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How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

the process for applying for a UK visit visa from Pakistan involves several steps. Keep in mind that visa application processes may be subject to change, so it’s essential to check the official website of the UK government or the Visa Application Centre (VAC) for the most up-to-date information. Here is a general guide on how to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan:

  1. Determine the Type of Visa:
    • Identify the type of visit visa you need. Common categories include tourist, business, family, or medical visit visas.
  2. Apply Online:
    • Visit the official UK government website ( and complete the online visa application form. Create an account on the website and follow the instructions to fill out the application.
  3. Book an Appointment:
    • Once you’ve completed the online application, you’ll need to book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre (VAC). Appointments can usually be scheduled through the VAC’s official website.
  4. Pay the Visa Fee:
    • Pay the required visa fee. Fees can vary based on the type of visa and the duration of your visit. Payment is typically made online during the application process.
  5. Print the Application Form:
    • After completing the online application, print a copy of the application form. This will be submitted along with the required supporting documents.
  6. Prepare Supporting Documents:
    • Gather all necessary supporting documents, which may include:
      • Passport
      • Passport-sized photographs
      • Visa application form
      • Proof of funds
      • Travel itinerary
      • Accommodation details
      • Proof of employment or enrollment (if applicable)
      • Invitation letters (if applicable)
  7. Biometric Information:
    • Attend the appointment at the Visa Application Centre to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and a photograph.
  8. Submit Documents:
    • Submit the printed application form and all required documents to the Visa Application Centre.
  9. Track Your Application:
    • You can track the status of your visa application online through the official website or the VAC’s tracking system.
  10. Wait for a Decision:
    • The UK visa processing time can vary, so be patient while waiting for a decision on your application. You may be notified of the decision by email.

How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

It’s crucial to start the application process well in advance of your planned travel date, as visa processing times can vary. Additionally, ensure that you provide accurate and complete information, and carefully follow the guidelines provided by the UK government and the Visa Application Centre. Always check for the latest information and updates on the official websites before applying.

UK visa can easily apply online from Pakistan, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or any other country. If you want to visit attractive cities like London and wish to apply for a UK visa, we have mentioned two important things about visa success that are very important for you to know. In addition, we’ve outlined the paperwork, visa fees, and easy way to apply for a UK tourist visa.

UK visa fee

The UK visit visa is issued for up to six months at a fee of:

  • Standard: USD 170.00
  • Rush: USD 200.00
  • Super Rush: USD 220.00

Documents required for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

The documents that must be attached to a UK visitor’s visa application in general are:

Passport (valid for more than 6 months)

Applicant’s legal status, meaning what is your legal status in the country from which you want to apply for a UK visa. It means that you are a citizen of this country or have a work permit and residence permit, proof of which must be attached to the application.

Proof of old passport and travel history, i.e., if you have traveled to a country before, a copy of this visa and entry stamped pages must also be attached to the application. That’s why it’s best to keep a set of original documents and their copies.

Bank Statement A 6-month bank statement is generally preferred for a UK visa, which should have a balance of at least Rs 1 million or more. However, the more money you have in your bank account, the more financially stable you are, and your chances of getting a visa are higher.

Proof of Income and Source of Income: 

Applicants for UK tourist visas must attach proof of income and source of income with the application. For example, if you work somewhere, you will need to get a letter from your company or employer stating your job details, salary, position, etc. In addition, if you have a private business or are a freelancer, you will need to submit the registration or honors and tax details documents and the visa application.

  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  • Copy of two-way flight booking
  • Proof of accommodation, hotel or hostel, etc.
  • Proof of income tax return and property etc., 

How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

Any details if you pay tax, and if you have any land, property, assets, etc., in your name, you can also submit the documents along with the UK visa application. It will make your case stronger. Travel plan, you must also submit your travel plan on request. It means what places and cities you would visit in the UK.

To apply for a visa, you must visit the UK Immigration website, fill out the visa form online, and pay the Euro 95 visa fee by credit card or debit card.

You have to scan all the necessary documents and upload them to this website. Once the complete visa application is submitted, a printout of the receipt will be required. After that, you have to go to the England Visa Service Center (Jerry’s, VFs) website in Pakistan and book an appointment online.

Then you have to go to the service center on the due date along with the original papers and passport etc., and complete the process of photo and biometric. There is a process of 20 to 25 days after submitting documents, after which your application will be decided.

If your visa application is rejected, you will receive a letter stating the reasons for the rejection of the application. The advantage of this is that you can correct your mistake and re-apply for a UK visa.

2 Key Factors for UK Visa Success

If you want to increase your chances of being approved for a UK visa, you must consider these two factors: First, your income and sources of revenue.

First: If you can prove that your income and savings are such that you can easily afford all the expenses of your UK visit, then the chances of getting a visa will be higher.

How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

In addition, if you can prove that your sources of income are the ones that give you significant income and savings, and there is no contradiction between them, then the chances of getting a UK visa approved will be bright. ۔

Second, whether you apply for a visitor’s visa or a tourist visa to England or any other country, another important thing is that a good tourist is a budget traveler. He plans his tour for the least amount of money.

If you book a hotel in this country for accommodation, it will be expensive. Hostels are cheaper than this, so you should book a hostel if you have a limited budget. It will prove that you are a budget traveler; this factor is often beneficial in visa approval.

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How to apply for a UK visit visa from Pakistan

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