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Did your mom ever fart in your face?

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

I don’t have a physical presence, experiences, or personal relationships, including with a mother. I am a computer program created by OpenAI called GPT-3, designed to provide information and answer questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities. If you have any non-explicit questions or need information, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to help.

. My purpose is to provide information and answer questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities. If you have any non-explicit questions or need information on a different topic, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Oh boy, yes, she did and does; let’s share a story, so it was just any normal day. It was a school day, and my mom said she would pick me up from school early today since she had a day off of work and really wanted to spend time with me, which is really understandable because it was just me and her living at the house so anyways she picks me up early so then we went out to the mall. We just had a really fun time, and she even got me a game I had been wanting. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

So anyway, we ate at Olive Garden for lunch, and she’s a big salad eater, but I wasn’t really, so we finished eating and we got back to the house. I was extremely tired because I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I asked if I could take a nap. and my mom is a very cuddly person and asked if I wanted her to sleep with me because I was still a lot smaller and shorter than her, so to her, I was still her “baby.” Hence, we ended up cuddling up together, with me getting in that honeymoon hug cuddle position, so her chest was my pillow pretty much, so I ended up just passing out in about 2 minutes. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

So, about 2 hours went by, and I was under the blanket for some reason. My mom, with her back, turned on me, and her butt was like 2 inches away from my face. I realized I was getting a Dutch oven, so I shot out the blankets, confused. My mom saw me and then got out the blankets before I 100% could. Then she grabbed my head then, put my face into her butt, and then farted, and I had the fart fetish at this time. 

She knew it, so I asked while my face squeezed in there, “Mom, can you sit on me instead?” she replied, “I can, sweetie, but I’m really gassy at the moment, so when I start, there’s no stopping,” which I still said yes to so she got up and sat her really. I mean, REALLY big butt onto my face, and as soon as she sat down, she just went at it with me for like 3 hours.

Has your mom farted on your face?

Icl my childhood is quite crazy. For the last few years, we would fart in each other’s faces, and it’s like an ongoing prank. It mostly started from me not waking up for school, so my mom would wait for me to wake up finally, and she would be there with her ass above my face with her trousers and panties down and would fart right in my face. 

I would do the same with her whenever I get the chance. Once, I remember she was waiting for me to wake up while trying to hold her ass in my face; as soon as I woke up, she couldn’t hold her position, and her vagina smudged into my mouth. Luckily, she shaves.

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As a mom, did you ever fart on your kids?

Once she was old enough to “appreciate” it…YES!!! ALL. THE. TIME!!! MWAHAHAHAH!!! Also, I’d go, “Come here, I gotta tell you a secret.” (Works best if I can get her to sit down or if I walk over to her and bend over.) Then, I lean in REAL CLOSE, like I’m going to whisper in her ear…. And then I turn around REAL FAST…AND FART IN HER FACE!!!

OMG, I DIED EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!! And she would get SO ANGRY at me every time. 10/10 would STILL do it again!!! (By the way, I do the same thing to my fiancé! ;-))

I’m that mom. Ik some people see it as immature, but I’m convinced my kid likes when I fart on him, even though he said he didn’t like it a few hours ago. He even asked, and I delivered.

What is the meanest thing your mom has done to you?

Once upon a time, when I was a kid.

Me: “Mom, I am not hungry tonight.”

Mom: “Yes, you will be later in the middle of the night.”

Me: “No, I won’t be. I have had too much of snacks in the evening. It’s okay if I skip the dinner.”

Mom: “Skip dinner???!!!?? Do that when you have your place to live. Not in this house!”

Me (getting agitated): “But I know if my stomach can take in more food or not. Don’t force me.”

Mom: “I am your MOM! I know if you are hungry, cold, sad, lying, etc. etc.”

Me (trying my negotiation skills): “God! Alright, I will have dinner. But instead of two chapatis (unleavened flatbreads), I will have only one.”

I thought for a minute and then added, “Please…”

Mom: “Alright, that’s fine with me, as long as you have one.”

I was suspicious of the result of this negotiation. “How on earth did she agree??!!??” However, I was happy and carried on with whatever I was doing.

Typically, a chapati looks like this:

How thin they look!

Dinner time.

Mom: “Rini! Dinner is ready.”

I was happy with my cheat night. I quickly came to the dining table. And then saw what could only happen in horror movies!

Placed on the table was my plate with one chapati and curry. Only it didn’t look like an ordinary chapati. It looked like a truck’s tire! A monster chapati!!

Mom: “See, I just made one, as you had asked for! Now eat it quickly.”

I wish I had just eaten two normal chapatis.

Do girls love farting on men’s faces?

Now, I don’t speak for all girls, and I’m not the most stereotypical being on this planet. Do not use what I say in normal scenarios.

However, I love farting on people, especially in the face. It turns me on to think of them sniffing me, smelling my bum, etc. I have a friend who I have farted on a few times (see my other posts), and I think he has a fetish for it, too, but I’m quite scared to ask. Either way, yes, some girls do like farting, and some guys like smelling them. We’re human, we’re weird.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Taco Bell calls me — I need to refill the gas tank.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

In 2nd grade, I had a close best friend of mine. She was quiet, but once you knew her, she was daring, quizzative, and a bad influence. When I finally was able to spend the night at her house, I was surprised by the wild nature of her family. They were sassy, rowdy, and also a bad influence.

One thing I noticed quickly was that their mother started this odd game. Whenever she needed to “pass gas,” she would run to the closest misfortunate child of hers, sit her butt against them, and stain them with evil. They were so lighthearted about it; they both would laugh (although her kids appeared to be slightly traumatized). Her children would also get back at her by the same habit, a neverending cycle of fart revenge.

As a young child, I observed and thought it was a family fun activity. I decided to try it out on my parents in hopes of that same shared laughter. My unsuspecting father sat and watched TV. I applied their deadly habit onto him. My dad was PISSED. He yelled at me about how low manners I had and how horribly gross it was. His reaction completely took me aback. (But yet he thinks it’s fair game if you are trapped in the deviled cage of a car).

Ironically, now, I am too shy to do such deeds in front of my closest people.

Why did I accept this question?

My mother had a big butt, and there were times I was sitting on the couch next to her, and she was so into her work she wasn’t paying much attention and just let one rip. And I’d be like, mooo-ooommm. My siblings and I would giggle; I’d move, grab the spray, and she’d laugh & apologize, then keep working.. 😂

My dad was a single dad, and in his house, whenever it was time to fart, he’d lift his leg and see how loud he could fart. We’d have almost like farting competitions. 😳 So maybe 3 months into dating this sweet lady (his now wife for 10+ years), we were having dinner at the table, and she was very proper.

I felt a fart coming, so I did as my dad taught me and stood up, lifted my leg, and let out a big fart. Then I was proud of it, so I said something like, “NAILED IT!” My dad and I laughed at the table, and she was FURIOUS. She said those were VERY bad manners and sent me to my room immediately! I did not know what I did wrong. 😳😂😂

Has anyone ever caught you farting? What was their reaction? What was yours?

Yes. I was 7, and it was my first time at the chiropractor. I remember the conversation we had went like this:

Chiropractor: Okay Adam. I’m going to need you to relax.

Me: Okay *breathes*

*suddenly farts in a quiet room*

Chiropractor: Adam. When I said relax, I didn’t mean that much.

Now, every time I go back, he reminds me to relax, but not too much.

Have your loved one’s ever farted on your face?

Absolutely not, however, I have farted on my sister and brother many times. I’m sure they hate it, but I love it, so what do they expect me to do? This one time I’ll never forget was when I got to use them both at the same time. Sadly, this had only happened once, but basically, our parents went out for date night, and they were playing on the Wii ( my brother at the time was 11, my sister was 13, and I was 17 ).

I was and still am pretty heavy, so that you could imagine the torture. 😋 now, I never put full weight on them normally. Still, my sister threw her Wii controller at me for “making her loose,” even tho I only walked into the room. Since my brother laughed, I walked over to them, pushed my sister onto the couch, and sat on my sister’s lap while holding my brother Super tight. 

Then I told my sister to sit on the ground with her neck bent onto the couch, so her head was there or else so OFC she listened bc she knows I’m not going to let them off easy. Anyway, she’s at down them. I sat on her FULL WEIGHT. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

I started bouncing, making my brother watch. Still, then I got annoyed with his crying, so I pulled my pants down and sat in my sister’s face bare ass so he cried louder I yelled at him and told him the more he cry’s, the worse it got my sister at some point during this 5-minute argument with my brother seemed to pass out once I noticed I made sure she was still breathing. 

When I saw she was, I told my brother it was his turn, except I was also hungry, so I made chili and ate it all while farting on him. Eventually, I had to poop, and since he was there, I did it all over his face.

Does your mom/sister fart aloud at home? If yes, how do they react after farting?

I grew up with two older sisters, Mom and Dad. My dad was modest about his flatulence, as was I. However, my mother and sisters were not. Any chance they had, they would clear the air with a massive fart. They always laughed or giggled after they farted. I can remember a few times they used their farts as weapons against me by farting in my face, which was not fun whatsoever.

Do hot girls ever fart?

Of course not. A tiny little rainbow emerges from between their buttocks, serving as a bridge that allows teams of tiny little unicorns to take hermetically sealed bags of whatever waste she produced, solid, liquid, or gaseous, to a secret recycling plant in Neverland. (Flesh-and-blood women, though, are known to produce a stinking cloud with great fanfare now and then.)

Have you ever farted on someone’s face before?

I’d quickly like to point out that yes, I do have a fetish for farting on people, and if you think that’s weird or unladylike, then piss off love.

It was only a week ago (both of us here had tested negative and were outside, so it was within restrictions), and I was out with my friend Theo — the same one from my other posts because, I know, I have only one friend.

We were going for a picnic, and I’m making sure I say that to make it seem a bit more innocent. I’d brought a blanket, and though it was small, we both fit on if we sat up. We are, and again, this links to my first post, but I’ll say again: when I eat, I get gas. Bad gas. Lots and lots of bad gas.

After a while of sitting and talking and whatnot, I realized I needed a shit. So I tell him and get up to look around for a place to squat and defecate. I know, classy, huh? I soon find, to my horror, that every good spot is either covered in stinging nettles or already taken by a large dog turd. We’re in the countryside, in a field, but dog shit is inescapable.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

I don’t want to crap on a dog crap. I’m not that bad. So I head back to Theo to tell him about my lack of success in finding an impromptu toilet and see that he has laid down and is sleeping in the sun, TAKING UP THE WHOLE GODDAMN BLANKET. I’ll admit I can overreact at times, but this, in my opinion, was justified. I was wearing a miniskirt, and I hiked it up, yanked down my underwear, and lowered myself over him. And I felt the gas and possible poo bubbling inside me and knew I had one shot to time this right.

I screamed “SUPRISE!!” at him, he opened his eyes and sat up a bit, and I ripped a massive, stinky, shit-flecked fart on his face. As an epilogue, we are still friends, and I have farted on him a few times in our relationship over the last few years; he’s fine with it (in fact, I think he’s developing a fetish too!). I did not shit on him, not directly anyway, and was able to find a toilet before soiling myself.

Not that you care anyway, you were here for the fart, you dirty old creep. 😀

Did your mom ever fart around you?

One night she ordered a pizza with broccoli on it, and after that, she farted so many times. My little sister said, “I wish I could put myself to bed tonight; you’re too gassy.” That same night, my mom also farted in my bedroom, and I couldn’t sleep for like a half hour because of how bad the smell was left behind in there. She tried to cover it up, but it didn’t work at all. 

Another time, when I was much younger, I was playing Minecraft, and the room started to smell extremely bad. That room was where the litter box was, so I assumed it was from a cat, but it turned out my mom actually had a really bad fart in there instead. She admitted to it reluctantly. She also farts really loudly when we watch movies sometimes. 

The most embarrassing time probably was when we were talking to one of Dad’s female friends from work, and my mom let one rip. Everyone knew it was her because it was loud and very smelly. My mom and that friend didn’t directly speak to each other again.

Have you ever blamed your farts on your baby?

Yes. I was at a postnatal session with a group of new mums, chaired by a Health Visitor. My baby, Sam, was about 6 weeks old. We were all seated on those orange, plastic bucket chairs that were popular about 20–30 years ago. I let out what I thought would be a small, silent fart. 

Sadly, it was noisier than I had envisaged and reverberated on the chair as though it were in an echo chamber. Everyone looked up at me. “Sam!” I exclaimed. I’m not convinced that anyone believed that it was Sam and not me, but it did allow me to save my blushes a little!

Does your sister/mom/friends ever sit and fart on your face, and do you like it when they do?

Yes, my mom sits on my face and fart. Yes, I like the smell of her fart. It was done randomly one day. I was sleeping, and Mom was doing household work. Just then, she farted, and I got the smell of it. I dont know why I liked the smell, so I woke up and asked Mom whether I farted; my mom said yes and said sorry, then I said no, Mom, you dont have to say sorry fact. I like the smell. I don’t know why my mom looked surprisingly towards me and said. Did you like the smell?

 I said yes, and why do you look surprised now? I like every smell coming from your body. And I like to smell your sweaty armpits, your navel, your pussy ass, so why dont fart? I request you next time, whenever you want to fart, sit on my face and fart as much as you can. I wanted to smell them, so after that, she got a habit of sitting on my face and do fart. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

In fact, I requested her, when she could piss in my mouth, to fart on my face. Why didn’t you poop in my mouth? I want to taste it. She asked you if you wanted to. I said yes, okay. Then, after that, she starts doing poop in my mouth and believe me. It was very tasty, especially the poop she does early in the morning. 

It becomes her daily routine. Early in the morning, she pisses in the glass poop on the plate and gives it to me. I drink her piss and eat her poop, guys. You can imagine the story starts by smelling her fart, reaching to eat her poop, drink her piss. That’s why I am saying the sexual relationship between a mom and a son is different.

Has someone ever farted in your mouth?

One time in elementary school, we were playing truth or dare, and this one girl dared another girl named Ana to sit bare on my face. She was more on the chubby side, so I was a little scared when she approached me. She then stood her backside over me and removed her panties to reveal her unwiped dirty and sweaty butthole. I started trying to back out when she started lowering, but it was too late, and she was sitting on my face. 

I started gagging as I smelt the skid marks up close, but when she put her full weight on me, I couldn’t move. She then started farting in my mouth as everyone else watched. After she farted the first, they just went on with the game. After many hours, she finally got off of me, and after that dare, we all just let it go.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

My aunt has a lot of times, but only directly into my mouth once I was 10 or 11, so It was summer. It was around July, so it was hot; me and my aunt had just gotten back from somewhere, and I don’t know exactly where we were, but we were out for a while, so we got dinner. After eating dinner, we got back home, and I wanted to play a game with her. She chose a game where we would play hide and seek, and if the seeker found you in the first 5 minutes of the game, the hider would have to do a dare chosen by the seeker.

So we had been playing for about an hour, and it was her turn to be the seeker again, and she had found me pretty quickly cause according to her, “I had been kind of loud” So she picked a dare for me to do, and this time she had said, “let me fart in your mouth for like 20 minutes and try not to pass out.”

So she gets ready to do it. And I lay down in our bed, and she climbs onto me and then sits on my face. At the time, I had developed a fart fetish, so I had dug my face deeper into her butt while trying to pretend not to enjoy this. so I had been tasting her farts for a while. So she got up, and we continued playing the game for a while, and after, I got to bed. So that’s pretty much it for the most part.

Have you ever farted at a place where you should not have?

Yes, I was 16 and traveling by train with my parents to the Southern part of India. A very good-looking lady with her husband was traveling with us. Well, we were just co-passengers. As the journey was quite long, my mother and the lady were chit-chatting along while the husband and my father were having a very healthy political debate. I was engrossed in a novel and having some snacks. 

Since the toilets of the trains in India are not clean enough, I have not done my morning potty. The overdose of snacks and continuous supply of coke has created a deadly chemical composition in my stomach. I could feel it, but I never paid any attention. After some time, the solids in my stomach started to transform into gas, and a sample was presented. The smell was horrible.

Since it was only a sample, the smell dissipated fast before anyone could realize it. Then came the weapon of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein would have been proud of with a slow rumble at first, which became a loud, continuous thunder for at least 10 seconds. Everyone was jolted out of their slumber. As they were scanning to locate the creator of such an ungodly noise, their nostrils were assaulted with a smell for which there is no comparison. The heavier-than-air sulfur dioxide started sinking in towards the lower berth. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

The rushing air from the windows of the running train could not really push that smell out. It lingered there for some moment, enough to elicit a reaction of horror amongst my co-passengers. The reaction on the face of that beautiful, sophisticated lady was the most memorable one. She looked at me in utter disbelief and horror, as if her fart smells like roses.

I was forced to march towards the toilet, and all my snacks were impounded immediately.

Note: Thanks for the comments. It feels good to know that my answer has been able to lighten the mood. However, the most hilarious thing is after I posted this answer, Quora wanted me to add something to my Bio, “You know about farting.”

Thanks once again.

Have you farted loudly in front of someone?

Oh yes. In front of my husband. We had been married just a couple of weeks and were still on cloud nine, and There was no honeymoon because it was an arranged marriage back in the 80s. We were both on our best behavior and trying to show our nicest side to each other and our in-laws. My husband was in the next room. I was bending over to pick up something, and I got a high-pitched pooooooo.

I was dying of embarrassment and hoping that no one had heard. My meanie husband came rushing into the room and demanded, “Hey, that was you, wasn’t it?” it was a stupid question, given that there was no one else in that room.

Well, it broke the ice, and my husband went the way of all men since Adam. He used to let rip unashamedly and loudly, quoting me as the first one who started it all.

Have you ever peed in someone’s mouth?

Yes, I have, and I’m not proud of it, but I was a stupid kid. Anyway, I’m going anonymous for this one. I was 12 or 13 and was staying the night over at my best friend. We were playing games and watching films together with her brother, 1 year younger than me. At one point that night, my friend got me into a bet with her brother. I don’t even know anymore what this stupid bet was about. But the loser had to let the other pee in his/her mouth. I didn’t really want to be in either of these roles, but I accepted.

After this, I won, which was at least the better role of this. At first, we needed to learn how to manage this. Her brother wanted me to take off everything beneath my waist. I didn’t accept it. I said I would pee in a glass so he could drink it. But my sister said that the bet was peeing into the loser’s mouth, not drinking the winner’s pee.

After a bit of thinking, her brother lay on the floor, and I sat on his face. I had a knee-length skirt on, so we couldn’t see his face, but I felt his nose, and I knew I was positioned right. But after all, although I had to go, I couldn’t let go. He knocked on the floor, pushed me off him, and asked, “What takes so long? Just do it. I can’t breathe under you?” We waited a bit for him to get air, and I took place on him again. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

This time, I could feel the pee finding its way out, even when it happened slowly. After a few seconds, I started to pee, and it spread in my underwear. But seems like he was not just in the underwear because he pushed me off again. This time, a mouthful of liquid fell onto the carpet as he stood up and ran into the bathroom, coughing.

After this, I waited for him to finish washing his mouth at the sink and changed my panties, but there was still a smell because of the spot on the carpet. I still remember too much of this, more than I wish to remember. When my friend asked how it tasted, I remember him saying, “Salty and horribly disgusting. Similar to sweat but a lot worse than that.”

Has a friend ever farted in your face?

Yes, my friend and I went out for a meal and some drinks; we had a few drinks and caught a taxi back to her place. She was a cracker; Jack was always up to something wicked. I just adored the light of my life. Anyway, I slept in the lounge, and in the morning, this horrible stench woke me. I looked up. All I could see was this bare ass pointing at my face and giggling. She ripped off a few right in my face. They certainly made me gag.

Has your sister ever farted in your mouth?

Yes. I sleep with my mouth open, and I guess I was snoring, and it was annoying her because I woke up to get ass in my mouth. I muffled out, “What are you doing?” To which she responded, “Silencing you.” Before letting the mightiest fart rip into my mouth. I just went back to sleep, and she used me as her fart cushion for the rest of the night.

Have you ever farted on your friend’s face?

Yes, but in my defense, it was funny. Me and Mis Amigas were having a sleepover and playing Truth or Dare. I chose to dare, and someone dared me to sit on Bianca’s face. Bianca was one of my closest friends, so she was cool with it. She laid down on the carpet, and I sat on her chest, facing her feet. Then hurried back so my phat ass was on her face. I could feel her giggling under me.

I was only dared to sit on her for about a minute or two. But when my time was up, I didn’t move. Sitting on her face felt too good and was just too funny to stop. Ofc, I leaned forward a little bit to allow her to breathe once in a while (I’m not a monster). But my butt stayed where it was.

We were all laughing, and about five minutes into it, I felt a fart building up. I leaned forward, giving Bianca one last breath of fresh air before disaster struck. So I farted. It wasn’t too loud, and apparently, it didn’t stink too bad. But it was enough to send everyone rolling on the floor, laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

I could feel Bianca laughing, too. Since no one was protesting, I stayed there, farting on my friend’s face for the better part of an hour (90 min tops). The game was pretty much over at this point, and almost everyone was still laughing. We swapped fart stories and did occasional check-ups on Bianca. 

If she had a problem, she didn’t protest. I kept farting every few minutes until I decided to show her mercy and let up. To which she said that she rather enjoyed it and “hoped to do it again sometime.”

Bianca managed to crop dust me before we went to bed. I deserved far more after what I put her through.😅


During a field trip on the bus, a couple of my classmates and I played Truth or Dare. We were a while into the drive before a girl named Ella dared me to let her sit on my face. It wasn’t very comfortable, but I knew I would love it. Little did I know after a few minutes of her sitting on my face, she released a silent fart on my face as I started inhaling. I groaned into her ass as she laughed and told everyone that she farted on my face. For the rest of the trip, everyone wouldn’t let it go.

Yes, the most memorable was a larger woman whom I met when I was working on her cooling system years ago. She was pretty flirty. She told me that I should come back when I got finished for the day. I called her at around 7 pm that evening, and she told me to come over. Long story short, we ended up in her bed, and she was straddling me with her back to my face. 

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

She hurried back, and her buttcrack was literally at my face. I told her that I would love her to sit on me so that I could lick her ass…She raised, spread her cheeks; the moment I opened my mouth, she pushed out a huge jet of warm fart right into my mouth. She sat on me, and I recovered from the shock and began to lick her. She leaned forward and did it again. I was so turned on by it that I grabbed her legs and nestled my face into her as deeply as I could. 

Her hips were undulating, and she told me to stick my tongue up her asshole. I was doing this when she had a huge orgasm; I could feel her spasms on my tongue, and warm milky drool was dripping all over my face and neck. It made me have an insane orgasm. I was permanently hooked on women’s farts from then on.

Did your mom ever fart in your face?

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