How To Buy Used/Abandoned Supercars in Dubai & Ship Out

Buy Supercars in Dubai

A flagship city in the Middle East, Dubai is luxury and metropolitan and consequently attracts lots of supercars. The city is one of the destinations in the world with the highest amount of supercars.

Given the foregoing reality, it is natural that Dubai would consequently have owners who would no longer need their cars for lots of different reasons. And these reasons determine the sort of hypercars and regular cars you could buy in the Arabian city such as crashed cars and abandoned ones. Also, because Dubai gets a lot of such supercars, crashed and abandoned supercars are sold out at stunningly affordable prices, usually through auctions.

How To Buy Used/Abandoned Supercars in Dubai

  • To do this, you need a Dubai auto auction firm. The most popular ones are and
  • Visit the site(s) and search for the sort of car you want to buy.
  • Make your bid as the cars are auctioned and then follow through.

You could as well ship your car out. @alphaworldwidecarshipping (who we’re in no way affiliated to) could help you with the shipping, particularly to countries in Europe and GCC.

Below are videos of the park in which the abandoned supercars are kept. Note that the crashed supercars are repairable.

NB You might not find some cars in the park on the auction sites, although after a while you could.

Stay guided!