuracy is impeccable (despite what Gerry Mccann would have you believe) -Feel free to check their performance before and after this particular search was performed – tey really are amazing. Anyway, I digress. Evidence found:

Smell of death:

  1. Inside the Mccann’s Apartment (5a) wardrobe
  2. Behind the sofa in 5a
  3. Possibly in the flower bed in the garden ( a weaker alert from the dogs)
  4. On Madeleine’s soft toy ‘Cuddle Cat’
  5. In the boot/trunk of the Mccanns hire car
  6. on the key of the Mccanns hire car
  7. In the wheel arch of the Mccanns hire car
  8. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

Blood was also found in the trunk of the Mccanns hire car that matched 15 out of 19 of Madeleine’s DNA markers.

It is worth noting that all of the Tapas 7’s apartments were checked by the dogs, also Robert Murats house and car and several other cars. ONLY the above alerts were found.

Add to this, the parents left Portugal a few days after their status was shifted to ‘Arguido’ (suspect) and provided no assistance with their enquiries since. Kate Mccann refused to answer any of the questions from the PJ in her interview as an Arguido, despite being reminded that doing so may harm the search for her child.

There has been NO evidence of an abduction found. Operation Grange – a 12million pound 6 year UK police investigation has also found NO evidence of an abduction either. It has however, ruled out the man Jane Tanner claimed to have seen walking across the road with a child, having identified Julian Totman earlier this year as a tourist taking his daughter back from night creche.

We also know that:

  1. The shutters were not forced open despite the Mccanns initial statements to family and friends.
  2. Gerry Mccann changed his statement from having entered by the locked front door to an unlocked patio door, once the shutters were clearly proven to be impossible to force open from the outside.
  3. Kate Mccann did not search for Madeleine
  4. Gerry Mccann slept for a period the early hours of the morning after the police left
  5. There are a high number of inconsistencies in the statements of the group – particularly on the day Madeleine went missing.
  6. The parents offered explanations for the alerts, then suggested sniffer dogs were unreliable, rather than showing concern Madeleine may have died.
  7. Gerry Mccann lied in his ‘blogs’, stating nothing much was happening and things were quiet for the day the Police arrived at their villa with a search warrant
  8. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

I could go on, but what we have here are some very clear indications the parents are covering something up and should be re-interviewed, along with the remainder of the Tapas group. If nothing else, to fully rule them out of the investigation. The official report from Portugal finds that Madeleine died of an accident in Apartment 5a and the parents were involved in hiding the body. They have never been cleared of this, the investigation is simply shelved due to insufficient evidence to prosecute.

All of the above can be verified on the internet in the files of the investigation – McCann PJ files

Don’t believe everything you see on the news people. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

If Madeleine McCann is alive and well out there, do you think she will eventually figure out who she is?

If she is, and personally I very much doubt it, I think it’s likely that eventually someone acquainted with the case will notice and draw attention to the odd pigmentation in her right eye that presumably won’t have changed. Statistically, most “disappeared” children are dead within hours of going missing, however.

If she is still alive, she will be sixteen this year (2019), and starting to move in wider circles, wherever she is. If she’s out there, I think we can expect the story that she has been found to break in the next few years.

That’s a lot of “ifs”, sadly.

Question: If Madeleine McCann is alive and well out there, do you think she will eventually figure out who she is?

What do you think happened to Madeleine McCann?

Firstly, I am answering this anonimously as the opinion I’m about to share is not a particularly popular one in England and I want to avoid the potential for threats. It is my personal belief that Madeleine McCann was not abducted, but did in fact die in the apartment that the family panicked and covered it up.

It was the gut feeling the day the news broke and it is still my considered opinion today, and I’ll try to outline my main reasons below:

1: There have been no other incidents of this kind, or incidents of attempted kidnapping, reported at the resort they were staying at, either before or since. I believe it is highly unlikely that abductors would have been so lucky as to find an unguarded child in an unlocked room on attempt 1.

2: Madeleine was taken, her siblings were not. If she was abducted in order to be trafficked then why leave two perfectly viable other assets untouched?

Add to this is Madeleine would have been old enough to alert anybody who saw her with her abductors that they were not her parents, while her siblings would not.

3: The behaviour of the parents in the weeks and months that followed. While I cannot fault any parent for doing everything in their power to find a missing child, I find it highly suspicious that Madeleine’s mother would fly around the world to create publicity and leave her only two remaining children at home.

If my child had been abducted because I had left them alone I wouldn’t let my other children out of my sight for a moment.

4: This one is more circumstantial than the others. If anyone would have been able to clear up the apartment in such a way that there was no evidence to find, it would be two highly ranked doctors.

I’m not suggesting that her parents actively murdered her and covered it up, I think a more likely scenario is she slipped in the bath, hit her head and they couldn’t save her and they panicked.

I’ll leave my opinions about what should have happened to her parents in the wake of this tragedy (and whatever happened it is a tragedy) to myself. After all the question was ‘What do you think happened’ not ‘What punishment should they have recieved’

Which do you think is true; the McCanns killed their daughter on purpose, she died accidentally and they covered it up or she was genuinely kidnapped?

Anonymous answer due to being a serving police officer in London’s Metropolitan Police. All the gossip I have ever heard about the case from other officers has strongly favoured the theory that the McCanns, both qualified doctors, administered a mild sedative to their daughter to make sure she did not disturb her younger twin siblings while they, the parents, were at dinner with their friends in a different part of the apartment complex.

The popular theory is that this somehow resulted in a tragic overdose (perhaps both parents gave her a tablet not realising the other had already done so) and consequently her accidental death. I should point out that this is not a complicated, paranoid Internet conspiracy theory, it’s general and prevailing everday station gossip amongst experiences police officers who, it must be noted, have almost certainly taken absolutely no part in the investigation themselves. Decide for yourselves if it has any merit. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

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Is Madeleine McCann still alive?

I think she was dead soon after she was abducted. The appeal put out identifying her unique eye pigment would have made sure.

I think she was kidnapped by persons still unknown. I think they lived within 30 mins drive of the abduction and they probably have a criminal record for burglary. I think they knew the movements of the McCann’s by watching them and viewing the restaurant table schedule. I think everyone got confused and everyone wanted to help. There is no evidence after the apartment that cant be explained away.

The lack of intruder evidence points to a quick kidnap. How much evidence could be left in 30 seconds? I think its possible the kidnapper is foreign but for nothing other than pria de luz being a tourist destination. It doesn’t really fit in with my 30 minutes away and safe theory. That points to a more local person. Still not identified. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?

What would happen if Madeleine McCann was found today?

First-off, her identity would need to be confirmed through a DNA test or the observation that she still has the eye condition. Her parents and the authorities would be promptly notified. They’d probably try to arrange transportation so that she could be reunited with her parents. She is still a minor so legally her parents can be told where she is. Madeline, her parents, and siblings would have to slowly get to know each other again and try to re-establish a relationship gradually.

If she has no recollection of her past, then this process will take even longer. Investigators will want to interview her and interrogate the people she was found to be living with. An investigation will commence to determine how she got to where she is and if her alleged parents kidnapped her themselves. If so, they will be arrested and charged accordingly after the authorities have collected sufficient evidence.

All-in-all, it’d probably be a difficult yet happy transition for Madeleine and her family. I hope that she can be found alive.

If she isn’t alive, her remains will be collected while the scene is investigated. Depending on the condition of her remains, an autopsy may determine her cause of death and the timeline of her death. This could help narrow down who may have killed her if her death was a homicide. Her remains will then be handed over to her parents. As long as her parents are cleared from being involved in her death that is.

Her devastated parents, family, friends, and siblings will commence with a funeral or memorial service. Her remains will be buried or cremated based on their state and the wishes of her parents. Everyone will have to take the appropriate length of time to mourn Madeline’s death.

If Madeleine McCann is still alive, what would you suspect of her whereabouts?

I am 100% convinced that the poor child was dead the day the story broke. She either died accidentally from a drug overdose or from hitting her head after falling OR she was kidnapped for sex,raped and murdered.I would love to be proved wrong,but all we may eventually find is a body.I am so sorry she had such irresponsible parents who could not protect her.

If her family came from a sink estate,they would have been charged with child-neglect,but because they were cocky,middle- class GP and surgeon [ he is the most cold fish I have ever seen- no expression whatsoever and she just looks neurotic!) the Establishmentclised ranks and protected their own! Just my opinion. Don’t bother to write in to object!

If Madeleine McCann is alive and well out there, do you think she will eventually figure out who she is?

If the little girl was kept alive, which is only a guess, then she was put in some extremely sheltered circumstances and kept that way. For example, she would have been kept from the public and the outside world, protected from all media such as television, newspapers, and the internet, and given a whole belief system of needing to keep away from the world – probably the bad world.

Otherwise, unfortunately it’s possible that she was put into some sorry situation of slavery at some point, somewhere, which would effect the same kind of situation as being so sheltered. It is possible in theory that either situation could continue into adulthood where the grown up Madeleine may never be aware of a British girl kidnapped in the Algarve.

I don’t know, it may also be possible these days for expensive laser surgery to perform a cosmetic cover of the stand-out eye peculiarity which the little girl had. That might easily be given as a medical tourist somewhere where more or less no-one had ever heard of the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann, for example in a clinic for the reasonably wealthy in some African city or an Asian country such as Bangladesh or Turkmenistan. If that were possible it would mean that the child or adult probably would not need such a sheltered life to be kept in the dark.

Thinking of that, perhaps the child was brought to live in such a country, or could live in such a place as an adult, where relatively little sheltering may be needed to prevent her learning her history. In any case, if the eye peculiarity situation could actually be amended, then it can be very possible that an adult Madeleine would not discover her true identity.

I hope that she has been and is in a more blessed position, whether alive or dead, and if no longer alive then that she rests in peace.

Do you think Kate and Gerry McCann know what happened to Madeleine?

I have serving police officers in my family, and I know several others. None, I have to admit, were directly involved in the McCann case, but every single officer I have ever talked to about Madeleine’s disappearance has repeated the same “off the record” sentiment. Namely, that the parents are guilty. The prevailing feeling is that they accidentally overdosed their daughter when trying to facilitate an uninterrupted evening out with their friends, and when they discovered her unresponsive and beyond help, they disposed of her body before raising the alarm.

There’s nothing in the physical evidence to disprove this theory, but it remains just a theory. One that law enforcement favors but cannot prove.

People have different opinions and theories about what happened to Madeleine. Probably so much time has passed now that we will never know for certain, barring the discovery of her body and/or a credible confession from someone. If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well what would she do today?


Is Madeleine McCann likely to be alive?

German police said in June 2020 that Madeleine was assumed dead and that Brückner was likely responsible for her disappearance. However, British officers continue to treat it as a missing persons case and her parents “still hope” Madeleine is alive

What do the police believe happened to Madeleine McCann?

Portuguese police first focused on McCann’s parents—both doctors—who they suggested gave their daughter a sleeping drug that accidentally killed her. After wasting months on the theory, they finally cleared the couple, but by then, the trail to the real criminal or criminals had gone cold.

If Madeleine McCann was found alive and well, what would she do today?