Best Time To Visit Abu Dhabi

Not sure when should visit Abu Dhabi? Or are you planning to experience a larger-than-life holiday anytime soon? Well, let us make a suggestion. Try Abu Dhabi, it is like a fairytale and is considered a haven for most tourists. The city has a charm of its own and it leaves you craving for another visit. Confused about the time to visit this magnificent place? Let us help you out.

When Should One Visit Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi visit

If you are looking for favorable climatic conditions then you should visit anywhere between September to October month. But if you want to travel to Abu Dhabi at a cheap price then April to May is the best season. During these periods there is not much crowd in Abu Dhabi and hotels offer good discounts too. Here is a breakdown of when you should visit Abu Dhabi based on seasons.


Spring in Abu Dhabi usually stays from March to May and the climatic conditions are quite suitable for a holiday. The highest temperature is 41.1 degrees and the lowest temperature is 27.7 degrees. As the year progresses the temperature rises and this reduces the density of tourists in the city. So, the hotels offer a lot of discounts and as a tourist, you will also have access to many exciting deals.


The summer months, which are from July to August, are only perfect if you are looking to avail of great discounts on hotels. You must be prepared to brave the heat. In general, the summer months do not attract too many tourists in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi’s experiences fall from September to November. The climatic conditions in these months are relatively better than in summer as the heat comes down a lot. In this season the number of tourists increases and the hotel prices also go up. So, you may have to make your bookings early.


Winter in Abu Dhabi is from December to February. The good thing is that you will not face any heatwave and the temperature is very comfortable. Whether it is night or day you can go around and absorb the magic of the city at your own pace.

Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

Here is a list of some wonderful places to see in this magical city.

1. Ferrari World

This is a fun space and it will keep you entertained for hours. You will get to take thrilling rides, learn about the history of Ferrari, and enjoy great Italian dishes. This place is fully air-conditioned and so you will not have a problem even in the summer months.

2. Desert Safari

The ideal time for this would be between December to February. Take a beautiful ride in a well-equipped vehicle and absorb the beauty of the desert. You will have the option of viewing the sunrise in the desert.

3. Shopping

For the best shopping experience, Abu Dhabi is the place to be. The city is decorated with sprawling malls all over. The malls are fully air-conditioned so any season is the right season for shopping here. You will find all the world-class brands that you love.

Dubai Shopping festival

So, now that you are equipped with the right information, traveling to Abu Dhabi should not be a problem. It is high time you pack your suitcases and make your bookings and head out to have a holiday of a lifetime. Do not forget to take your camera with you and capture your special moments. In short, Abu Dhabi opens up a world of endless possibilities for you so do not hold back.