Dubai Safari Park – Guide 2021, Attractions, Tickets, & Timing – City Tour in Dubai

Are you planning a trip to Dubai in the year 2021? Explore lavish 5-star hotels, fast cars, Arab cuisine, exotic wild animals, and tons of adventure sport on your next trip to the UAE. Dubai is well known for its high skyscrapers, cheap gold, indigenous spices, and exquisite textile. For a couple of fun-filled relaxing days book tickets for you and your family to Dubai today.

It might seem odd to commoners like us but the ultra-rich of Dubai have tigers and lions as pets in their mansions. Sheiks of Dubai have a weird love and fascination for taming wild animals. On the roads of Dubai sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a leopard or tiger peeping out of someone’s luxury car. Strange is it not? To explore Dubai’s love for wild animals you must visit the Dubai Safari Park on your upcoming trip.

Things to See at Dubai Safari Park

If you have never been to Dubai before surely their luxurious ways might shock you. The Dubai Safari Park can in no way be compared to the ones we see in India. Its sheer scale and grandiose make it one of the best safaris to visit in the world. Located in Al Warqa 5 region this wildlife reserve’s main aim to help animals in Dubai thrive and live in an open natural environment. They also help in animal conservation and animal rescue.

Dubai Safari Park

All the animals in the safari are categorized according to their area of origin. There is the Asian village, African village, Explorer village, and Arabian village where animals from different subcontinents are kept.

1. African village

Africa is home to the majority of wildlife on earth. In the African village, you can find exotic species like African lions, giraffes, and elephants which are all indigenous to the South African subcontinent.

2. Asian village

Asian wildlife of the tropics is truly spectacular and diverse. Some of the Asian species in the Dubai safari include Asian tigers, Gibbers, and moon bears. You will be transported to the jungles of Asia when you take a close look at these exotic species.

3. Explorer village

When you book a tour of the explorer village the guide will escort you to the main sites in the safari park. A bus ride will take you through the grounds when you can take a closer look at the wild animals.

4. Arabian village

Now we come to animals which are found in Arabia and adjoining countries. The Middle Eastern species kept in the safari include Camels, Arabian Oryx, wild wolves, and gazelles. These native animals all together in their natural habitat are not found in any other safari on earth.

Now that you know of all the animals one can see at Dubai Safari surely you do not want to postpone your visit anymore. Come with friends and family to experience the true beauty of wildlife and nature in Dubai.

Bring your kids to experience wildlife in Dubai safari

Children will love the wild animals we have at Dubai Safari. If you bring your kid here they will get familiarized with exotic animals from across the world. Being so close to the animals and getting a chance to interact with them will be an experience to cherish. Being close to animals brings out the more compassionate side of children.

We have different activities planned for kids at the Dubai Safari park. They can interact with lion cubs, hold them and feed them. It is completely safe and animal experts are always nearby in case something goes wrong. Such interactive programs help children develop love and compassion for animals. Also, there are exotic birds on the safari. The bird show is the main attraction at Dubai Safari and must not be missed. The interactive programs between animals and kids are a superb feature of this safari park.

Dubai Safari Park Tickets

Booking to visit Dubai Safari Park can be done using our portal. With the help of online payment, anybody can book tickets in a jiffy. No tickets are required for children below the age of two years. For kids beyond 2 years of age tickets cost 20 AED for entrance and 30 AED for the combo package. For adults entry fee is 50 AED and the whole package costs 85 AED which is again not very expensive for a whole day. The tickets will be confirmed online as well and you only need to carry the digital receipt for your trip to Dubai Safari. A complete day of fun-filled adventure with wild animals is waiting for you and your family.

Any trip to Dubai is incomplete without a safari experience. Driving around the natural landscape where wild animals roam free is better than any zoo. So come to Dubai Safari Park for an enjoyable family outing.