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Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Ice hockey has gained popularity in India in recent years and is now a new addition to adventure tourism in Kashmir.

Ice hockey is a game that consists of playing hockey on an artificial ice rink or on a frozen natural lake with a pair of skates. Once someone uses skates, nobody needs to say what to do or what to expect.

Ice hockey is played in many countries and is an Olympic competition. Ice hockey is emerging as one of the most popular sports in the Ladakh region.

In recent years the sport was controlled by the Winter Games Federation of India, but is now excluded from the organization and controlled by a full-fledged Ice Hockey Association of India.

We have a state-level ice hockey association in Jammu and Kashmir which is controlling the sport at the state level and organizing championships every year at various places in the Ladakh region.

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

IHAJK was registered as a society in 1994, but could not develop due to lack of funds and non-recognition of sports by the Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council.

Ice hockey is now also played in many parts of India on artificial rinks. Some local clubs and military organize tournaments in Dehradun and Shimla etc. every year.

The Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir hosts several such championships annually under the name and style of the Chief Executive Councilor Cup, Army Cup, Tourism Cup, Indo-Canadian Friendship Cup, and J&K State Championship.

The Ice Skating Association of India in association with the Ladakh Winter Sports Club sometimes organizes national championships in Leh.

Drass sector has apparently produced 2 international players including Zia ur Rehman Mir and Mohammad Maqbool.

The puck replaces the ball

In ice hockey, a smooth puck called a “Puck” (a vulcanized rubber hard puck, 150-170 grams in weight and black in color) replaces the hardball in normal hockey.

Same sport different experience

Two teams play opposite each other, trying to maneuver the smooth Puck as they glide and slide past opponents, dip, and dive under the thighs, and move to the opposite goalpost.

Being a skating rink you need phenomenal confidence while speeding up and slowing down or stopping quickly as the game requires. All these movements are a pleasure to watch.

Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir are popular places for this sport. Many enthusiasts from other parts of the country and abroad flock to the Ladakh region for the experience of playing ice hockey on some of the highest rinks in the world.

To promote sports awareness and greater participation, every year this game is organized nationally in Ladakh.

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir
Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Pahalgam joins the ice hockey map

Pahalgam now boasts of having a skating rink in Nunwan, which opened in May this year. Now Gulmarg and Pahalgam have facilities for playing ice hockey.

The latest addition has a covered ceiling with all the modern facilities like fancy lighting and public address systems and other necessary services.

The human gaze of our army!

Our army, with the support of some enthusiastic foreigners, brought the sport to almost every home in Drass and played in good spirits despite the cold temperatures.

Renowned organizations like J&K Ice Hockey Association, Himalayan Drass, KISS Club and Himalayan Sports & Cultural Organization, etc. are working hard side by side to promote ice hockey in Drass.

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir
Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

World’s Highest Golf Course

In winter Gulmarg’s natural slopes and inclines, makes it India’s premier skiing resort; also offering winter sports like golf, ice hockey and heliskiing.

I was intrigued and proud that Gulmarg has the world’s highest golf course. It is 18 holed & has a par of 72.

The Golf Course Ground is arranged by the Gulmarg Tourism Board for travelers coming to Kashmir in winter. In this, you can enjoy golf by paying a fee of INR 200 to 500 in Gulmarg.

Ice Hockey Rink

On your way to Khilanmarg, you will pass the High Altitude Warfare School and the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering.

The ice hockey ground is arranged by the Gulmarg Tourism Board for travelers coming to Kashmir in winter. In this, you can enjoy ice hockey by paying a fee of INR 1000 to 3000.

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

Ice hockey has become a popular sport in the Ladakh region. With the support of some foreigners and the army, the game has reached almost every house in Dras and is played with high spirits in harsh winters.

Organizations like Jammu and Kashmir Himalaya Dras, KISS Club and Ice Hockey Association of Himalaya Sports and Cultural Organization, etc. are working neck to neck hard to promote ice hockey in Drass.

Dras has become the center of the sport over the years. There are around 7 ice hockey clubs in Dras, 4 clubs in Kargil, and around 10 in Leh, including clubs from the security forces.

It is also catching up in children and girls. Dras training programs are arranged each year in collaboration with a Canadian club.

Natural resources are available at these places as water freezes here and turn every stagnant water body into a playground.

Dras has two well-organized ice skating rinks, one at Goshan and the other at Bhimbat, while one at Chittan in Kargil and the other is under construction. In Leh, a few more rinks are also available.

Golf and Ice Hockey In Kashmir

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